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32+ Top Web App Ideas for Startups in 2022

32+ Best Web App Ideas To be Considered For Startup Business in 2022

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With the ongoing digitization in modern life, an increasing number of people are accessing smartphones to manage almost every task. In that scenario, if you're still relying on a brick-and-mortar business model, then you're already far away from the market competition.

With the projection that the app market is expected to generate $532 billion in revenue by 2023, undoubtedly, the industry is already roaring.

Therefore, if you are looking for smart ways to kick-start your business or want to expand it to global markets, then investing in web app development solutions is the right approach to proceed.

However, the moment you decide to launch a business app, quickly you will end up with the question: What is the best web app development idea in 2022?

With millions of apps already flooded in the market sphere, creating your presence and retaining your brand in the market is a big challenge. Therefore, bringing the best app idea to the market is the most challenging task for businesses. To make it easier, we carry out detailed market research and analyze the latest trends while listing the best web app development ideas that help you make money in 2022.

Let's drill straight into the best web app development ideas that will inspire you in 2022.

32+ Top Web App Development Ideas For Startups in 2022

Before we get straight into the web app development ideas, let's categorize the ideas as per the different industries.

Innovative Web App Ideas To Fit Metaverse Technology

1. An App To Create AI Avatars

With emerging technologies and innovations, people are curiously eyeing up the applications that make them ready for future technologies.

And in the age of Metaverse, developing an app to create AI avatars will be a great idea for startups in 2022.

Instead of us accessing the metaverse, users would need to delegate it to digital versions of themself. Combining the speaking and physical features of the users, ML technology enables your app to create a synthetic version that could be functioning in the same way as we do.

With this app, users can find proven ways to add different identities to their avatars in the metaverse world.

2. Virtual Event Organizing App With Metaverse

In the wake of COVID-19, by force or by choice an increasing number of people have shifted to digital platforms to meet their basic entertainment needs. Where clubs, bars, and party events have witnessed a great pause, that's where virtual event organizing apps are boldly paving their way in the entertainment industry.

To take your app concept to the next level, virtual event planners can create an event that makes the participants feel like they are actually physically attending the event using immersive metaverse experiences.

The average cost to build this web app revolves around $10,000 to 15,000+ depending upon the complexity of the idea.

3. Virtual Augmented Workspaces App

With the increasing trend of working from home, organizations are looking for new ways of keeping their team together virtually. Therefore creating an app that offers virtual augmented workspaces using Metaverse technology, will be a brilliant web app idea in 2022. To translate this app idea into reality, you can hire web app developer excellent in developing business apps. It provides the potential to improve employee engagement, connect with them and ensure collaboration when required. Startups can begin with this app idea with the least investment of $10,000+.

4. Metaverse Based Social Media App

Undoubtedly, metaverse technology is the perfect revolution of social media experiences where digital avatars from different virtual locations can meet, interact and participate in other activities.

Best Web App Ideas for the Food, Grocery, and Restaurant Industry

5. Online Ordering and Delivery App

The fact that 60% of U.S. consumers order delivery or takeout once a week and 31% are using third-party delivery services twice a week and 34% of consumers are spending $50 per order while ordering online. Clearly online ordering and delivery apps are the perfect modern solution for modern needs.

These types of apps come in handy and cut down the need of visiting conventional stores. With just a few taps on the mobile screen, customers can select their choice of items, quickly add them to the cart, and proceed with the payment. The order will be received at the doorstep within a committed time.

Food ordering and delivery apps are the biggest example here that connects hundreds of restaurants with customers to ensure quick fulfillment.

To make your app idea stand apart in the industry, you can leverage the latest technologies like AI for enhanced customer experience and advanced recommendations. Voice search command feature for quick order processing and more.

6. Online Restaurant Booking App With AI Technology

If you are running a restaurant and trying hard to expand your footprint in the market, then developing an online restaurant booking app can be the right decision.

An online restaurant booking app is a platform where users can search nearby restaurants, their menus, ratings, customer reviews, and more. To encourage customers to make an immediate booking, you can provide a 360-degree view of the restaurant, and its pictures and highlight the table reservation feature.

Apart, to grab the attention of the customers and availing of maximum bookings, you can offer early hours discounts, membership discounts, prepayment options, and more. Moreover, allow customers to customize their order while booking.

7. Online Grocery Delivery App With Voice Search Command

In the wake of Covid-19, an increasing number of people are shifting towards online shopping. By choice or by force, customers' shopping behavior is changing. That's where online grocery delivery apps come into the picture.

With the fact that the global online grocery market size is projected to reach $203290 million by 2027, from $42830 million in 2020, it's high time to migrate your supermarket to an online grocery store.

Developing an online grocery app is one of the top web app ideas for startups in 2022. To meet the modern needs of customers, you can leverage the benefit of voice command.

8. Custom Food Ordering App

With the increasing trend of ordering food online, developing a custom food ordering app will be one of the great web app development ideas to make money in 2022. To transform your app development idea, you can hire a web developer to blend the right set of features in the app. By implementing features like selecting your own herbs, species, grains, or oils, you can allow customers to manage a perfect diet. This specifically works perfectly for those diet-conscious, elderly, or gym-going people.

Brilliant Fintech Web App Development Ideas to Make Money in 2022

9. P2P Payment Apps

Peer-to-peer payment apps are one of the fastest-growing Fintech app ideas. By using this app you can transfer funds to anyone, anytime without having to rely on third-party websites. Fintech startups can hire app developers to customize the app features using innovative technologies. All you need to make sure of is to develop P2P payments apps that involve multiple security features such as facial recognition, bio-metrics, and more.

10. Crowdfunding Apps for Startups

If you have ever watched the popular TV show “Shark Tanks” then probably you know the concept of crowdfunding. All you need to do is to implement that idea into your app.

The idea of crowdfunding refers to the idea of the accumulation of small amounts of capital from multiple individuals to start a new business venture. The prime role of building this app is to bring investors and startups to the same platform to meet their needs.

11. eWallet Apps

Have you ever used PayPal? If yes, then surely you understand the importance and demand for eWallet apps.

In this digital era, eWallet apps have increased the convenience of people to pay bills, and pay at stores and across various eCommerce stores. Therefore, developing an e-wallet app is another brilliant app idea in the finance sector.

Miscellaneous Web App Ideas For Startups in 2022

12. Dating and Matchmaking Wedding App

Gone are those days when finding a soulmate was a big challenge. Launching an online dating and matchmaking app would be a perfect app idea for startups in the digital-driven world. To make it stand apart from the other matchmaking apps, you can add a plethora of unique features and keep the UI/UX simple yet engaging for the users.

13. Pet Care Web App

In the fast-paced world, keeping your pets safe, healthy, and vaccinated is a real struggle for pet owners. That is where you can hire an India web developer to create a platform where pet owners can get all pet care solutions in place. From adopting pets to buying their daily essential products, hiring pet sitters consulting pet experts, make sure a pet care app provides all features. To make it work seamlessly, you can consider integrating the customer feature section and multi-payment feature.

14. Landscaping and Mowing App

Lawns are the real beauty of the house but keeping them well maintained is a real challenge for the property owners. Therefore allow people to book high-quality lawn maintenance and mowing services at their preferred time using the landscaping and mowing app. It is one of the best web app ideas for startups offering landscaping and mowing services.

15. Deck Repair and Renewal App

When repairing a deck, you'll need to remove nails, rotten boards, screws, and more. However, deck repairing and renewal apps can take all these hassles and provide a simple solution to outsource the team of experts with a few taps on web apps. You can hire an app development team to simply transform this app idea into reality using industry-best technologies which are easy to scalable. From inspecting the mold underneath the rotted wood to applying a thick coat of clear sealer to replacing boards, customers can avail of all services right from the app.

16. Destination Wedding Planning App

If you are into a wedding planning business or are interested in starting a venture in the same field then rolling out the destination wedding planning app will be a top startup idea. Allow users to set their budget, choices, interests, and specifications, you can help them provide innovative wedding planning ideas. To create this app, you can choose a cross-platform distribution to reach a wider market.

17. Virtual Travel App With VR Technology

Covid-19 has imposed hundreds of travel restrictions on the travelers but you can keep their travel continue with your VR-based Virtual travel app. Allow users to select any destination and location for sightseeing. Using Virtual reality technology, let them explore their favorite destination by sitting at the same place wearing the high-quality headgears. It will make them feel as if they have physically traveled to that destination.

18. Travel Budget Planning App

When it comes to traveling across borders, budget is the major constraint for people. So if you are planning to start a travel agency, then creating a travel budget planning app will be one of the best web app ideas for startups in 2022. The travel experts will help customize the travel package under their budget limits.

19. On-Demand Cooking Gas Delivery App

The idea of developing an on-demand cooking gas delivery app might turn out to be the most successful idea for cooking gas companies. Leveraging the in-built feature of the app, cooking gas companies can easily scale up their business with this app idea.

To create an app that allows users to book their cooking gas or refill their gas cylinders you will need an app developer.

20. On-Demand Car Service App

Owning a car has become an essential need for many people but its maintenance and regular services are real chaos. Create an app to allow car owners to choose from a wide range of maintenance services including washing, cleaning, polishing, and more at their preferred time. It can be one of the unique and best web app development ideas for workshops and car service centers.

21. On-Demand Fuel Delivery App

The concept of developing an on-demand fuel delivery app is already gaining hype in various countries and many startups are heading in that direction. You can hire a web app developer to create an app that allows customers to avail of fuel delivery at their doorsteps. To make this app idea work well, you can collaborate with the nearby fuel stations to ensure the fastest 10 minutes delivery.

22. Packers and Movers App

Create user-friendly packers and movers app to allow users to choose from a wide range of packing and moving companies listed on the app as per their nearest location and preferred budget. To add a layer of convenience, you can provide the price and time comparison feature to the customers.

23. On-Demand Taxi Booking App

Create an on-demand taxi booking app to allow users to book a car from anywhere at any time using just your mobile number. An on-demand taxi booking app comes with a plethora of features like selecting the number of seats, type of car, personal or pooling option, and more. The travelers can track the vehicle even before on-boarding and can make an in-app payment.

24. Housekeeping and Cleaning App

Using such apps, users can browse and search for cleaning and housekeeping services based on rating, feedback, and budget. Next, choose from the wide pool of service providers and be able to book a slot and schedule cleaning services like bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, and more at their preferred time. Reaping the best services of this app, users can securely make an online payment.

25. Video Creating Tutorial App

In the age of digitization, where such video streaming apps like YouTube are taking the momentum, people are trying hard to excel in their video-creating skills. Therefore, using this app, users can learn how to post videos, record a live event, editing strategies, add sound, and more. Developing a video creating a tutorial app will be a great app idea for startups that help you make money.

26. Language Translation App with Voice Recognition

There are many people traveling across the borders for business or holidays but the language always remains one such constraint for them. That's where language translational apps with voice recognition software come into the role. To create this type of app you need to **hire a web developer** and use the best technologies. Also, to make it easily accessible for users, make sure it has a simple and easy interface. Make sure users can speak or type phrases or words in any language and are able to translate them into any language without any complication.

27. Scan and Buy App

Many people have a habit of shopping for international products at cheaper prices without knowing whether they are authentic or replica. Using this app idea, you can allow users to scan a barcode available on the product and verify its authenticity of the products. This could be a unique web app idea for startups that ensure success in 2022.

28. Salon Appointment Booking App

Cut down the hassle of waiting for long hours at the salon for an appointment by creating an online salon appointment booking app. Using this app, users can book their slot for salon services by checking the availability of their favorite beauty experts. Bookings can be confirmed on prior payment options and add a cancellation fee as well.

29. Online Clinic Management App

Managing the daily appointments over call and keeping logging on the manual sheets have become an old trend for clinics. Creating an online clinic management app is a win-win option for both patients and clinic staff. Patients can easily check the availability of the health experts and book an appointment right away. On the other side, doctors can better plan their day by having a prior schedule of appointments for a day.

30. Online Medical Consulting App

Online medical consultation has become the latest trend in the town. The convenience of consulting health experts and doctors right from the mobile screen while sitting at home has tremendously increased the demand for online medical consulting apps. Using this app, users can choose from a wide choice of health experts by using various filters and booking an appointment through the app.

31. Restaurant Management App

Being a restaurant owner, if you are looking for efficient ways to manage your restaurant to generate better ROI then inventing a restaurant management app is one of the most potential app ideas in 2022. Using a restaurant management app, you can get insights into inventory levels, manage guests more efficiently, increase productivity by scheduling staff, and more. To create this type of app, make sure you use cloud-based services.

32. On-Demand Liquor Delivery App

Allow users to get on-demand delivery of liquor anytime, anywhere using this app. By accessing this app type, users can choose from their choice of brand, add quality and get doorstep delivery of liquor even on special occasions.

33. On-Demand Marijuana and Weed Delivery App

People suffering from chronic health problems like cancer and more can access this app to avail of the delivery of marijuana at their doorsteps. All they need is to upload their medical prescription to leverage the features of this app. To create this app, make sure you check legal restrictions in certain areas.


In this digital-driven world, if you are still managing your business brick-and-mortar, then it's time to unlock new business opportunities by simply stepping into the world of app development. This blog has concluded various new app ideas for the startups, but you need to hire a web developer to get started on any of these app ideas. Since every business has different requirements and budgets, therefore, there are several other app ideas that also exist to suit your business needs. If you have any app idea in mind or you want to transform any of these app ideas into a robust solution, then you can choose to book a free consultation slot with the experts.

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