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Digital Revolution in the Online Gaming Industry

Online gaming accounts for billions of pounds each year. In the UK, this revenue increases each year as more people embrace online games over their traditional counterparts. Much of this interest accrues from the ease of playing on online sites. A player just needs to read a detailed casino review, and they will have what they need to get started. Add the bonuses, variety, and profitability of these games, and players cannot stop signing up.

But besides these perks, another reason motivates players to stay online --- the technologies employed by online sites. We look at how these technologies influence the gaming experience and why online operators continue to introduce them.

Online Gaming Revolutions

Any industry has two options. It can stay the same and lose its appeal to its audience. Or it can change with time to keep up with improvements that can add to its desirability. The online casino industry chooses the latter option by using the technologies below:

1. Augmented Reality

The initial graphics in online games were impressive at the time. After all, people had not played online games, and this was a new world for them. However, as times changed, better graphics made their way into the world. Ads got better, TV shows got more exciting, and people could see that graphics could get better over time.

Online operators did not sit back. Instead, they made their gaming graphics clearer and added their definition. But this was not enough. They also incorporated augmented reality (AR) into their graphics to make them look realistic. So, while the games may have been virtual, they seemed real enough to the players. And that was enough to retain and attract more players who enjoyed the game even more.

2. Virtual Reality

While AR was a great advancement, it lacked one thing --- the opportunity for interaction. How so? In land-based casinos, players can interact with others and their environment. However online games did not have this feature. The casino, dealers, and other players looked real because of the AR. But players could not interact with them.

Online operators realised that using virtual reality (VR) would work in their favour. With this technology, players could create avatars with which they could access the virtual casinos. By integrating virtual and physical worlds, players could have the best of both. For example, a casino player can wear a VR headset and join a live casino game as an avatar. Other poker players can do the same. So, while they may not be in the same physical room, they can interact like they would in a land-based casino.

This technology is still in its early stages due to the limited availability of its accessories and software. But already, many players have tried using it and enjoyed their experiences. As a result, many sites have promised to invest more in it.

3. Blockchain Technology

Fairness is integral to online casino games, as operators should not tweak games or results. Usually, each site gets audited by an independent software company to ensure its games meet the fairness standards. And while this information is readily available to players, they have no way of ensuring the process is fair.

Blockchain technology solves this issue by ensuring that casino operators and players cannot change the games or their outcomes. This way, once a player places a wager on a game, the operator cannot influence the outcome or change the wager. In the same way, the player cannot change the outcome or their wager. Such changes can only take place where both parties agree to them. As such, this technology instils trust and pushes more players to make wagers.

4. Cryptocurrency

Many players want to play several games to enhance their winning chances. But to play for money, they must have reliable payment methods. E-wallets and card payments have often been the best choices. However, they come with several disadvantages, including processing fees and lack of anonymity.

Cryptocurrencies solve these and more issues in the following ways:

  • They are anonymous: *Players using these currencies can enjoy payments without revealing their financial details. Anyone looking at their financial records cannot tell how they used their money. It makes it easier to separate gaming from other life aspects.*
  • *They are fast**: These currencies do not have intermediaries. When players send money to their accounts, it reflects instantly. The same happens when they withdraw their earnings. Thanks to this, players can wager within minutes of effecting a deposit.*
  • They are cheap: *The lack of intermediaries means that players do not incur additional processing fees. In most cases, deposits and withdrawals are free. But some sites may charge a small fee.*

Most importantly, these payment methods are secure

5. Live Games

Players often enjoy talking to each other while trying their luck in games, especially in games like poker. But with online gaming, this can be challenging as they cannot see each other. Online operators have solved this through live games. Unlike the usual online games, these allow players to log on and turn on their cameras and microphones. They can see and talk to each other in real-time, which makes the experience highly interactive. For example, a Blackjack player can talk to the live dealer as they play. Due to the demand for such games, many sites have now introduced virtual reality games as they are more interactive.

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