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Web Scraping and Proxies

Exploring Bright Data's Flexible Proxy Tools

Web scraping involves collecting content and data from the internet. This is usually done through sending HTTP requests (viewing a website), grabbing important data, and saving it locally when access is granted. Severally types of data can be scraped. They include Images, videos, texts, reviews, customer sentiments, and product information.

Every internet user is a web scraper. The purpose for scraping, however, differs for each user. Whatever your reason though, it is not uncommon to experience things like blocked websites and location restrictions. Proxy tools make it easier to bypass these issues with ease. I mean, a few clicks and that's all.

A web scraping proxy allows you to access websites using a different and secure IP address. It hides your real IP address, preventing it from getting blacklisted and breaking through location restrictions. IP addresses can be compared to house addresses. They show the destination one is going to or delivering a mail to. An IP address is assigned to a device and is used for communicating across the internet.

One of the data Industry's largest and most trusted proxy service providers is Bright Data. It is used by thousands of internet users worldwide. it is known for the several web scraping and proxy services it renders. These services include fast and reliable proxy services, instant access to public web data, powerful web unlocker, and flexible proxy tools.

In this article, we will look deeply into Bright Data's flexible proxy tools. We will look at in detail how tools work and some of their key features, benefits, prices, and use cases.

Bright Data's Flexible Proxy Tools

Under flexible proxy tools offered by Bright Data, there are two tools: Proxy manager and Proxy website extension. These tools help you gain unlimited access to public web data at a faster speed and with the highest quality. They also give you a reliable way to control and manipulate your proxy sessions and improve your web scraping success rate.

Proxy Manager

According to Bright Data's website, Proxy Manager is an open-source application tool where you can control, manage, and monitor all of your proxies either from Bright Data's app interface or via API.

Uses of PROXY Manager
  • Total control: Determine who has access to each proxy including white/blacklists, which countries to target, and more.
  • Success ratio metrics: Optimize your performance by managing all of your IPs and their metrics in one place.
  • User-friendly interface: The intuitively-designed Proxy Manager favored by developers.
  • Waterfall Rotations: Route requests through four proxy networks and set custom rules to reduce costs in a cost-effective blend.
  • Reduce bandwidth: Use Proxy Manager features such as regex and custom rules to reduce traffic.
  • Detailed request logs: Browse and monitor all requests sent through a proxy with detailed request logs.
Why choose Bright Data's proxy manager
  • Success rates: 99.9%
  • Countries covered: 195
  • Network uptime: 99.9%
  • Bright Data is a world-leading company trusted by developers at 20,000 companies worldwide.
  • Full control of user access, white/blacklisting IPs, country targeting, and more.
  • Built-in automated rules features.
  • Detailed request logs for easy debugging.
  • Manage all proxies using one open-source interface.

Proxy Manager

This feature enables the use of Bright Data's proxies from your browser with minimum setup. It supports both residential and data center IP browsing, allowing you to search and gain access to public websites from any country. It allows you to customize the configuration of the DNS which helps maximize the direction or speed of the proxy network that you are using.

Uses of PROXY Browser extension
  • To self-test your websites.
  • Verify your ads.
  • Browse a site from another country.
Why choose PROXY Browser extension
  • It is an easy-to-use tool for less technical users.
  • Easy one-click IP rotation - easy to start.
  • Bypass any location restriction with the latest geographic coverage in the industry.
  • Easy integration with all major browsers.
  • 99.9% Success rates
  • 195 countries
  • 99.9% network uptime.


Bright Data with its powerful capabilities and all-inclusive functionality provides you access to the best proxy services that are to your advantage. The flexible proxy tools help you care for proxy issues while you focus on analyzing and monitoring the accessed data.

Bright Data is trusted by developers in over 20,000 companies, hence, becoming a capable, trustworthy, leading company in providing proxy services.

An Individual or a company with a need for safe and reliable proxy service should explore the tools provided by Bright Data. They can be comfortable and assured of the safe transfer of the files especially when employees are working from remote locations.

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