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Creating Axios mock requests in Jest

How to create your own reusable axios mock request function for Jest.


Let's say I have a method named loadData which is responsible to load data from an REST get endpoint.

loadData = () => {

Now we want to write test on it.

Let's write some test on this method.

Test 1: Method implemented

expect(instance.loadData).toBeDefined()//Instance is your class or component shallow instance

Test 2: Now let's create a mock axios response to see this method return something.

import axios from "axios";
jest.mock("axios") //Add this on top of your test file.

Now lets make the loadData as async

loadData = async ()=>{

Let's consider our mockAxios return some data like

 {data:”some data”}

So our method loadData will return same data as response.

Our test would be like:

axios.get.mockResolvedValue({data:"some data"});
const result = await instance.loadData()
expect(result).toEqual({data:”some data”})

Test 3: This test covers the catch case of axios with mockRejectedValue.

axios.get.mockRejectedValue({error:"some error"});
  await instance.loadData().catch(err => {
  expect(err).toEqual({error:”some error”});

Now it's done!

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