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How to Spot Welcome Bonus Traps: Read the Fine Print or Weep

We have all stumbled across various promotions, free trials, rewards, and bonuses for so many different things online, but when it comes to gambling, online casinos have a huge selection of bonuses for players, especially new ones. Of course, just because the offer sounds great doesn't necessarily mean that it is. That is why we will try and help you on your quest to find the best welcome bonus offer by focusing on the most common traps and by providing insight into how to pick the best welcome bonus casinos.

Go through reviews

Another way to avoid common welcome bonus traps is by checking what those who have already played at some casino have to say. For example, going through Mr. Gamble forum casino discussions can save you both time and nerves as you will get a perfect insight into what to expect from some site. Yes, this also means that you will have to set some time aside to do some research, but think of it as a great investment of time so that once you find an online casino that meets your taste, you will have the best possible gambling experience.

Another reason why reviews can be great is because you will also get info about the games, and how easy it is to claim bonuses and withdraw winnings. There is a ton of information out there, and by thorough research, you might end up learning a thing or two about how to gamble and make the most out of it.

Don't trust ads

The unwritten rule clearly states that if something looks too good to be true, the chances are high it's not true at all. This principle can be applied to so many situations in everyday life, and the same is true with welcome bonuses. Namely, seeing some amazing offer that says huge welcome bonuses is great, but it's just advertising. Yes, we are sorry to disappoint you, but in 99 out of 100 situations, everything is created just for pure marketing purposes. From the casino's point of view, this works, and tremendously so, as grabbing people's attention is difficult, and these types of ads work flawlessly. To be sure that you really got the best possible deal and that you are lucky enough that you came across such an amazing offer before someone else, make sure to check all the policies and rules regarding the welcome bonus. In essence, picking renowned mobile casinos can be a good solution.

How to claim rewards

Registering might take some time, depending on where you are from, but it's simple, which doesn't mean that claiming your rewards will be as well. One of the tricks casinos use to draw as many people to their site and increase traffic is a policy where one cannot claim their rewards that easily. It's all created to boost the time people spend on their site and is a legitimate way to have more people playing various games of chance. From our perspective as players, it is a bad thing because we all just want to claim a reward and use it to play our favorite game.

Now, before doing anything, it's important to check the site, browse through the description regarding the welcome bonus, and read more about how to claim it. Yes, going through rules and regulations is a must, as it is the only way to know what the options are. How easy it is to claim bonuses is, in most cases, the biggest obstacle players face, and by doing the necessary research in time, you can save much more time and nerves. In case one comes across a huge welcome bonus that's a bit harder to claim, and the one that's a bit lower but easier to claim and use, the second option is always better.


There are several ways to limit players, but one of the most common ones is regarding the amount of money one can wager. This might sound contradictory, as the goal is for people to play and wager as much as possible, right? Wrong, as the higher the amount people wager, the more they will have to pay if the people win, and this is where it gets tricky. There are certain limitations in almost every casino regarding withdrawals, which doesn't mean you will not get your money, as it just means that you will have to wait a certain amount of time for it.

The same rule goes for welcome bonuses, as the casino's goal is for players to use their own money. It means that if they grant high bonuses for new players, they don't want to risk and allow new players to bet everything at once because, in case they win, they will have zero deposits and extremely high withdrawals, which isn't profitable. So, to avoid this risk, certain limitations regarding how much free money players can use are implemented. As for how strict these restrictions are, it all depends on the casino, but more often than not, the more famous casinos are, the more money players can use.

Compare offers

When it comes to money, we want to be sure that we found the best possible offer, deal, agreement, etc. That is why, before taking any action, it's important to know what we want, as in the end, it's our money at stake. Once we know that, we can focus on finding the best possible offer, with as few limitations and restrictions, or to be more precise, with as few "fine print" tricks and issues as possible. The only way to successfully do so is by browsing for the best offers and comparing them.

A pros and cons list can be ideal for this, and even though it might take some time when you finish it, you will know exactly what casino suits your gambling preferences the most. Once again, when it's about money, one cannot be too safe, and above all, why not get the best possible deal when you can, as all that's needed is to set some time aside and do a bit of research?

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