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ETH/BTC Overview: Basic Coin Analytics

The most popular crypto pair is ETH/BTC. They are always compared with each other --- we are no exception. Read on to find out how these coins have won the favor of many investors.


ETH to BTC Exchanging Pair: Basic Info

Bitcoin is the first thing that comes to mind when you mention cryptocurrencies. It attracted attention and launched investments in the crypto market through the roof. As for other coins or altcoins, the most popular among them is Ethereum. So, it's no wonder that ETHBTC is a top trading pair in the crypto world, and here is basic information about it!

Exploring Ethereum

Although everyone knows it for its coin, Ethereum is a blockchain platform. The network offers decentralization while maintaining maximum security. ETH is the native Ethereum token and keeps second place in the overall crypto ranking, right below BTC.

Ethereum is the top choice of companies and developers when designing dApps. The platform has native smart contract support, which is an integral part of building these tools. Almost all DeFi applications use smart contracts in combination with blockchain technology.

The Famous Bitcoin: What Is Known About It

Bitcoin took the world by storm with its idea of offering a virtual payment form not tied to a centralized entity. No person, organization, or government controls the coin, and the way BTC works ensures there's no need for a third party to process transactions.

Thanks to decentralization, Bitcoin started attracting millions worldwide. The first big jump occurred in 2010; BTC exceeded a $1 value in 2011 and $1,000 two years later. Today, it's around $23K, although it was at $68,789 in 2021. Apart from achieving impressive value, Bitcoin also powered the digital currency market development.

ETH vs BTC: Blockchain Technology

Bitcoin and Ethereum utilize technology, which includes using a decentralized ledger. Bitcoin focuses on monetary transfers that are recorded on its blockchain. A decentralized user network supports P2P transactions, ensuring there's no need for a central authority.

Ethereum it's an open-source network that also guarantees decentralization. This network uses smart contracts, which are self-contained protocols or programs that perform a certain action as soon as they detect that the pre-agreed conditions for that action have been met. Thanks to smart contracts, Ethereum supports creating dApps, as well as NFTs.

ETH vs BTC: PoS vs PoW

Bitcoin and Ethereum use different consensus mechanisms to finalize transactions and make new blocks while maintaining the chain's security. BTC uses proof of work. Network members or miners use specialized computers called mining rigs. These execute computations quickly and try to guess a specific hash required to make a new block. It's random which miner will guess correctly, but they add a new block and earn rewards for it.

Ethereum uses the proof of stake --- PoS. Instead of miners, this approach has stakers. They add funds to a smart contract, and when the network needs a new block, it awards the chance of adding it to one of the stakers. Although the 'winner' is random, you can increase your chance by staking more on the given block.

ETH vs BTC: Mining

As previously mentioned, Bitcoin requires powerful computers that execute computations to mine new blocks. There's limited BTC available, and the rewards decrease with more coins minted.

Ethereum doesn't require mining but relies on staking. It has special ETH staking platforms where you can earn rewards for investing your tokens.

ETH vs BTC: Future Price

Nobody doubts both coins are in for a price boost in the coming years. You can check these and other digital currencies at, a popular anonymous crypto exchange. According to the forecasts of the Price prediction resource, BTC's current value set at $23,000 is likely to increase to at least $33,000 by the end of 2023. Even those who don't believe in a big boost this year agree BTC will be worth at least $53,000 by 2025 and over $170,000 by 2030.

ETH currently stands at around $1,600. While there shouldn't be huge expectations for 2023, experts from Price prediction believe the value could increase to $2,300. In two years, ETH could go over $5,000, and by 2030 its value could be anywhere from $20,000 to $30,000.

What Is a Better Investment?

Bitcoin and Ethereum have been dominating the crypto rankings for years, making them both smart investments. In the short run, BTC might provide a bigger percentage yield. But in the long run, ETH's value could multiply up to 20 times. Ultimately, analyze all factors, and don't hesitate to trust your gut on which trading move to make!

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