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PQ.Hosting: Stability and accessibility on the network are the priorities of Ivan Neculiti company

Digitalization plays a significant role in all aspects of life, and access to information through the Internet has a direct impact on the success of companies, countries, and individuals. PQ.Hosting prioritizes stability and accessibility in its activities, placing these factors at the forefront.

You should also not forget about the services and services that are available --- a wide range of virtual and dedicated server options, SSL-certificates, and VPN.

The first steps in the industry

The company started its operations in 2019, but before that, there was a lot of hard work on the part of its founder, Ivan Neculiti. During this time, he worked in the field of developing and promoting web resources, which gave him a better understanding of what ideal hosting should be like and how to achieve this goal.

Among the identified priorities are:

  • Continuous expansion of the company's network of presence around the world.
  • Regular updating of the technical base, even for the most popular data centers.
  • Careful selection of service personnel and consultants who work with clients.
  • Providing high-quality services within the declared range, in all parts of the world.

Work on the creation of the company started in 2018. During this period, the first hardware capacities were purchased and data centers were launched in Moscow, Moldova and the Netherlands. It is hard to believe that, in just 5 years, the company will have grown its network to cover an impressive number of 38 countries. One of the latest additions to the development map is a dedicated server in the United States.

All this is complemented by a regular expansion of the range of options for the basic packages of services offered to clients and the development of partnership and referral programs.

Client - the most important

It is possible to argue that the abundance of data centers and resource capacities puts the quality of service on hold. However, this reasoning has nothing to do with PQ.Hosting. From the very beginning, the company has invested a lot of resources in updating its offering. In terms of self-interest and customer satisfaction, a choice is always made in favor of the latter. Some examples of regular events include:

  • Gifts for holidays and special occasions;
  • Sweepstakes with valuable prizes for our clients;
  • Seasonal discounts on our services.

Such a development scheme is due to the high growth of the customer base and the need for a stable system of maintenance and customer support. At the current time, the response time to requests does not exceed 30 minutes, and the service team works around the clock, without breaks or weekends.

It is impressive that all this is possible when the company serves over 100,000 customers.

Stable network anywhere in the world

The development of the infrastructure has forced the PQ.Hosting team to continuously update and improve their technical capabilities. Since 2023, several servers have been upgraded to work with high-speed connections of 10 Gbit/s. Work on upgrading this area continues, and a complete transition away from slow 1 Gbit/s connections in all data centers is soon to be completed.

Any developer will agree that in the development of web portals, it is essential that the server be reliable. That is why at PQ.Hosting, we take several measures to ensure this:

1. We purchase equipment only from certified manufacturers.

2. We perform continuous monitoring to detect any issues.

3. We never use rented servers.

Our commitment to reliability is evidenced by our recorded average server machine consumption, which reaches 170 kW.

PQ.Hosting is TOP

The provider is not only known for its achievements in the virtual world. Sports teams regularly play under the brand name. The company organizes various events, celebrations, and also participates regularly in charity events. This approach demonstrates the company's dedication to its business and its desire to carry the name PQ.Hosting beyond the professional sphere, which benefits every client.

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