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AnonymSMS - The Top Provider Of Virtual Phone Numbers

We're all probably fairly well versed on using temporary phone numbers online. While they seem to be gaining in popularity and you probably see ads for them whenever you're online, many of us are still not exactly sure what their specific uses are. Back in the days before unlimited SMS and instant messaging, sending a text message used to be charged by your network provider. That's why many people would source ways to send free SMS online.

Nowadays, though, the reasons for doing this are quite different. Yes, we hear you asking why, so we're here to explain. If you're using your own number to register for a new service or for any other reason unless for personal use, you're leaving yourself open to potential misuse of your number. This can happen by your number being used for sales and marketing purposes, resulting in unwanted texts and calls, and even your number being sold onto third parties for exactly the same reason. Worse still, your number can even be used to track the other services you've signed up to.

AnonymSMS - A 'How To' Guide

As it stands, AnonymSMS has both a free service and a paid-for option; both services, while similar, are designed for different markets. The free option is for everyday use, for those of us who simply want to use a temporary number to sign up to a new app or service. The paid-for option means you're able to rent a private number for a period of 1 to 30 days. This is ideal for businesses who need to use a temporary number to open numerous accounts over a longer time period. Let's look at how they both work, shall we?

Free Numbers

In order to use a free number to receive SMS online, simply go onto the AnonymSMS homepage and scroll down to the country-code you wish to use to receive your SMS. Once you've selected the country, you can go ahead and double click on any number you wish to receive your message on and you're ready to use it! Enter this number once prompted by whichever service you're trying to sign up to, and wait for the SMS verification code to be received on the AnonymSMS website, under that specific number. If it's not there within a minute or so, refresh the page. Pretty simple, right?

Paid-For Numbers

If, as a company, you're looking to rent a number for a validity of either 1, 2, 7 or 30 days, you can rent a number on AnonymSMS. Simply go onto the 'Rent A Number' section of the website and choose which country-code you'd like to receive it on. Prices vary on which country you choose, but none of them are very expensive. The price ranges from under $5 for a day, to from $25 for 25 days. You can pay with standard credit and debit cards, PayPall or with cryptocurrency. Once you've paid, the number will appear on your personal dashboard, which is also where any messages you receive will be displayed. You'll have the option to extend your rental period too, if you have the need to. Only you will have access to this number, which gives you absolute exclusivity in terms of usage.

Ok, Let's Delve Into The Pros and Cons

While we always try to look at both the pros and cons of every service we review, some really do prove to be trickier than others! The pros are the easy part, so here we go:

  • Entirely free option available. The paid-for option is more suited to larger businesses and corporations, so it's nice to see that us mere-mortals are well catered for here too! If choosing the free option, you literally won't have to pay a cent to use their service- you won't even need to enter a credit card number
  • Maintains your privacy. Not only does using AnonymSMS numbers mean that your online privacy in terms of signing up to new services is ensured, it's also great because they won't ask you for any personal details whatsoever. This includes your name, email and, of course, your number, which will all remain confidential to you.
  • Huge choice of numbers. There are so many different numbers to choose from on the AnonymSMS site that you'll always have plenty of choice. Better still, they have numbers from all over the world, further catering to your specific number needs.
  • Incredibly user-friendly site. Everything is self-explanatory and easy to use. You can receive an SMS in minutes, literally.

The cons:

  • AnonymSMS is really increasing in popularity. While this doesn't increase the overall experience (they retire numbers with a lot of usage and replace them with brand new ones - perhaps this should've been on the pro list afterall!), it does mean that word is out about this great service.

... and that's pretty much it! We're scraping the barrel here in terms of any cons.

Let's Take A Look At Pricing

In terms of their free option, there's really nothing much to say about AnonymSMSs pricing here because it really is, genuinely, free. They won't so much as ask for a credit card number or even just offer you a free trial. You're welcome to use their free numbers however often you wish to, all totally free of charge.

In terms of their paid-for numbers which are available to rent, you'll be looking at around $5 to rent a number for a day, but this can go up to $15+ for more popular country-codes such as ones from the US. While this may seem a sharp increase, don't forget the huge amount of services you're able to register with using an American number. In terms of 30-day rental, prices range from around $25 to $70, depending on which one you choose. All rental numbers can be securely paid for with credit or debit cards, PayPall or cryptocurrency.

Customer Experience

In terms of the overall experience that you can expect to receive, we don't think you'll be disappointed. The website works quickly with no lagging in terms of the page loading or numbers being received. Numbers are replaced often, giving you ample choice each time you use their service. Customer service seems to be very efficient and friendly, with lots of different FAQ sections and blogs explaining their service in detail from start to finish. They also respond to any queries quickly, and the team seems very friendly.

In Summary

Given the vast amount of temporary number services there are out there, competition is fierce. Yet, AnonymSMS seem to have the edge over their competitors, in large part due to their impeccable customer service, easy-to-use website, vast choice of numbers and the fact that they seem to cater to everyone, whether you're a business or an individual looking to make use of an online number.

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