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How to Build React for Production Using PM2

Improve basic performance and reduce load time by hosting React app as a static build..

Reactjs with PM2

Follow the below steps:

1. Create a React app

(ignore 1st command if you have a project already created)

npx create-react-app react-app && cd react-app
2. Open the React project and run the command:
npm run build

This will create build/folder in your project.

3. Now install the PM2 tool

It helps to run the react.js app in the background.

sudo npm install -g pm2
4. Create a new file with the name app.config.json

Below the build folder and add the following snippet.

  apps: [
      name: "react-app",
      script: "npx",
      interpreter: "none",
      args: "serve -s build -p 3000",

Now we are ready, you can change React.js port number (3000) and name of the app (react-app) from the snippet based on your need.

5. Run the following pm2 command

Which will start the app on your local or cloud instance ( i.e AWS EC2 ).

pm2 start app.config.json && pm2 list

This command will start the app and show the list of the pm2 running processes. Finally static build is running now

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