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Want The Best Video Repair Solution? Look No Further And Get It Here!

If you have an MP4 video that refuses to play, chances are it is corrupt. Can it be repaired? Yes, there are video repair tools available on the internet to help you repair videos easily. Problem is when you get to search for them and struggle to find the best video repair software for you. This guide helps you cut through the fluff and brings you the ultimate video repair tool to quickly repair any video with ease.

Part I: Which MP4 Video Repair Software To Choose?

MPEG-4 or MP4 for short is one of the most common video file formats. Most video repair tools also repair mp4 file so does this mean you can pick any and start? Oh, no! What you want is the most comprehensive video repair software that is designed with modern videos in mind and uses cutting-edge technology to repair videos, especially large videos! There's more to a video repair software than just its ability to repair mp4 files!

Video File Format Support

A quality video repair software is likely going to be paid, and when you are paying, why not get the best there is? What you need is a video repair software that supports the maximum number of video formats so that you do not have to look again when trying to repair a video format that your randomly bought mp4 repair tool does not support.

Support For Types of Damage

Just how deep can a video repair software go and perform repairs? Is it good for minor repairs or can it repair videos that are challenging to repair, where most other software fail?

Support For Newest Technologies and Modern Hardware

Support for the latest operating system is not just a meaningless brag. It means that the software utilizes the latest technologies and hardware enhancements to make for a faster, more efficient repair process, not to mention a more stable repair process. This means that the software is less likely to crash and/ or cause heating issues while running.

Just How Recommended Is This Video Repair Tool?

A video repair tool nobody on the internet has heard about should likely be treated as such. Always read about software on independent community forums and if you want, on professional reviewing websites, to get an idea about what to expect from what you are looking for and how to get it.

Armed with that knowledge, you can do your own search, or keep reading to download the most comprehensive video repair solution for everyone right here.

Part II: Wondershare Repairit: The Complete MP4 File Repair Tool

Wondershare has been making keystone utility software for consumers for a long, long time. Each of their offerings bears their hallmark ease of use and marries functionality with power-packed features.

II.I: Headline Features

1. Wondershare Repairit repairs not just videos but over 1000 file formats.

2. For video recovery, Advanced Video Repair mode is provided wherein users can add sample videos so that the software can repair deeply damaged videos with greater success. Advanced Video Recovery is particularly beneficial when dealing with deep-level corruption.

II.II: Other User-friendly Features

  • A single software repairs all file formats with equal finesse.

  • Works on macOS and Windows machines and also in a web browser for true cross-platform usability.

  • Legendary 3-step repair process is all it takes to repair videos or any other files.

  • File Previewer is provided to preview files before exporting to disk.

  • Batch processing feature allows queueing several file for repair whereas support for processing multiple file formats means you can add any file to the repair queue without worry.

II.III: Steps To Repair MP4 Files with Wondershare Repairit

Step 1: Launch the software and click Video Repair in the sidebar. Drag and drop videos into the app or use the Add button to browse.

With each added file, key information such as location, size, resolution, etc. are displayed.

Step 2: Click Repair at the bottom-right to start the processing.

Once the files are repaired, use the file preview feature to see the files before saving them to disk.

Step 3: When satisfied, click Save (in preview) to save the file. If you are not previewing, click Save beside the file you want to export to disk, or Save All at the bottom-right to export all repaired videos in one go.

Once the files are exported, click OK at the prompt.

Part III: Tips To Help Minimize File Corruption

File corruption is painful and a huge blow to productivity. Use these tips to minimize your chances of file corruption and stay productive throughout your computing journey!

Tip 1: Create An Effective Backup Strategy

You should never have only one copy of your data. That means a 100% chance of data loss in case of data corruption. Always have backup copies that are regularly updated. Depending on data modification, you might even need to take daily/ weekly/ fortnightly backups. In case of file corruption, you can restore from backup quickly. If in case the corruption was to a file not stored in backup, at least data repair is limited to only that much and you do not have to waste time repairing entire disk worth of data.

Tip 2: Protect Your Data From Mishandling

There is a chance you might be handling your external drives the wrong way, simply because you never knew there was a right way!

  • Before removing external drives from the computer, shut them down/ eject them from the computer's operating system. Applies to both card readers and external hard drives/ USB flash drives. In case of cameras/ soft-toy nanny cams, etc., switch them off and then remove the SD storage cards from them.

  • Never leave any electronics on the car dashboard under direct sunlight, or in a place with high humidity levels. Heat and humidity are bad for electronics and in case of storage devices, this means data corruption and data loss.

Tip 3: Protect Your Data From Viruses and Malware

A tried and tested antivirus and antimalware solution is all it takes to reduce your chances of data corruption through those vectors to near-zero. That is not an expense, it is an investment into data security.

Closing Words

Video repair software needs to be carefully selected because not all video repair software can repair mp4 videos properly, let alone repair over 1000 file formats! What you need is a software that can repair all sorts of files, from any storage media, and works on multiple platforms, including online! There is just one software that fits that bill --- Wondershare Repairit. Download it today or use the online version to repair mp4 files or other files in just 3 steps.

Wondershare Repairit Free Download:

Click below to download Wondershare Repairit.

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