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Building a Scalable Casino App with Node.js

Is it possible to build a casino app with Node.js?

Most online casinos in the US were once written in HTML and JavaScript which mainly catered for the needs of the gambling minded with access to a computer. When internet casinos surged for the first time, players had to download the client to their desktop after which they could play casino games like slots and table games. In recent years, the shift to mobile devices has created a somewhat different approach when it comes to offering online casinos.

In addition to web-based platforms casino apps have increasingly found their way to the online casino landscape as well with growing attention for Node.js. In this guide we will therefore discuss why casino operators would opt for Node.js to build their casino apps.

As the online gambling branch is a fast-driven industry, speed is more important than ever when it comes to launching new casinos or often even sister brands with Node.js making it possible for a gambling operator to grow quickly within a short amount of time.

What is Node.js?

Node or Node.js, is a cross-platform, open-source server appliance that runs on operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and macOS. Released in 2009, it is a back-end driven JavaScript runtime environment that runs on the V8 JavaScript Engine.

Node.js executes JavaScript code outside a web browser and is known to help JavaScript developers write code for both the backend and the frontend. It can be used for writing server based scripts, developing apps, applying single-page frameworks, and even writing games that can be played in a web browser.

There has been growing demand for Node's runtime environment which explains why some of the world's biggest platforms have been introduced with some striking examples being Yahoo, NASA, and Uber. At the same time, smaller businesses have turned their attention to Node.js, making it accessible for all sorts of companies, both big and small.

Why Have Companies Started Using Node.js?

Node.js is known for its scalability which is one of the most important characteristics of this open-source runtime environment. Below we'll discuss 5 important benefits of Node:

  1. Scalable: Highly flexible, it offers efficient ways to scale business which is particularly important for online and international companies. It is able to scale both horizontally and vertically which is why it has caught the attention of some of the world's biggest names. Companies who want to launch an app for their customers, visitors, or other stakeholders can quickly scale their processes with Node.js.
  2. Simple: For those already moderately or very familiar with JavaScript it will turn out to be very simple to apply Node. The good thing about it is that it's fairly easy to step up and get used to Node.js. This advantage is particularly true for people who have a reasonable command of JavaScript. Due to its easiness it will be a relatively easy task to use Node.js for larger projects that are known for their complexity.
  3. Efficient: Making use of JavaScript's V8 engine it is able to compile codes into machine code and quickly execute them. It is known among industry experts as a lightweight platform that manages event loops and manages the non-blocking I/O operations with JS that are normally only able to handle the single-threads.
  4. Faster: In a world as fast-faced as it is today, speed matters. In comparison with other server environments, Node.js is known to be relatively quick to apply. It lets its users develop efficiently which speeds up the launch time of products or apps. Also, its wide range of Node Package Manager (NPM) packages makes it easy to allocate tasks to people who are part of the project. With plenty of online sources available, project managers should quickly be able to execute and fulfil their tasks.
  5. Community Driven: Speaking of which; this brings us to our next point, because Node.js is community driven, providing a huge benefit to its users. Like other server environments this has led to useful sources to keep on learning. Chances are that info in full guides or even other developers can help you out if you or your team members get stuck somewhere along the way. Thousands of developers from all over the world keep on adding code every day making it possible for other users to quickly obtain their result. The community is growing which is very comforting to know for anyone who considers building apps with Node.js.

How Can Node.js Help Casinos?

Node has been available since 2009 and is now widely applied across all kinds of industries with the online gambling industry being one of the most remarkable branches to get its hold on Node.js. It's fair to say that a significant part of today's new casinos have been established by making use of Node.js, this is particularly true for operators who have launched mobile apps to optimise mobile access. Its community driveness and its close resemblance with JavaScript have turned Node.js to one of the most sought after open-source server environments, available for both iOS, Android, and desktop users.

As speed is one of the determining factors in the industry, casino operators and other gambling operators have massively turned to the integration of Node.js. This is both true for new brands and established operators who want to launch sister casino brands within a relatively short period of time, aimed at either the same or a different audience.

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