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4 Best Ways to Elevate Your Business Productivity by Leveraging PDFs


Every business, whether small-sized or large-sized, wants more productivity by taking advantage of sophisticated business management solutions just like PDFs. When you use PDFs, there are lots of ways to enhance your workflow, making your business more productive.

Here is a quick PDF guide that will teach you how to work productively while taking less time.

1. Scan and Fill out Forms

Using Adobe Acrobat, you can scan, blank the forms, and sign documents with your mobile device or laptop. This will also help stop excessive page printing.

You can also enhance the OCR and copy and paste directly from a PDF file for better online searching. Companies can establish paperless offices by partnering with PDF providers like Soda PDF, which allows them to use features like Adobe.

Instant e-signing document processes allow you to combine PDFs, organize pages within PDFs, share PDFs as attachments or Google Drive links, and freely use a pen tool for PDF documents. These are the functions that will leave your mark. Also, you can search for keywords or highlight text through most PDF editors.

2. Go for Signature or E-signature for Any Document

Through the 'forms and signatures' function, you can request signatures, fill out and sign forms, create forms and certifications, and send PDFs in bulk through email or Dropbox links. If you turn on signature fields within the document, Acrobat finds them automatically.

Similarly, you can obtain signatures from diverse clients with one click. Open the PDF in Acrobat Adobe Document Cloud and click on the Bulk Send option with signature fields to sign up for many pages at the same time. In addition, you can dispatch PDF files automatically by using Google Drive or Dropbox.

3. Sync PDFs with multifarious platforms

You can run Adobe Acrobat on browser features like Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla. You can also load a PDF directly into Google Docs by uploading it or storing it in Google Drive for easier access. Through document cloud sharing, users can make real-time improvements and modifications to a single PDF file simultaneously.

Moreover, it is possible to send files via PDF to several individuals from one app and organize your workflow via comments. This usually comes with the capability to link the PDF reader with Google Drive, making it easy to make collaborative edits and share files.

4. Automate PDF Processes

Automating PDF creations is quite easy with pre-formatted content layouts and data feeds into predefined templates. AI-enabled PDF software allows you to share PDFs with many people regularly. As a business owner, you can send a personalized copy of standard PDFs like invoices or monthly statements to more than one client.

In addition to that, you can ask for signatures/e signatures through PDF pre-filled forms from your clients. You might be in touch with an advanced project provider to extract complex PDF features and process the data automatically if you have an advanced project to deal with.

Final Words

If you convert a paper document to PDF, you need the ability to write, highlight, underline, merge, compress, store, and apply watermarks. Sophisticated PDF tools and software also make things easy for your business through simple, AI-powered features, resulting in more efficiency and productivity.

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