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The Future of Digital Signage: Trends and Predictions

Digital signage continues to gain traction as an effective marketing aid in 2024 and you should be aware of some trends and predictions if you want to invest in or grow your existing system. Trends point to market changes that help you make the most of your signs, reaching more customers and increasing revenue.

Learn what's hot in digital signage trends to identify where marketing budgets and infrastructure acquisitions might be targeted this year.

Trends and Predictions at a Glance

  • More businesses will opt for cloud-based digital signage
  • Increased number of 4K and 8K screens for digital signage
  • Signage infrastructure improved with System on Chip Displays (SoC)
  • Wider adoption of digital signage across social, industrial and commercial sectors
  • Greater integration of digital signage with other applications and solutions
  • Increased use of kiosks and standalone signs
  • Digital signage will have greater visibility as a sustainable technology
  • Increased focus on signage being more interactive for the customer
  • More digital signs will be deployed outdoors
  • Software owners will build in greater security

Cloud-Based Solutions for Digital Signs

Businesses continue to move to the Cloud and digital signage is a natural partner with cloud-based solutions and storage for many types of businesses. Digital signs help with the goal of reaching a wider and larger audience by taking some of the manpower out of marketing and advertising, with the added advantage of protecting your security online. Some of the other benefits of cloud-based digital signage include the following:

  • Reduces the cost of operations
  • Is user friendly
  • Easy to incorporate into your business infrastructure
  • Enhances security

Increased Number of 4K and 8K Displays

Upgrading to 4K and 8K brings sharp displays that offer high definition, enhanced clarity and premier details is one of the leading digital trends in 2024. With the right digital signage software, 4K and 8K screens enable more eye-catching signs and displays. Expect to see a huge uptick in the demand for high-definition signs as 2024 continues.

Improved screens will also drive an increase in video walls. Such installations are becoming increasingly more common, particularly in places with significant footfall such as shopping malls.

System on Chip Displays

Also called SoC displays, this refers to systems that eliminate the need for external players. A reduced hardware footprint streamlines the look and feel of your signs, allowing them to look sleek and modern. No more hiding cables! With the increase in demand for 4K and 8K screens, you can also expect 2024 to see a greater demand for SoC displays.

According to Grand View Research, from an estimated starting base of $26.76 billion in 2023, the global digital signage market will grow at a rate of compound annual growth rate of 8.1% between 2024 and 2030.

Greater Industrial and Commercial Diversity in the Adoption of Digital Signage

Digital signs have become a standard feature in sports, entertainment and retail . Traditionally, these sectors had a strong legacy of signage media so it was a natural progression to digital signage. In recent years, as part of the general move to a greater reliance on technology, more types of businesses have recognized the potential advantages of digital signs can offer.

Service sectors are recognizing it can target a specific audience, attract new customers and increase sales. Infrastructure services like healthcare and education are also seeing the potential benefits. Hospitals and clinics can provide up-to-date health information, such as wait times and medication instructions to patients. Schools can use digital signage to make announcements to students so they are always informed.

Integration With Other Technology

Another of the top digital signage trends to be seen in 2024 is combining it with other types of technology, including artificial intelligence, augmented reality and the Internet of Things. Each of these can merge effortlessly with digital signs, boosting the ways you can increase brand visibility and reach your target audience in an engaging and effective way.

Kiosks and Customized Signs

Both digital sign kiosks and those that have been customized are already featuring in a big way this year and are expected to continue being one of 2024's top digital signage trends. This type of standalone sign makes it easier to interact with customers, build relationships and secure sales. Using digital signs in this way has proven particularly successful for retail stores and food and drinks establishments.


Businesses and customers are increasingly focused on sustainable practices in all areas of business and consumerism. Sustainability is a key selling point of digital signage. Digital signs are not only engaging and effective, they also have a much lower impact on the environment than static types of media. They eliminate the need for paper, ink and manpower to deliver a message. With the appropriate digital signage software, you can reach your audience and build a reputation for being eco-conscious --- a key point for many customers..

Personalized and Interactive

Another trend likely to dominate the digital signage landscape is the personalization of the customer experience with particular emphasis on making it interactive. One example is the use of social media feeds on digital signage, allowing customers to use hashtags to post content, which is then displayed on the screen. For businesses that want to create meaningful relationships with their customers, digital signage is an easily accessible way to facilitate the process.

Data analytics are a supreme tool of customer engagement. Each year, we see a greater focus on audience demographics, online behavior, engagement patterns and customer interests. Digital signage not only helps attract new customers and retain existing audiences but also enables much faster (if not instantaneous) analysis of transactions and interactions.

Digital Signs Can Be Used Outdoors

Current estimates are that 71% of all digital signs are installed indoors. Adoption of outdoor signage is expected to see one of the fastest growth rates across the digital signage market (source: Grand View Research). Retail has traditionally been the dominant user but it will be joined by transportation, political campaigning, live sports and live entertainment.

Paper and fabric signs and flyers don't always hold up to the wind, rain and other weather conditions. Digital signs can be created for outdoor use, making them a simple way to reach your customers. Billboards and kiosks in crowded locations have better potential to be seen and therefore reach more potential clients. This year will see digital signage trends with advancements in outdoor signage technology, creating new and better experiences.

Reliable and Secure Software

With the rise in AI and digital signage, there are concerns about cybersecurity. This year, you can expect to see more advanced and protective software that keeps data safe and secure. Many can be adapted for use with two-factor authentication to aid control over who can access your business data. This promises to be a high priority for many industries in 2024.


Digital signage trends in 2024 show how powerful a marketing ally signs are and as the technology continues to advance, more businesses begin to see the advantages of using it. Whether you've used it or not, now is the time to add digital signs to your small business.

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