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13 Best Examples of ChatGPT on the Internet So Far

These ChatGPT responses are scary.

In recent years, the development of natural language processing technology has allowed for the creation of powerful language models, such as ChatGPT.

These AI-powered tools are capable of generating human-like text, making them useful for a variety of tasks, including writing and editing. In this article, we will explore some examples of ChatGPT in action and discuss the potential implications for the writing industry.

ChatGPT was launched on December 1st, 2022. People have gone crazy by its results and it has had over 1 million users use it in the last week alone.

1. Google Results vs ChatGPT Results

Is Google done?

This tweet shows the results returned by Google and ChatGPT for a series of questions.

The results returned from ChatGPT are more context-aware and useful out of the box without further actions.

Some of the example questions tried in this experiment were:

  1. “In Latex, how do I represent a differential equation?”
  2. “What are the limitations of generics in TypeScript?”
  3. “How do I mark a solidity function as callable only by the contact area?”
  4. _“How do I write a really inefficient sorting algorithm in brainfk?”_**

2. Debugging Code

ChatGPT could be a good debugging companion; it not only explains the bug but fixes it and explains the fix!

3. Writes a Seinfeld Scene in Which Jerry Needs To Learn the Bubble Sort Algorithm

ChatGPT writes a Seinfeld scene in which Jerry needs to learn the bubble sort algorithm.

Isn’t that cool? Who would have thought we could use an AI to mix the two worlds that you’re passionate about?

This is crazy!

This is my favorite ChatGPT example so far!

4. Coding Made Simple

Surprisingly ChatGPT is also super useful for coding-related questions. I would prefer an answer like this over going through multiple 6 years old Stackoverflow threads.

5. How To Build a Footer With TailWind/React

ChatGPT returns the best possible code for building a 3-column footer with Tailwind and ReactJS.

6. Decorating a Living Room for a Design Project

The author of the tweet first asked ChatGPT a one-line question about fantastic ways of decorating a living room. On entering the result on MidJourney, it is generating mindblowing images based on the description.

The creative work of designing a living room based on our thoughts was done in just a couple of minutes.

This is scary!

7. Creative Writing with ChatGPT

Creative writing is a form of artistic expression that allows writers to use their imagination and creativity to craft stories, poems, and other written works.

With the advent of powerful language models like ChatGPT, it has become easier than ever for writers to generate unique and engaging content.

ChatGPT can be used to bounce ideas around and write story outlines.

8. Use ChatGPT To Write Code for You

Asking ChatGPT how to make a million dollars and write lines of code. The level of detail and how it created code examples are crazy!

9. Explaining a Complicated RegEx With No Context

Asking ChatGPT to explain a regex without providing any context.

10. Explains the Complexity of an Algorithm, in the Style of a 1940s Gangster Movie

ChatGPT explains the worst-case time complexity of the bubble sort algorithm, with Python code examples, in the style of a fast-talkin’ wise guy from a 1940s gangster movie.

11. As a Medical Chatbot

ChatGPT can be used to create a medical chatbot by providing it with a large dataset of medical information and training it to answer questions about health and medical topics.

Once trained, the chatbot can then be used to provide answers to users’ questions about a wide range of medical issues.

It could also be used to help triage patients by asking them about their symptoms and providing advice on what to do next.

In this tweet, the author used ChatGPT to test out certain healthcare scenarios to see how it can be useful in the medical field.

12. Generate Essay Summaries

It is possible to use ChatGPT, to generate summaries of essays.

To do this, you would need to provide ChatGPT with the full text of the essay and then ask it to generate a summary.

Because ChatGPT is a language model, it is able to understand the meaning and structure of the text and can generate a summary that accurately captures the main points of the essay.

13. Redesign Git using ChatGPT

Every tool has its problems.

Git is no different. In this tweet, the author used ChatGPT to understand how different challenges/problems with Git can be redesigned.

The results are mindblowing.

Final Thoughts

The ChatGPT examples in this article demonstrate the potential of large language models like GPT-3 for natural language generation and conversation.

By providing the model with a prompt, it is able to generate human-like responses that continue the conversation in a coherent and natural way.

This technology has many potential applications, such as improving customer service chatbots, providing personalized language learning experiences, and creating more engaging content for social media.

Overall, the examples in this article showcase the impressive capabilities of large language models like ChatGPT and suggest a bright future for natural language processing.

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