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Best and Safest Online Casinos in the USA

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Finding secure online casinos may seem daunting but there are some clear and simple ways players in the USA can recognize the safest operators. We’re here to help show you how.

Best Online Casinos

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best online casinos you can find in the US. Our main criterion was to find safe online casinos that offer legitimate games and services to American players. This meant finding sites that employ sophisticated encryption software protection on their domains.

It also meant only recommending online casino sites that offer secure payment methods from legitimate providers. Most importantly, we excluded any operators that could not provide proof of a valid remote gambling license. This remote gambling license could be from either an overseas or a state regulator, but it had to be valid.

To help in our search for the best safe online casinos we collected research and reviews from some of the internet's top gambling experts. When it comes to online gambling these people know their stuff especially which online casinos are and aren’t worth visiting.

Of course, we can only give you a summary of the safest online casinos out there. If you’re looking to learn about online gambling you will find more of the best online casinos in the USA reviewed and reported by , the same gambling experts that we consulted for this article.


The Great Lake State officially launched legal online casino and online sports betting on January 22nd, 2021. Since then there have been several secure online casinos that have offered their services to Michigan natives. We have included a list of the safest online casinos in Michigan for you to check out below.

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New Jersey

One of the first states to embrace online gambling, New Jersey arguably has some of the best safe online casino options in the entire US. Some big international brands have set up shop in the Garden State meaning you don’t need to go all the way to Atlantic City to get your gambling fix.

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Online gambling has been legal in Pennsylvania since 2017. In the years since, many of the best safe online casinos have offered their services to members of the Keystone State. You’ll be pleased to see that there are plenty of safe online casinos in the table below.

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West Virginia

Pretty soon West Virginia won’t just be famous for its mountains but also for being the state with some of the best online casinos in the entire United States. The Mountain State has only recently embraced online gambling but that hasn’t stopped it from having some excellent options for secure online casinos.

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Best Online Casino Operator Reviews

It wouldn’t serve our purposes to only mention the best states for secure online casinos in this article. We also want to introduce you to some of the best online casinos that American players can access online. Many land-based casino resorts have even embraced the online casino model in recent years.


BetMGM styles itself as the “King of Casinos” and in the US it’s very difficult to dispute that claim. What you have here is a secure online casino that offers excellent service and a games library that many other operators will struggle to match.

As an added bonus this site also offers a dedicated sportsbook with hundreds of betting options to choose from. It’s clear that a lot of time and resources went into developing this site and when you log in you will be prompted to choose which state you’re playing from.

A particular highlight of this site is the presence of virtual sports games that you can play on the casino page. This really helps to diversify the games selection beyond the standard options of slots, blackjack and roulette. Make no mistake, you’re in safe hands with this operator.

888 Casino

888Casino is one of the best international online casinos in the world and it has built up a reputation over the years for being one of the safest online casinos you can hope to visit. With over one thousand games and live dealer tables, this is the operator that sets the standard for what makes a good online casino.

When most experienced online gamblers are asked to list some of their favorite safe online casinos, one of the first sites that they mention is 888Casino. This is because 888Casino protects its site with the latest SSL encryption software, provides its players with secure payment options and follows responsible gambling practices.

If you are looking for a safe and enjoyable environment where you can spend your money, then this site offers everything you need. There’s a dedicated 24-hour customer support team on hand to help you whenever you need so you can focus on placing bets and having fun.


Unibet is another international online casino and sports betting brand that has made its name in other countries before offering its services to United States gamblers. It has frequently been included on lists of the best safe online casinos as chosen by some of the industry’s top experts.

Similarly, to BetMGM, this site lets you wager on online casino games and make sports bets under the same player account. For gamblers that enjoy both pastimes this is a major convenience, and you’ll soon find yourself spoilt for gambling options with this operator.

As with the rest of these casino sites, this site is fully regulated and holds valid remote gambling licenses meaning that this site has proven itself to be a responsible gambling operator that plays everything above board.


Gamblers and non-gamblers alike will be well familiar with Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Now you no longer need to travel all the way to Nevada to enjoy the glitz and glamour of this famous establishment as they have brought their premier gambling experience online for everyone to enjoy.

With the reputation of the brand backing it, you can be certain without even logging in that Caesars online casino is one of the best online casinos in the United States. All of the expertise that has made the Las Vegas resort such a success has gone into doing the same for the online casino.

Here you will find games from some of the best software providers on the market, all of which have been tested for quality and fairness by accredited third-party auditors. The site is protected by sophisticated encryption software and transactions are carried out by secure payment methods.

The Safest Online Casinos in the USA Test

It goes without saying that cybersecurity is a vitally important factor when it comes to safe online casinos both from the perspective of the operator and players. An online casino without adequate cybersecurity wouldn’t really be a very good online casino at all. Which is why you should always take your own precautions .

That’s why all secure online casinos worth mentioning ensure that their sites are always protected by encryption software. This is an easy thing to check as all you need to do is look for a padlock symbol on the left-hand side of the browser bar.

If you click on this padlock symbol, you will be able to personally check the cybersecurity certificate of the site you are visiting. All safe online casinos, without exception, should have this present on every single one of their pages. If not, then this is an indicator that the site is not secure.

The safest online casinos will also only offer payment options from recognized payment providers. This includes credit card providers like Visa and Mastercard but also secure eWallets like PayPal, Skrill, Neteller and Trustly. Being able to facilitate secure payment transactions is vital to any casinos cybersecurity.

Furthermore, the random number generator of the casino games offered by safe online casinos must be checked for fairness by an accredited third-party auditor. This is to ensure that these are truly random games of chance that offer players fair odds. This is also to make sure that the games can’t be compromised in any way.

When in doubt about any of these factors you can usually find a lot of this information provided at the bottom of any given online casinos homepage. It will usually include logos from regulators, auditors, cybersecurity providers, payment methods and even responsible gambling organizations.

An image showing online casino test to determine safest casino

How We Found the Best Online Casinos in the USA

To help easily find the best online casinos in the USA we employed a strict set of judging criteria which focused on essential factors that contribute to the safety and security of all legitimately secure online casinos. The most important of these is licensing, however there are other factors we also considered.

One that we have mentioned previously is cybersecurity, all the safest online casinos prioritize player data protection and privacy. At no time should anyone be able to access your personal information or see any of the activity you engage in at the casino.

Data privacy isn’t the only safety factor to consider. The RTP or return to player rate is just as important as this indicates how well the games are stacked in the players’ favor over that of the casino. This transparency is essential for ensuring the fairness of the casino games on offer.

Having secure payment methods that work effectively and quickly is another criterion that we insist on. All transactions both from and to the casino should always be secure and backed by legitimate payment providers. In the sections below we will look at our research criteria in further detail.

Law & License for US Casino Sites

Many of the states that allow online gambling do so by accepting secure online casinos with remote gambling licenses from overseas regulators like the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. That’s to say that if you can’t see a state gambling license it doesn’t necessarily exclude an operator from being a safe online casino.

However, it is always worth checking who your state gambling regulator is and to see which casino sites may be registered with them. The best online casinos all have logos from their respective gambling authorities clearly visible on their pages at all times.

Data Security & Privacy

As we have said, data security is vitally important for online casinos. The safest online casinos will have extensive protections in place to ensure players’ privacy and data security. There are also other technologies for creating a secure website that help to contribute to casino security.

Furthermore, sites will be protected by data encryption software to make sure that all your activity is anonymous and can’t be viewed by third parties. Player protection is a priority for the best online casinos so they will never ask you to compromise your private information in any way.

Return to Player Rates

The return to player rate at an online casino is an important factor that indicates the overall fairness of the odds at the casino. An individual casino’s RTP is the average RTP calculated from all the games offered by the casino. Admittedly this can be somewhat skewed if there is an overabundance of a particular casino game type.

This is why it’s always good practice to check the return to player rate of the individual games that you wish to play at the safest online casinos. If you feel the RTP of a particular game is too low, then that would be a good reason to try a different title.

Making Deposit & Withdrawals

Secure transactions are the backbone of any good secure online casino, being able to make instantaneous deposits and quick withdrawals is vital to the day-to-day operation of any gambling site.

Players want to know that their payment information is always secure and that if they make a withdrawal the right amount is going to go to the right place. It’s imperative that operators only use the most secure and reliable payment methods that they can find.

Most Trusted Casino Brands

Some of the best online casinos have been around for a while now and in the course of their doing business they have managed to build up a reputation for trustworthiness and reliability. It goes without saying that this is what builds great brands.

While writing this article, we gave great consideration toward casino sites that already have a proven track record in other gambling markets. When it comes to larger casino brands, there’s trust there because they have built it up from years of quality service.

Customer Service

Customer service is something that is often overlooked when US players weigh the pros and cons of any given online casino. However, secure online casinos would be nothing without the support of dedicated customer service teams that can help solve issues quickly and effectively.

If something goes wrong, you want to able to contact a person to help fix it immediately which is why we prioritized safe online casinos in the USA that had full 24-hour customer support available all year round. If you need something fixed quickly then you know you can live chat with a casino representative straight away.

It's important to be aware of which states allow for online casinos to be legal in the United States. Currently, there are six states that have legalized online gambling. These are Connecticut, Delaware, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. These are the states that currently issue US based gambling licenses.

Currently, several states are looking into legalizing online casinos such as California, Illinois, Indiana and Massachusetts. However, it’s worth mentioning that this legalization is to allow operators to be based in these states and offer their services to their residents legally.

With this comes the usual set of consumer protections on your part as a customer. However, it’s not illegal for residents outside of these states to gamble at overseas casinos if they choose to accept them. No state has prosecuted an individual for gambling at online casinos nor is there any precedent to start doing so.

Online Casino Bonuses

The best online casinos in the USA all offer welcome bonuses to new players. Usually, this is in the form of bonus funds or free spins. This can be a great boost when you first play at secure online casinos as it allows you some extra funds to go and try out the games before spending your own money.

Most safe casino bonuses require that you make a minimum first deposit at the casino before you can claim your welcome offer. There are usually a set of wagering requirements that need to be met within a specific time frame in order to take full advantage of the deal on offer.

Casino Apps to Play on Mobile

A person playing casino on the mobile

In the USA the safest online casinos are also mobile casinos. Gone are the days when you needed to be at home on your computer to gamble online. Now, you can visit and play at secure online casinos no matter where you are thanks to your smartphone or tablet.

As long as you have an adequate wifi connection you can visit all the operators that we have recommended by accessing their sites through the web browser on your mobile device. The best online casinos have all been optimized for mobile play.

This means that everything that you can do or access on the desktop version of these safe online casinos you can also do on the mobile app version. Every casino game and betting option is there, the only difference is that the navigation on the site might be somewhat different to accommodate for mobile devices. Check out these tech accessories to help enhance your mobile gaming experience.

Our Test Winners 2023

Now that we have taken you through our various judging criteria and the factors used by our experts to decide on the best safe online casinos in the USA; it’s time to announce our winners. While every single one of the secure online casinos that we have mentioned is worth visiting there are two that stood out for us.

The first is BetMGM, as a United States based safe online casino this really does offer everything that you could want from a gambling site. From games from the top software providers in the industry, to a dedicated sportsbook and great bonus offers, this is our recommended safe US casino site.

However, if you want to know our close second, then 888 Casino continues to be the shining example of a great secure online casino. This operator is nothing short of excellent with one of the best casino games libraries you can hope to find, secure payment methods and sophisticated cybersecurity. You can trust this operator to provide a safe and secure gambling experience.

Tips on How to Choose Online Casino Site

While any of our recommended secure online casinos is more than enough to satisfy your gambling needs you may wish to go out and find other online casino sites that appeal to you. This is always a great option, and we want to provide you with some tips to help you stay safe online and find the right site for you.

First and foremost, keep an eye out for logos related to online gambling regulators, if these aren’t clearly visible on a casino site’s homepage then we do not recommend spending your money there. Likewise, always make sure that a site is protected with encryption software by the padlock logo in the browser bar.

Before signing up to a site it’s worth checking the terms and conditions of the online casino to see if it accepts players from your home state. If it does not, then you may want to look for a different operator to play at.

One final indicator of a secure casino site is the presence of links to responsible gambling organizations. The more of these that you can see at the bottom of an online casino's homepage, the more trustworthy that operator is as it shows it is dedicated to fostering responsible gambling practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope this secure online casinos guide has left you confident about gambling online in the United States. To clear up any loose ends we have included an FAQ with answers to some of the most common questions we came across in our research.

How can I find the most trusted online casino?

Finding the safest online casinos is easy with our dedicated guide. We’ve taken the liberty of recommending the best safe online casinos for US players and you will find short reviews of the best operators to visit.

How do I find a legit online casino in the United States?

Finding a legitimate online casino can seem daunting. However, there are several important criteria that you should look out for. Take note of what gambling licenses a casino site has, what cybersecurity security is in place and which secure payment methods it offers.

How safe is the best online casino in the USA?

The best online casinos in the USA are incredibly safe. As we mention in this article, these are legitimate businesses that are offering a quality service and product. This means that player safety is essential for the successful running of any online gambling business.

How legitimate are online gambling sites in the US?

This is really a case-by-case situation, however the safest online casinos in the US are completely legitimate and have the required gambling licenses to prove that. We only recommend legitimate online gambling sites in the US that can clearly show they are the real deal.

Is it safe to play online casinos on mobile?

Yes, it’s completely safe to play at secure online casinos on your mobile device. Mobile gaming has long been the norm for online casino sites and these are every bit as trustworthy and legitimate as the desktop version of these casinos.

Can I trust online gambling sites?

While you should always approach any online site with caution and if you follow our judging criteria there are very few risks that you can expose yourself to. As always online gambling is a form of entertainment, and you are best to stick to recognizable brands.

All free offers, promotions and bonuses listed are subject to the terms and individual wagering requirements of their respective operators. In most cases, offers, promotions and bonuses apply for new customers only. All listed amounts of offers, promotions and bonuses describe the maximum possible amount. The actual amount depends on the size of the individual deposit. The user may be required to make a deposit multiple times in order to receive the advertised amount. Please check the operator's website for full T&Cs.

You must be 21+ to play. Please check the laws of the place you reside and inform yourself if it is legal to participate in casino games.

Please gamble responsibly. Bet with your head, not over it. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem and wants help, call 1-800 GAMBLER

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