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45+ Best App Ideas for Startups + Bonus Ideas to Make Money in 2021

45+ Top Mobile App Ideas for Startups That Could Change the World in 2022


With the increasing usage of the internet, undoubtedly mobile usage has also increased by tenfold and people have started spending 3 hours 55 minutes per day on average on their phones.

With each passing day, the numbers keep expanding to the next level and mobile app development is becoming a thriving industry. Therefore, it is indeed more sensible to launch a mobile app, if you really want to become a part of this competitive market and take your business to the next level.

What kind of application you should invest in, how much budget it will require, and how long does it take to market your app? These are the few most common questions that are swimming in your mind.

But, don't worry, this blog has covered all the answers for you!

Since there are millions of applications already available in the Apple app store and Google Play Store, therefore, one big question that strikes your mind is how will you conquer the market with mobile apps? The simple answer is that the startup is all about a great idea!

But bringing the best, unique, innovative idea to the market seems to be one of the most challenging tasks. So, after analyzing the market trends, booming industries, and the domains that still have a scope of generating revenue, we have come up with excellent app ideas that help you conquer the world in 2022.

Let's get started with 45+ best app development ideas that can skyrocket your business growth:

1. A Grocery Ordering App With Voice Command

Developing a grocery ordering app by adding a voice search command functionality, is one of the brilliant startup app ideas in 2022. In the wake of Covid-19, if there is any industry that has witnessed a sudden shift with the presence of mobile apps, then that is the food and grocery delivery industry. Due to Covid and following the social distancing restrictions, people are restricted to stay at home.

But, being an essential need of living, people are moving to grocery apps by force or by choice to buy all their groceries through the mobile application. But with the collaboration of a mobile app development company, you can make it far simpler, easier, and convenient to access by adding a voice search command to deliver a pleasurable user experience.

You can get started with a grocery app by making an investment of $12,000 to $50,000+, depending upon your needs and business goals.

2. Tax Calculation App With BlockChain

No matter how educated and skilled you are, calculating the massive digits in a second is always a time-draining task for you. In fact, your single calculation mistake can cause a loss of millions of dollars. But with emerging technologies like BlockChain, calculating taxes and invoicing has become the most simple activities that you can accomplish without creating any blunder. By using an app developed with BlockChain technologies, a user can easily determine how much tax they need to pay in the year.

Tax calculation app is a top mobile app idea that will make money in 2022. Whether it be pandemic or a rising economy, the commerce sector will not go anywhere, though demand for tax calculation apps will always remain in high demand.

The starting cost of creating this type of app will be $12,000 to $14,000+. Rest you can hire a mobile app developer for the actual estimations based on the specific business requirements.

3. An App To Find Flexible Jobs

Undoubtedly, the wave of the pandemic in 2020 has made people jobless, shut down various stores, and made businesses paralyzed, and left them with zero hope. So launching an app that helps you find a job on an hourly, part-time, full-time, contract, or project basis can be an innovative app idea for businesses.

By hiring an app development company, you can create a platform where recruiters and candidates can come along and meet their needs. If you are interested in developing a job-finding app, then you can start with an investment of $8,000 to $10,000+, depending upon the complexity of the app.

4. Video Conferencing App

While everyone is restricted to stay indoors, businesses and educational institutions are in urgent need of video chat apps to stay connected with one another. So it is one of the useful app ideas in 2022 for businesses who are looking for thriving industries to invest in. Make sure you build a video conferencing app that has all the features like file uploading, share images, notes, uses cloud networking record meetings, encryption, virtual hand-raising, screen sharing, and more to make it an essential solution.

5. Bar Code Scanning App

In the boom of online shopping, many of you buy branded products with huge discounts. But at times, there is always a concern whether you are buying an original product or a copy at the proposed prices? So developing a bar code scanning app can be a great mobile app idea in 2022 for emerging businesses. All you need is to hire an app developer that can build an app by leveraging barcode technology and allow users to just scan the product to get the details right away on their screen.

It is one of the simple yet potential app ideas, so it will cost you between $10,000 to $12,000+ depending upon the complexity of the app.

6. Online Shisha and Hookah Delivery App

Building an online Shisha and Hookah delivery app is one of the top app ideas that can skyrocket your business growth. Right from ordering hookah pipes, coals to flavours, all can be delivered straight to the doorstep of the user by using the app. By hiring a mobile app development company, you can create an app that has an interface to manage a wide choice of products, in-app payment, order tracking, cart, product delivery, and more.

Whether you are running out of budget or want to get started with the $10,000+ investment, online Shisha and Hookah delivery apps are one of the most potential app ideas to get started with today!

7. Shisha Lounge Booking Apps

Simplify daily handlings and reservations with Shisha Lounge booking application famous in Dubai. A rightly developed lounge booking app will help you better manage your bookings and reservations on weekdays as well as on weekends without making your customers wait for hours at the door. With an app, allow hookah lovers to find the best nearby lounge and reserve their table in advance at their preferred time.

The best part about using this app is, you can ask customers to make an advance payment by using the in-app wallet, multiple payment gateways, or redeem membership loyalty points for the bookings and in return, customers can get additional discounts on prior bookings.

If you are running a cafe or lounge with indoor and outdoor sitting areas, and looking to expand your business in 2022, then developing a shisha lounge booking app can be a top mobile app development idea for you.

8. An App Book a Table With AI

Book a table with AI is one of the best app ideas that could change the world in 2022!

Outside the dining area is always a fun-filled activity that most people prefer for weekends, but what if you have to wait for long hours for your table? Of course, you never want to spoil your evening. So an app will help you reserve a table in your most favourite restaurant or cafe at your convenient time and save you from all the hassle of waiting.

You can appoint a software development company that can use Artificial Intelligence that better helps you determine the choice, preference, and needs of the users and provide the best nearby suggestions for the bookings.

9. Car Parking Slot Booking App

With 185+ million registered vehicles running on the streets, finding safe parking space in the hustling-bustling cities has become one of the nerve-wracking jobs for car owners. What if an app can allow users to find a parking space in a preferred location and allow them to book in advance for the specific time slot?

Definitely, it is one of the top mobile app ideas for startups in 2022 that can help car owners to move from one location to another without having to worry about parking issues. You can hire a dedicated mobile app developer that can use GPS, heat maps, traffic analysis data, and more to offer a reliable solution.

With the rapidly increasing numbers of vehicles, this type of application has a perfect reason to stay trending in 2022. All you need is to make an investment of $10,000 to $12,000+ to get started with the basic application.

10. On-Demand Car/Bike Serving App

Buying a car or bike has become a second major goal after buying a home but keeping it maintained and well-tuned is always a big trouble for you. An app that can offer you to book a car washing slot, bike repairing services, car/bike maintenance services, on-side car/bike repair servicing, is one of the most demanding app ideas for startups in 2022.

Hire a mobile app developer that can integrate the right set of technologies and methodologies to help you launch a winning solution.

11. On-Demand Fuel Filling App

You never know when you are running out of fuel if you are stuck up in a jam. It can be a serious problem especially when you are with a family or going to the office or on any trip. So if you are in the oil industry, pump or a car serving company, then developing an on-demand fuel delivery app can be a trending mobile app idea in 2022.

Being a hub of Oil industries in many countries, an on-demand fuel filling app can be a perfect business idea to invest in. You can hire a mobile app developer that can customize the app with advanced features including selecting a service, schedule a slot, pay in advance, reviews and ratings, and more.

12. Make Money By Rating a Blockchain App

Provide the opportunity to the users to make money by simply rating an online blockchain app can be brilliant app idea for startups to launch in 2022.

The app will invite the users to review the newly developed app. In return, an app will provide vouchers, certain money, or gifts. All you need is to hire an app developer that can help you transform the app idea into the perfect solution.

13. Book a Fresh Food App

Whether you are a diet watcher or a health freak, everyone is always in the need of fresh food items. Hire a mobile app developer that can create a location-based application, listed all the local shops selling fresh food items at the budget price. It can be one of the best app ideas for small businesses.

14. Health Scanning App

Keeping a track of your health with regular checkups is always an essential need of everyone. But remembering your app appointment and scheduling it on time is always a challenging job for everyone. So developing a health scanning app that enables you to choose your health consultant, upload your health reports, keep tracking your fitness level and keep you notified about your appointment is one of the brilliant app ideas for startups in 2022.

Since it integrated a patient-facing panel, a doctor-facing panel, and an admin panel that keeps tracking everything, therefore it makes sense to hire a mobile app developer that can build a winning app.

15. Online Tutoring App

Building an online tutoring app is one of the top mobile apps ideas for startups!

In such a time where schools are being closed and parents are occupied with their official workings, though kids are in urgent need of extra help that enables them to cope up with their assignments and explain them a concept in an easy manner. So hire a software developer to build an app listed all the skills, experience, and expertise tutors that can be hired on an hourly basis from the nearby location.

16. Expenses Management App

In the regions like USA, UAE, UK, Australia, spending your money wisely and keeping a track of your expenses is one of the daunting tasks. Also, it is really tiresome to keep a track of spending money manually and practically it won't be possible as well. So creating an app that provides you with a smart way to invest your money and digitally calculate their expenses with the minimum hassle. It can be one of the most innovative app ideas that helps you manage all the expenses in a better way so you can save some amount at the end.

17. Dating to Matrimony App With AI

In a world with trillions of people, finding your soulmate is never an easy task, so it is one of the best and simple mobile app ideas in 2022!

Now gone are those days when people approach a middleman to find a perfect match for anyone. In the age of digitization, a dating to matrimony app can help you find a perfect match or a friend that would love to spend time with you. You can hire a mobile app developer to build a dating and matrimony app with AI that will automatically retrieve the user's data from all the social media networks and start providing a friend suggested that has similarities.

An app further allows users to rank other users on the platform with some comments, likes, attractions, interests, etc. When two persons rank each other with the same comments or interests, then they will be notified. The major technology being used for this app development is Artificial intelligence that helps to initially find friends, then would-be dates, then matrimonial services.

18. E-commerce Store With Augmented Reality

Shopping from online platforms is not a new concept for customers and retailers. But over the years this concept has caught the hype and influenced various emerging businesses to migrate their retail shops to an e-commerce platform. To add an edge to your business, it is worth launching an e-commerce store with augmented reality technology and introducing a virtual try-on experience to the customers.

With AR technology integrated into an e-commerce store, it offers customers to determine the actual look of the product on them through their screen in a real-time environment. By hiring an app developers, you can easily leverage this technology and launch an online shopping app idea that helps you make a profit of billions.

19. Food Planner and Meal Delivery App

In the fast-paced life, people hardly have any time to sit back and decide what they have to eat to keep themselves healthy and cook the meal accordingly. So considering the Android app development solutions, it really makes sense to build an app that keeps check on your health every day and suggests the proper meals that you should consume in order to remain healthy.

The app will connect you with health diet planners and professional chef bloggers that provide you with the best health tips. As per the suggested diet plans, you can choose to order a meal directly from the app. Creating a food plan and meal ordering app is one of the trending app ideas in 2022 for businesses.

20. VR based Travel and Tourism App

There's a time when travel and tourism seem to be one of the booming industries across the world. But COVID-19 has put a great pause on the physical movement of the tourist. But developing a VR-based travel and tourism app is one of the most innovative app ideas that can help you resume your business roots.

By using Virtual reality technology in your app, travelers can virtually take a tour through an app. They just need to pick a destination and pay a virtual tour fee and explore the attractions, hotels, sports, and eateries of that location with all new travel experiences.

21. Custom Cooking Recipe App

This app idea will be a great help for the people who don't even know the basics of cooking and living away from their home and have to cook their food on their own. That's why developing a custom cooking recipe app will be a great idea for the startups in 2022 and hopefully stay in trend in upcoming years. All you need is to hire a mobile app developer that can define the categories and add audio, text, and video along with each recipe.

22. An App to Find a Product By Scanning a Photo

Have you ever heard of this concept? Develop an app that helps you find a product in an app by scanning a photo can be a top mobile app idea that will make money.

You can hire a dedicated developer that can use image recognition technology that visually identifies the products you are trying to search through the mobile camera.

23. Virtual Home Designing App

Interior decoration is a fun-filled task but soon it will turn into a blunder if you add the things that don't compliment your area. So here, you can consider launching an app that enables you to virtually design the app by setting the furniture items in your room. If it seems a good fit for your area, then you can click on the product to directly purchase it. There's no rocket science in this. You need to hire a developer with the knowledge of AR that makes this concept practically possible for you.

24. Price Aggregator App

Who wants to spend extra when you have a choice to compare the prices and buy the products at the cheapest price although from the nearest location. There are a number of apps that can show you a similar product on their platform, but the price aggregator app is one of the Top mobile app ideas hat act as a platform where you can get the list of platforms where the product is available along with the best price. You can check and consider buying it from the cheapest option.

25. On-demand Cannabis Supply App

Developing an on-demand cannabis supply app is a trending mobile app idea in 2022!

There are a number of applications that can provide on-demand delivery of cannabis by following all the legal procedures. To ensure seamless on-demand delivery of the cannabis, add the option to upload medical prescriptions to avail the delivery. And before developing a cannabis delivery app, you need to make sure that you have the license to deliver weeds in such areas.

26. Photo and Video Editing App

With the increasing usage of social media applications and video sharing apps, the charm of uploading pictures and video content has become a trendsetter in 2022. Launch an app that provides a wide choice of photo and video editing tools that can be used directly from the mobile app. It can be a trending app idea in 2022 for startups.

27. Voice-Activated Mobile Phone Locator App

Creating a voice-activated mobile phone locator app can be the top mobile app idea in the world!

There is a time when you left your phone somewhere or in which pocket they dropped their phone in. So that's where a mobile locator app will help you find a phone with voice activation. When you use the code word, the voice activation will turn on and enable you to locate the phone in a quick time frame.

28. Review a Book

Review a book is one of the top mobile app ideas that will make money in 2022!

There are millions of books to read in this world, so finding the one that suits your interest without reading the whole book is always a daunting task. An app to review a book will help readers to drop a short review and rating of the book to help other readers to get an idea which books better fit their interest.

29. Live Video Streaming Apps

Apps like Netflix, Amazon prime are the few great titans of this industry. But you can take this concept to the next level by adding multiple categories to the app and allowing users to watch their favourite content on the app at their choice of time. With monthly subscriptions or annual plans, you can easily get started with live streaming apps. All you need is to hire a software developer that can easily turn your app idea into a perfect solution.

30. Business Investment App Ideas

A startup is all about a great business plan. But what if you are running out of ideas that help you turn your investments into double or triple? Don't worry an app that provides you business investment plans in different domains can be the biggest saviour for you. A mobile app developer can create a basic app with the industry categories and allow users to start exploring the ideas by setting their budget and time limits. It can be one of the useful app ideas in 2022 that help you conquer the world.

31. Salon Management App

Managing your salon appointment is a complex job, so you can build an app that allows customers to schedule their booking in advance with their choice of professionals and making the in-app payment to eliminate all the hassles from their pampering sessions. This is one of the most trending app ideas and provides the perfect solution to seamlessly manage your beauty salon. You can choose to hire a software development company that integrates all the advanced features in it and offer an excellent user experience.

31. Bar Management App

Manage your bar operations seamlessly by simply investing in a bar management app. An Android app developer will create an app that allows users to reserve a table, pay in advance, choose their liquor and get a discount on the early bookings.

32. Thought Detector App

It will be a fun-filled app where you can detect the thought process of the person when he is using social media platforms. This will help you determine what kind of feeling a user was having while messaging. Its application is hugely demanding for a psychologist to understand the behaviour of the user. With the help of an app, you can get research-based insights. You can connect with the mobile app development company if you really find this app idea really innovative.

33. Ride-Hailing App

If you are already impressed with the success story of Uber, Lyft, or curb, then ride-hailing apps are one of the more unique app ideas for startups to invest in 2022. Well, this concept is about the real-time car-sharing app where the users can select the destination, and determine the estimated time it will take to reach the final destination. The cost of the distance would be split into equal parts among the travelers.

34. An App To Book a Gift For Special Occasions

It is one of the brilliant app ideas for startups in 2022!

Undoubtedly there are hundreds of things for gifting your special ones but finding the appropriate gift according to the occasion is always a challenging job. So there is an app that suggests a perfect gift for the perfect occasion. Users need to add the gender, age, dates of the special occasions so that they can remind you two days prior and start the countdown along with the best gift suggestions.

35. Property Directory App

Whether you want to buy or sell a property, a property directory app will provide you with a common platform that bridges a gap between sellers and buyers. Hire an app developer that can build an app with an extensive choice of properties, sorted on the basis of location, sizes, interiors, exteriors, and prices. Buyers and sellers can select the property and check the contact details and credentials for the property along with the images of the interior, locations, sizes, exteriors, and prices.

36. Liquor Delivery App

A liquor delivery app will connect you with people nearby to grab their choice of wine or liquor and allow you to get it delivered to your doorstep. The app would permit users to connect based on interest, location, and product availability. Further, customers can choose to make a payment through an app or on delivery. You need to hire a mobile app development company that can help you translate their innovative app idea into a winning business solution.

37. Toy Exchange App

Every kid is privileged with a huge collection of toys that to be used only for certain months. Once the child grows up, then there is no use for that stuff. So instead of stocking those toys in your garage or blocking a room for them, a toy exchange app will help you get your toys exchanged with the other toys that suit your child's age group.

It can be a brilliant app idea for startups in 2022, which allows users to select the age of the child and upload the picture of the toy under that category. The interested parents can contact you and in return give you the chance to get some other stuff for your child that keeps them engaged and entertained.

38. Mall Navigation App

In regions like USA, UAE, Singapore, or Europe with huge shopping malls and multiple stores, it is difficult to navigate the exact location of the shops. So by accessing the mall navigation app with geolocation, it becomes easier to find the desirable stores, toilets, and food courts with the fastest route to their chosen destination. Sounds interesting? If yes, then hire a mobile app developer that can help you customize the app with the best set of features.

39. Travel Plan App

The world is full of thousands of attractions and each location has its own charm. But the question is how would you determine what you should explore on a limited budget and what locations you should visit in the right season? That's where a travel planner app will help you by customizing the travel plan under your limited budget. All you need is to set the budget limit and select preferences, then the app will start suggesting you the best plans by using AI technology.

40. Fitness and Workout App

Nowadays, people are more addicted to eating a lot of fast and processed food in restaurants and at home that ultimately increases sugar level, blood pressure, cardiac problems, or gastric. That's where you need a personal fitness coach that mainly works on your body cores.

A fitness app will calculate the calories you intake and suggest you the most potent ways to burn those calories. The end result is, you can schedule your workout sessions as per your comfortable time choosing weekly, monthly or yearly plans. A mobile app development company can help you explore the myriad of options and features for this innovative app idea.

41. Home Service Booking App

You never know when you will be in need of machine repair, plumber, medical assistance, home repairing, and maintenance or cleaning services. With the on-demand home service booking app, you can provide all these services in one solution. Allow users to avail of the app and book the services on request with online payment. Once the booking is confirmed, an app will notify users how much time professionals will spend at your place, what products will be used and who will be visiting your place.

42. Video-sharing App

Video-sharing apps are taking the world by storm as this type of apps keeps its users glued to their app for long hours. Since it provides easy to capture, edit and upload video content by using the in-app editing tools, therefore, more and more content creators are leveraging these types of apps. Investing in this trending app development idea can prove to be a successful business solution.

43. Security Control Solution

Now you can manage the complete security of your security devices and equipment within your house or office space. By using the specific passcodes, you can keep the security of your devices high. An app will allow you to open the door, check chats or camera footage and more, via an app. It can be one of the brilliant app ideas for startups in 2022 to invest in.

44. Online Doctor Consulting App

There are some critical health issues that can be diagnosed by visiting doctors in person, otherwise, you can leverage online healthcare services to save time. Online healthcare applications will provide you with a list of doctors for various health concerns and allow you to book an appointment and get yourself diagnosed through video conferencing.

45. Consumer Assistance AI-based Chatbot

The consumer assistance app using AI-based chatbots can add 24x7 customer support to your business and can be a great idea for startups in 2022. Artificial intelligence supports chatbots to act like humans and answer all the queries right away without getting panic. Chatbots will help users to know about the product that they are going to purchase so that the money is invested in the right place. Not only the users get honest reviews but also are able to make immediate decisions.

46. Find a Tenant App

Renting your property is one of the best ideas to make additional money but where to hire the right, trusted, and capable tenants for your property? A tenant-finding app will help you find the tenants in a specific location and also verify their background checks.


Though everyone uses mobile phones, spending 92% of their mobile time on browsing applications. So it's obvious that the future of the business greatly depends upon developing a user-friendly mobile application. Hire a mobile app development company as emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Machine Learning, cloud computing, Augmented Reality, virtual reality and more, are paving their way to a future of mobile app development trend in 2022.

By evaluating the market trends and the future growth of such industries, we have proposed 45+ innovative mobile app ideas that can conquer the world in 2022. But still if you have any query regarding app development solutions or any idea in pipeline to build a mobile app, then you can Contact Us or drop a query below!

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