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What Video Games Are Gaining Popularity in 2023

The number of people playing video games has risen to over 3.26 billion this year, a 7.54% increase from 2022. Since the industry has already seen loads of game releases, knowing which are worth investing in can be challenging. Luckily, I have done all the heavy lifting for you by providing a comprehensive list of video games that have taken the gaming industry by storm in 2023; this includes modern multiplayer action games and PS5 and PlayStation 4 games.

Game Developer Publisher Age Rating Genre
Hogwarts Legacy Avalanche Software Warner Bros PEGI 12 Action role-playing game
Baldur's Gate 3 Larian Studios Larian Studios PEGI 18 Role-playing video game
Dredge Black Salt Games Team17 PEGI 12 Indie fishing video game
Diablo IV Blizzard Entertainment Blizzard Entertainment PEGI 18 Online-only action role-playing game
Hi-Fi Rush Tango Gameworks Bethesda Softworks PEGI 12 Rhythm-based action game
Street Fighter 6 Capcom Capcom PEGI 12 Fighting game
R-Type Final 3 Evolved Granzella Granzella ESRB Age Rating: Everyone 10+ Horizontal-scrolling shooter game

Hogwarts Legacy

Not only is Hogwarts Legacy one of the most popular games in the world, but it's also the best-selling game of the year. This immersive, open-world ARPG is part of the fantasy media franchise The Wizarding World.

Set in the late 1800s, Hogwarts Legacy takes place 100 years before events recorded in the Harry Potter novels. Below, I have uncovered some tips to help you have a thrilling magical adventure while playing this game:

  1. Collect all the ingredients in the game, as you'll need them later when making potions.
  2. You can change your appearance when you reach Hogsmeade.
  3. Eye chests are key to grabbing some quick cash after you've Disillusionment.
  4. Be sure to visit vendors to clear any unwanted gear and earn money.

Baldur's Gate 3

While its full release on PC was on 3 August 2023, Baldur's Gate 3 has already positioned itself as the 9th most played game in the world. This multiplayer video game also has an offline single-player mode.

Larian Studios put together an exciting role-playing video game with a massive and complex world. But since it does not autosave often, don't forget to save frequently. I also discovered that using Long Rests and Short Rests at the campsite is a good idea since it is a surefire way to recover spell slots and health. However, rest cautiously, as long campsite rests are connected to your storyline. After all, you wouldn't want to reveal too much of the plot prematurely. Additionally, you might want to use a party member or companion with Darkvision.


Developed by Black Salt Games and published by Team17, Dredge is one of the best new Xbox games released in March 2023. Its adrenaline-pumping gameplay blew my socks off. This Indie fishing video game combines a meditative fishing loop, spooky undertones and atmospheric exploration.

Dredge sees you take control of a small motorised fishing boat, where you'll sail to Greater Marrow to take up the position of a local angler. You'll start with catching fish and selling them. But as you sail your boat across the ocean, watch out for those Eldritch monsters that could drag you under. While you can do most of the quests at your own pace, I would like you to remember that some come with an invisible time limit attached.

The combination of Lovecraftian horror and relaxing fishing makes Dredge one of the best Xbox games since it's a match made in heaven.

Diablo IV

Fans of role playing games will love Diablo IV, an online-only ARPG and the 4th instalment in the Diablo series. It was published and developed by Blizzard Entertainment, one of the well-respected game companies in the United States. The game was released on 5 June 2023 for the following platforms:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series S
  • Xbox Series X
  • PlayStation 5
  • PlayStation 4

While doing this review, I discovered that the core formula for gameplay of the Diablo series revolves around defeating increasingly difficult foes to acquire equipment. You'll fight the enemies using different character class skills that you can customise by talent trees and equipment.

Diablo IV features loads of things that may leave players in a state of bewilderment. Here are some tips and hacks to help you in your demon-hunting mission:

  • Fast travelling in dungeons: Walking back to the dungeon's entrance is harder than defeating a boss since there might not be a shortcut after killing one. In this case, I suggest you pull up the map and click the small blue star to fast-travel yourself to the entrance.
  • Avoid selling your rares: You can turn those rares into legendary gear using earned aspects or extracted imprints; this is helpful since the stats rolled on any rare gear piece could be better or more potent than your legendary equipment.

Hi-Fi Rush

Since it was available worldwide on 25 January 2023, Hi-Fi Rush quickly became one of the most-watched YouTube gaming videos. The game was developed by the Tokyo-based studio Tango Gameworks, and it was subsequently published for Xbox Series X/S and Windows by Bethesda Softworks.

This rhythm-action game takes place across numerous linear stages that represent a variety of divisions of the antagonist corporation, each based on a distinct musical style. In addition to combat, Hi-Fi Rush features platform game elements and a system of upgrades that allows you to unlock abilities, new moves and in-game currency earned by exploring levels or engaging in combat.

Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 should be at the top of your list if you are looking for fighting games that you can play on PS5 and PS4 game consoles. Developed on the RE Engine, this video game not only supports rollback net code and cross-platform play but also offers three overarching game modes with three control options. Even non-gaming fans will have a whale of a time with Street Fighter 6.

Playing this game made me feel a spark of joy similar to what you experienced after receiving a sign-up bonus at a CA casino. These sign-up offers have always lit up my online gambling adventures since many offer free spins and I can give slot machines a spin without spending a cent. Moreover, it's also a great way to unlock in-game bonuses swiftly. Just like the thrill I get from those free spins, Street Fighter 6 manages to deliver an exhilarating experience that appeals to both avid gamers and those who might not typically be drawn to video games.

R-Type Final 3 Evolved

If you love retro games due to their simple and joyous experience, you should give R-Type Final 3 Evolved a go. Granzella is the developer and publisher of this horizontal-scrolling shooter game. It brings back stages that featured in R-Type Final 2 and earlier instalments in the series, but they remade them in Unreal Engine 5. Designer Kazuma Kujo also made seven stages that are exclusive to the PS5.

I enjoyed the soundtrack for the new stages and the charming ambience in the areas that make you think you are on another planet. I felt like how I felt when I receive 20 free spins on registration no deposit uk. The final stage also features a great vocal song that gave me some Darius vibes.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the most popular game in the world right now, you can go and give them a try. When choosing a game, keep in mind that some of them are not available on all platforms. You should also select suitable game genres based on your skills. For example, RPG games capitalise on problem recognition and solving, organisation, time management, decision making and communication skills. What's more? You should know the game's age rating to determine if you can enjoy it with your entire family.

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