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How ChatGPT is Changing the iGaming Industry


ChatGPT is affecting industries across the board, and the iGaming industry is no exception. As AI and ChatGPT become better and better, companies are going to have to stay on top of it in order to stay relevant in the ever-changing world of technology.

What is iGaming and why is it so popular?

iGaming is a term that refers to any sort of online gambling or betting. Online casinos, sportsbooks and other betting sites all fall under the umbrella of the iGaming industry. iGaming has been absolutely booming in recent years thanks to improvements in technology and the internet.

It's also important to consider the role that cryptocurrencies have played in the popularity of iGaming. For a lot of countries, online gambling is in a grey area, and cryptocurrencies have helped players remain anonymous. Instead of tying their bank account or banking cards to their gambling account, they can fund it through decentralized and anonymous cryptocurrency transactions.

How ChatGPT affects customer service

ChatGPT is a great tool that different online businesses, including the iGaming industry, can use to provide better customer service without actually hiring a customer service agent. An AI chatbot is a lot cheaper than any sort of salary for a worker, increasing profits for iGaming companies.

Lots of online sites offer 24/7 live chats with representatives from around the world, but these may be replaced shortly with AI chatbots that can accurately handle conversations. These chatbots will be better than robot trees you may already be familiar with.

Robot trees are those automated machines where you have to press a bunch of numbers, audibly say your problem, and wait only to be told that they don't understand your issue or connect you to the wrong department.

ChatGPT can solve this problem by making more informed responses and understanding the question or problem at hand. Rather than relying on a single keyword in your response to dictate what department you get connected to or what information you receive, ChatGPT can take your answer as a whole and carefully construct a tailored response.

Examining AI's effect on promotions and bonuses

While ChatGPT is slightly limited in this regard, true AI is coming closer and closer every day. When it does arrive, it almost certainly will be able to help the iGaming industry craft more player-specific promotions and bonuses.

Right now, most promotions at online casinos are either for anyone at the site or tailored to a large group of players. An AI that can look at every individual player's history, betting strategies, games played and any other metrics you can imagine, can specifically tailor a bonus that is more likely to be used by that player.

This is great for a number of reasons. For players, it means that companies will be able to offer bonuses that they are more likely to take advantage of. For online casinos, it means that they will avoid wasting time and energy on bonuses that a minimal amount of players will use. They'll also be able to entice players to come back or play more, increasing profits and overall revenue.

Players using AI to help influence their decisions

While companies can benefit from using AI or ChatGPT, players can too. Before the advent of ChatGPT, poker players were already using tables and models that analyzed thousands of hands to help guide decisions.

With ChatGPT so readily available, it's expected that more and more players will use this as a tool to help them decide what actions to take when playing certain games like poker, blackjack and any other games of luck or skill. A player can ask ChatGPT if they should split 8s in a hand of blackjack or if they should hit when the dealer is showing 17.

That said, ChatGPT isn't always going to have an answer --- or even the right one. If you're playing a slot machine, for example, ChatGPT isn't going to be able to help you since slot machines are games of chance. They can attempt to tell you what slot machines have the best payouts, but they cannot give you advice that will meaningfully affect the next spin.

The legality of using AI to guide your betting decisions

This is a tough question to answer. The main reason why it's so tough to answer is that laws vary widely from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. While using ChatGPT at one of the many Indian online casinos probably isn't going to get you in trouble with the operator, opening your phone at a table in a real casino and asking it what to do next is almost certainly going to get you banned from that casino.

All that said, using any external application to help influence your decisions is, without a doubt, against almost every online casino's terms of service. There are numerous poker sites that routinely ban players for using programs to decide the next best move, and for good reason.

Poker is supposed to be a game of skill with a bit of luck. Using AI to help guide your decisions means that everyone at the table isn't playing against you but against a possible supercomputer.

At the end of the day, you should avoid using external programs to help guide your decisions. If anything, use ChatGPT and AI to help train yourself, but turn them off once you log in to an online casino. You should also always read the terms and conditions of the online casino to avoid any possible punishments for using a language model like ChatGPT.

Wrap up

ChatGPT is changing a lot of industries, and iGaming is included. There are a ton of uses for AI in the world of online gambling --- both on the side of the casino and the player.

Chat GPT and AI can help casinos be more profitable by analyzing player data or serving as customer representatives, while players can use it to help guide decisions when gambling, but they should be aware of any laws or clauses in the terms of service before doing so.

All-in-all, it will be interesting to see where AI takes the world in the coming years and how it continues to affect the iGaming industry.

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