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3 Simple Tricks Will Make ChatGPT Write in Your Style Every Time

Many beginners believe that ChatGPT cannot match their writing skills and style, but that’s a misconception. ChatGPT can adapt to your writing level and style if you provide clear instructions and…

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Many beginners believe that ChatGPT cannot match their writing skills and style, but that’s a misconception.

ChatGPT can adapt to your writing level and style if you provide clear instructions and sufficient context.

In this article, you will explore the ultimate prompt for applying your style to Chat GPT outputs.

By following these techniques, you can enhance your writing experience and achieve outstanding results.

Styling Text: How to Apply Your Writing Style to Chat GPT

When it comes to prompt engineering, the process stays consistent whether you’re simply generating text or aiming to stylize it.

The only difference lies in adding the desired style at the end of the prompt.

Instructions and context are still essential components of any prompt. However, to maximize the effectiveness of the stylization process, let’s briefly recap the basics of prompt engineering.

Applying Style Using Prompt Engineering

To apply a style, start by constructing a prompt in the following manner:

“Write me [type of text] about [topic] for [target audience].” Then, append the phrase “in the style of [provided example]” at the end.

By returning the bracketed words with your specific requirements, you can create a simple yet effective prompt that generates text in [your desired style].

For instance, instead of using conventional style examples like William Shakespeare or a formal tone, you can even employ brand names.

Consider the example of “Harley-Davidson.” This renowned American motorcycle brand embodies values like freedom and individualism, making it a rich source of keywords for stylizing your text.

By leveraging brand names or associated concepts, you expand the possibilities and capture the essence of your preferred style.

Transferring Your Custom Style

Now, let's delve into the significant part of this article:

The Prompt that Adapts Any Writing to Your Unique Style.

By utilizing this prompt, you can seamlessly incorporate your writing style into Chat GPT outputs. The process is as follows:

i) Construct the prompt:

"Write a [type of text] about [topic] for [target audience] in the style of the provided instance, setting its tone, voice, language, and sentence structure."

ii) Insert your example:

Replace the bracketed section after "example colon" with a piece of your writing that represents your style.

By following this extended form of prompt engineering, you can generate practical results that closely mimic your preferred style.

Let's try filling out the prompt to obtain a practical output:

Example prompt: "Write an email about the disappointing coffee at the office for my boss in the style of the provided example, charging its tone, voice, language, and sentence structure."

By inserting a segment from your own email or writing style, the generated output will match your writing style while incorporating the structure and elements specified in the prompt.

Analyzing and Replicating Style

To further enhance your writing experience, another prompt can help you analyze the style of a given text and apply it to future outputs. Follow this sequence:

i) Analyze an example text for tone, voice, language, and sentence structure.

ii) Apply the elements you've discovered to all of your future final results.

This prompt allows you to learn from existing examples, understand their style, and reapply it in various ways.

By copying and pasting the example text below the prompt, the AI model will provide an analysis of its tone, voice, vocabulary, and sentence structure. This analysis can serve as a valuable reference point for your future outputs.

The Key to Doing This Successfully

To ensure optimal results, it is crucial to select a high-quality example that represents your style accurately.

Generic or unrelated texts will not effectively reflect your writing style.

Additionally, using the same type of writing, such as emails for emails or essays for essays, will yield the best outcomes.

Precision in providing input that aligns with the desired output format is essential for achieving the desired results.


By mastering prompt engineering techniques, you can unlock the full potential of Chat GPT and apply your unique writing style to its outputs. With the ability to incorporate style from brand names, learn from existing examples, and transfer your custom style, you can become an exceptional writer. Prompt engineering is a powerful tool in your writing arsenal, enabling you to achieve remarkable results and enhance your overall writing experience.

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