Partnerships FAQ

Do you publish gambling, adult, education (eg essay writing aids), CBD-related or any other sensitive niche content on your website?

No. We only cover tech and programming related content.

Do you have any content requirements?

Content should typically be programming/tech-related. This also applies to any links placed into article.

Do you have more than one website?


Do you provide guest posting opportunities on your website?

Yes, but please note that this is a paid service. To find out more, please send us an email on

Are the links used in articles 'do-follow'?

If they are published in our blog, yes. If they are published inside one of our publications, then it will be 'no-follow' by default. This is why we will always recommend publishing on our main domain ( in order to ensure that you get the intended SEO benefits.

How many links do you allow in one article?

It depends. There can be more than one, as long as they're relevant to the post/s.

Do you allow link insertion in previously published articles?

Yes. Email us at to discuss the price of this service, as well as if your links are suitable for your chosen content.

How long will my post be live?

Posts are live for as long as our platform exists - there is no expiration date.

Do you mark content as sponsored?

No, we typically do not mark content as 'sponsored', unless specifically requested.

Can you guarantee that the link won't be marked as rel="sponsored" or rel="ugc"?


Will our article be indexed by Google?


Are you open to link-exchanges?

Not at this time, no.

Do you accept free guest posts?

No. We have a set process for guest posting opportunities. To discuss further, please email us.

How does payment work?

Payment must be received upfront for all work. Exceptions to this can be made at our discretion and are dependent on the type of work being carried out.

Do you accept payments via PayPal?


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