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What to Keep in Mind When Using a Picture for Your CV


Are you searching for a job right now or you want to change your current employment or start a study? Then you probably need to alter your resume in order to make your application more attractive. One important thing is the picture you are using for it. The first impression is always crucial and the right picture helps to make a good appearance. Therefore, in the following a few tips for it.

Your looks

First things first: Before you take a picture, you have to think about what to wear on it. The right clothes can already show professionality when you are looking for developer jobs and want to land yourself an interview. Of course, it does depend a bit on what kind of job you are applying for but generally speaking you should think about wearing a blouse or a good shirt. Do not choose very bright colors or black. Rather go for something light and neutral, like white or crème, maybe a soft blue or green.

Appropriate lightning

Before you take the picture make sure to have good lighting. You do not want to have dark shadows over your face, but you also do not want the picture to be overexposed. As a tip: A source of light in front of you and behind the camera is better than the other way around. If you have the opportunity, do the picture during daytime, so that you have natural light.

Look in the camera and reduce facial expressions

Make sure that you are looking in the camera when taking the picture. Hold your head straight and high. Do not look away or make some faces. A professional smile is the best facial expression you can have. It shows your future employer that you are friendly, but also serious and responsible. That is the best way to make an appearance. Also make sure to be definitely the only person in the photo. Do not use photos, where you crop somebody out but you can still see a hand or a shoulder of that person.

Avoid unnecessary accessories

Of course, you can wear some jewelry but make sure that it is not too much and not too expressive. Sunglasses are for obvious reasons not a good idea to wear. The reader of your resume can not see your eyes and will not take the picture seriously. Also avoid editing the picture afterwards with a lot of filters or other features. The picture should look natural and give a good impression of your personality.

The format of the picture: round or square?

The last question is: crop photo rather round or square? That depends on how you write your CV. Some designs go well with a round photo, others with a square one. You should also think about the job you are applying for. Is it some job within the field of design? A round photo might make a lot of sense to show your individuality. Is it a job for a traditional company? Probably a square photo is the better choice, to show that you are a down-to-earth and professional worker.

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