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9 Easy Ways To Earn Money While Learning Python

Don't stay in bed unless you can make money in bed

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This blog will cover some good ways to** earn money with your Python skills**. These are ways I collected through my various personal experiences.

Teach Python Course

If you have Python programming skills, why not teach a Python course online? There are many people around the Internet looking for a good Python course. You can become their instructor, teach them and earn a decent amount of income. You don't need any certificate or degree to teach anyone online. I'm going to mention two ways to teach Python online.

You can start teaching on the course provider website, You just need to setup up your account record a course, and then live it on the website. Many Instructor on different Websites earns up to $12,000 Per Month. Below I mention some websites where you can start selling.

  • Udemy

  • Teachable

  • Bitdegree

You can start teaching Python on Mobile App. You just need to develop an Android or IOS Python Teaching App and launch it on the App marketplace then monetize your app with AdMob or any Ad program. From reports on different articles, many courses teaching apps to earn up to $100,000 include In-app purchases.

Open Source Project

You had Python Skills why not start an Open Source Project on Github. Their many Open Source Python projects are live on Github and had millions of users. Some of them that I use are InstagramBot, PinterestBot, Requests, BeautifulSoup, and many others.

Once You successfully launch Your Project on Github set a Support button, So in exchange for monthly updates to the project the user will support you with some money. I know many Open Source Project who is $5000 from Community Support on Patreon and Paypal.

Ideas for Starting an Open Source Project.

Get Python Job

One of the Good things about having Python skills is that their numerous Jobs include remote and office for Python Programming. Python is divided into subfields in which the commons are Data Science, Network Security, Script Development, Web Back End and etc.

You Just need to search for a job online send them your cv including all the Python skills you had. Many Python jobs are ready to pay you $100,000 annually. This salary budget also includes remote jobs. Now the question arises where I should start finding the Job.

Here are some websites where you can apply for Office and Remote Python Jobs online.

From Zero to Hero in Python in Just 10 minutes

Freelance Python

Freelancing is the first choice of every developer for earning money online. Freelancing is the opportunity of working from home without any boss Pressure. Many Python Developers Earning $5000 a month with Freelancing.

You can write scripts to make the People work easier like if someone needs a script that will filter specific values from an excel document. You can write a script for it. You can make a Web Scraping script, You can help students in studies by teaching them and much you can do.** To get started I mention some good Freelancing Websites.**

  • Fiverr

  • Upwork

  • Codementor

  • Guru

Python Code Contest

Take Participate in different Python Code Contests that will also help you to make money and sharpen your skills. Many Developers take part in contests and earn up to $134,000. First, you need to find a Code Contest website registered yourself, and take participate in the upcoming contest.

Before you jump into it check out their previous Contest Problems. Mostly on the Algorithms including searching, sorting, and data structure type questions. Now let talk about the websites that held these contests.

  • TopCoder

  • CodeChef

  • HackerRank

  • LeetCode

  • CodeGames

Best of Luck for the Contest!

Python Games

Python deals with almost every area of Computer Science, That thing made him popular among developers. Start building Python Games in PyGame sell those games to Web Game sites. Do you hear about online games that single players?

Many of them are made with JavaScript Html Game Frameworks. Why not you can develop an Html game in Python and convert it into a money-making machine. First, you had to little bit learn about the Pygame, then start planning a game project and build it. Next, you find websites that will buy your game or allow you to display your game on their websites and run ads on it.

Here I mention some good Html game marketplace where you can sell or display your game.

  • CodeCanyon's


  • Famobi

Python Blog and Articles

This way could be interesting to earn a lot of money. You can start your own blog or websites where you can Publish Python-related Articles, and run Adsense ads on them. From the report, many Tech blogs earn up to $100,000 easily per month. You can also earn this amount of money so get started today.

Another way is to join an Article website that will pay you for writing articles for their websites. You can find many websites that need your Python skills. This is also a good way to earn a decent amount of money. Below I mention some websites where you can start.

  • Medium

  • Vocal.Media

  • HubPages

Quora + Python

Quora has recently launched its Space Partner Program that will allow anyone to run space and earn money on each post read by Quora+ members. What is space in Quora ?. Spaces is a sub-platform that allows people to create communities based on shared interests and they can search between these communities.

Our Plan is you can run Python Programming Quora Space and published some articles in it and next, you will monetize it with the Quora space partner program. Quora questions and answers are always ranked on google so this is a good opportunity to start it right now.

Youtube Channel and Monetization

This is a fast way of earning money in my opinion as you know the Youtube is the top video streaming website these days and advertisers company rapidly approaching them. This is a good time to start your own Youtube Channel and Teach Python to the community.

If you check the trends on Google Trends, You will find Python Programming is always in trend. Many Programming Youtube is earning a decent amount of money. According to some reports you can earn up to $1000 to $10,000 per month with Adsense. Well, this is the right time to start your youtube channel.

Final Views

Well, these are the best ways in my opinion to earn with Python by sitting in your bed. I tried to explain each method so you could get a better understanding of what to do. Of course, you can search for more earning methods with Python on the internet.

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