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How to write for In Plain English

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Are you passionate about JavaScript, Web Development, Programming, Python, AWS, or Artificial Intelligence? Interested in Entrepreneurship and Thought Leadership? Looking to dip your toe into the Metaverse? Do you already write but don't get enough exposure? Want to massively increase the likelihood of your content ranking on the first page of Google (like so many of the articles on our site)?

Well look no further, you've come to the right place!

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You can submit your articles here.

Don't stop here though, go give the remainder of this post a thorough read, especially the FAQs section. 👇

About us

We're a media company, best known for our four 'in Plain English' publications: JavaScript in Plain English, AWS in Plain English, Python in Plain English, and Artificial Intelligence in Plain English.

We have also recently launched Venture, Cubed, and Stackademic which tackle entrepreneurship, Web3, and topics related to all programming languages respectively.

Our 'North Star' is explaining complex topics in a simple, accessible manner. However, we still cater to a range of skill levels. So while we may be famous for explaining things "in plain English", newcomers and seasoned professionals alike will find interesting, engaging content in our publications.


How do I submit content?

If you're interested in writing for a platform that cumulatively receives over three million views each month, submit your articles by signing up to our free, open-source blogging platform.

We also love to hear feedback from the community. Whether you're an existing writer or an avid reader, please let us know how we can improve! Do not hesitate to get in touch to let us know what we are doing well and ways that you think we could get better.

Please do not hesitate to contact us by email: hello[at]

You can also use that email address if you have any other questions that do not fit into any of the above.

Can I promote products/things in my article?

This depends. If you have a newsletter that you would like to promote, that's fine, feel free to leave a call to action at the bottom of your article. If you have a free service such as a YouTube channel or some Open Source software, you are welcome to do so.

If you are looking to promote a paid service, whether that is a paid course, a subscription, a product, etc, we would appreciate it if you reach out to us beforehand to discuss. In this case, send an email to hello[at] with a brief outline of your article and what it is that you are looking to promote.

If this is not followed, we will either reject the article or remove the product placement/s. We will also remove any affiliate links.

What happens to your content after it gets added?

After you submit your article, our Editorial team will review your content for errors, typos, mistakes, etc. In the first instance, they will elevate the quality of your content by fixing these.

Sometimes our team may also make minor changes to your content, but this is purely to help improve your content for things such as SEO purposes.

If your content has too many mistakes, or comprehension issues, is of poor quality, or covers a topic that is not relevant to our publications, it may get rejected, in which case we will let you know this.

Before submitting content, we recommend reading our Style Guide --- be sure to read it if you have intentions of writing for us!

Adding your content to our website increases its chances of ranking on the first page of Google (as shown before). This means you get a sustained stream of traffic consisting of unique and returning visitors to your articles (check out the screenshot from our Analytics below).

However, you must bear in mind that your article is only going to rank if it provides more value to the readers compared to other articles on the same topic. Hence, to increase your chances, try to write articles north of 1000 words (1500+ preferably), pack as much value for your reader as possible, and follow the guidelines given in our style guide (mentioned above).

Will I get credited as the author of my article?

Absolutely. Your articles will have your name as the author, linked to your profile page on our site which you will be able to create once we have our blogging platform up and running (very soon).

Will I get paid for my article?

At the moment, we don't have a mechanism in place to pay writers who contribute articles to our platform. However, this is something we are passionate about introducing and are working on mechanisms for revenue sharing in the near future. We will also look to backdate this for anyone eligible who has submitted an article in the past

For now, we offer paid writing opportunities exclusively to writers in our Discord community, which you should join if you're interested. Candidates will be picked based on proficiency in relevant technologies with preference given to top contributors (who submit high-quality technical articles) to our blog.

What about the Medium publications?

We, as a platform, no longer rely on Medium for traffic. Essentially, we have outgrown Medium. While we won't discontinue our Medium publications as of yet, we will be more active in elevating and adding your content to our platform and promoting it on our social channels, relevant subreddits, and in our newsletter, a time-tested strategy that never fails to deliver.

How can our promotion help you?

Our curation and distribution help to get you an extended exposure on Google and other relevant platforms which will in turn enhance your chances of getting hired, landing a better opportunity, or picking up a new client (like in the case of some of our community writers).

Thank you if you've reached this far.

All you have to do now is sign up and start submitting content to our free, open-source blogging platform, Differ.

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