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Can X, Formerly Known as Twitter, Become a Super App, and What Does it Mean?

In a competitive market like the social media industry, Twitter has a unique image and concept that attracted many people to find their digital presence there. Founded in 2006, the platform was not only a way of communicating and sharing opinions but also following daily news. It is not a secret that many people, instead of visiting a particular news website, were just scrolling their Twitter feed to see what was going on in the world. There was a silent consensus among internet users that far from the noise of Facebook and Instagram, there is a different ecosystem --- the digital world of the blue bird. Until recently.

After the billionaire Elon Musk acquired Twitter, many things changed, and continue going through a transformation. Just several days ago, Musk rebranded the company, introducing a new logo and the name, "X". But long before this, the billionaire mentioned many times that he would like to see Twitter as a super app, like WeChat in China. This rebranding, obviously, is the beginning of implementing Musk's vision.

In this article, we will try to understand what it exactly means to transform the former Twitter into an X super platform, and how the company implemented that idea to become the everything app of the Western world.

X = Crypto Wallet?

To become a super app and go beyond the status of a news and communication platform, X would be likely to include an integrated payment system. To be realistic, we must admit that this field is already quite busy, with the heavy presence of Apple and Google. However, X could push the boundaries and introduce a crypto wallet.

In recent years, cryptocurrencies have become much more popular, amid the growth of different industries offering crypto payments and transactions. One significant field is online gambling, which has thousands of players preferring this type of payment. The idea of casinos accepting Bitcoin has seen an increase in high roller casinos in New Zealand, and shows how innovation can transform industries, by making them safe and flexible.

Given the fact that lots of online payments are made with cryptocurrencies, Musk may take a big step by introducing such an idea. However, this is not easy and contains lots of invisible black holes. Cryptocurrencies are not standard payment methods, and regulations about them differ from country to country. If X is meant to become a daily app not only inside the USA but also in Europe, and other continents, then building a crypto wallet could be a challenging task, and Mister Musk would have hundreds of meetings in his schedule, to make this dream come true in every country where the platform is currently available.

X + Artificial Intelligence

There is no doubt that integrating financial services into the platform, is an essential task for Musk, however, he already promised more. People are expecting to see a better app with more comprehensive communication tools, and here we already have some news about possible plans to empower X with AI capabilities.

How can a social media platform benefit from AI-empowered features, and will it add real value to the user experience and global media situation? First of all, we all know what is AI capable of thanks to the availability of some examples, like Chat GPT. The wide spectrum of tasks and information that similar platforms may handle is just impressive, and having such tools integrated into Musk's X will be just desirable.

We can predict, that by using Artificial intelligence, the super app will provide better and more personalized content recommendations, analyze user behavior, etc. On top of this, it might be able to generate AI content automatically, to help the users navigate through the world of information. For instance, they can read the summary of a posted video, if they don't have time to watch it. In the same way, AI will help to fight against misinformation, finding and dismissing such content materials.

The combination of X and AI is very realistic, given the fact that Musk has been interested in AI for a while, and he owns a company, working on artificial intelligence. Additionally, we see how people like using AI tools to make digital life easier, so any attempt to bring AI closer to the users, is highly likely to be welcomed.

Does X Have a Final Solution Though?

I am not quite sure about it. Even though Musk's ideas can be intriguing, people do not always accept him seriously, amid his controversial activities related to Twitter. First, he wanted to buy it, then he changed his mind, afterward he bought it, and finally changed everything about a platform he has paid $44 billion for.

Users' opinions are polarized: Either Musk destroys everything, or he builds the promised super app, making billions for his fortune.

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