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The Coding and Programming of Online Games

Anyone who has ever tried to explain life before the internet to an incredulous child will have had to face the fact that life has changed irrevocably over the last few decades. Almost every aspect of our lives has been digitised and we now rely on computers and the internet for everything from sequencing DNA to keeping track of shopping lists.

Behind this incredible infrastructure is the code on which our lives now run, managing everything from tracking our parcels to completing international banking transactions. As with every other technological advancement, the ability to create entire virtual worlds using computer code has been used to great advantage for entertainment purposes.

Gaming has become so popular that designing, developing, and coding games have all become hugely sought-after skills. The whole industry employs thousands of professionals that can craft entire worlds using just computer code.

Anyone can code

With coding becoming such an important skill, there are plenty of resources aimed at complete beginners. From children that are learning how to code alongside the other skills they learn at school, to adults that want to expand their skill set, being able to code is such a useful skill that it's accessible to anyone.

For anyone that has never coded before, there are simplified versions of coding languages available using coding systems such as Scratch. This utilises building blocks that are designed to replicate full code and it allows users to gain an understanding of the kinds of commands that are possible within the logic of coding.

Simplified programmes are an ideal place to learn the basics, but there are plenty of ways to pick up more advanced skills. Online classes, from private lessons, workshops, and boot camps to free tutorials and guides, can be a great idea for anyone who wants to learn something in particular.

With a little research and some practice, it is possible for even a complete beginner to design and code a website with simple games on it if they want to learn how to online.

Coding for gamers

From the ever-popular snake to more advanced games that use more varied controls, it's possible to pick up programming skills online. Many budding coders have been inspired by the trend for open-source games that allow players to modify the in-game elements that they want to change.

This phenomenon has been popularised by Minecraft, one of the biggest games ever created, which has earned millions of fans who appreciate the fact that they can render their own ideas in the game and share them with others. This adaptability and ultimate ability to customise the game are thought to have contributed to Minecraft's overwhelming success.

Coding our favourite games

Since the early days of digital and online gaming, programmers have been taking popular favourites and giving them digital makeovers to bring them to a new generation of gamers in a more accessible format. Casino games are particularly well-suited to being rendered in digital form as they are based entirely on mathematical principles with a limited number of potential outcomes.

This means that digital computer games are faithful renditions of their traditional counterparts, meaning that fans can now play any of their favourite games online, from wherever they are. While this trend began with video poker back in the early days of casinos adopting technology, now players can enjoy any casino game they want online at some of the highest paying casinos available.

There are plenty of different ways to play online, from elaborately themed online slots, to live-streamed games of poker that players can join online. Players can see each other and use all the skills they would in a casino to spot which of their fellow players are bluffing and which they can force into showing their hands.

The other benefits of playing casino games have been coded into their online counterparts. While virtual players may not be able to enjoy free drinks and the famous casino buffets, developers have created plenty of online incentives that are coded into the games to encourage players to carry on playing and help them win big with special offers and freebies.

Games designers have also identified that being able to play together is hugely important to fans of casino games. Trying to replicate this in digital form has become a lot easier since the advent of the internet and games are designed to accommodate the social side of playing.

Many gaming sites have dedicated fan forums where players can get together and share their hints and tips, as well as sharing news of wins and information about forthcoming events or offers. Players can 'meet' friends online and play together for a fun casino experience, get together with friends and log on to the same game, or find like-minded players all over the world to play with.

From gaming to grocery shopping, everything would be much harder and less fun without the ingenuity and creativity of the coders and programmers that make most of our daily lives possible.

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