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Why Has Python Become a Great Choice for Mobile App Development?

Since smartphone users are increasing rapidly, enterprises have opted to access the customers’ reach through mobile applications. Are you also planning to get an app but still confused to proceed with the Python language?

Don’t bother; this blog will give you complete insights to determine if Python is good for your application development or no.

Did you know? As per a report, the Python web framework market is projected to grow at a significant rate of 21% by the end of 2027.

Python is considered to be the favorite language of developers worldwide. In recent years, this language has left indelible prints over software development markets. Moreover, it is an easy-to-read, high-performing, and scalable language.

Let’s dive into the features of Python that make it popular to use nowadays.

1. Comprehensive Libraries

Python has vast libraries which enable developers to use its components for developing a dynamic application. It gives intense competition to other programming languages. Moreover, Python offers different modules that let developers add functions to the app later without adding any extra code. You can hire Python developers in India for availing the benefits.

It has inbuilt code, which a developer can use for multiple purposes like unit-testing, web browsers, threading, databases, image manipulation, and many more. The inbuilt feature allows developers to build the app faster without writing the code manually.

2. Compatible with Different OS

There are multiple operating systems like Android, iOS, and Windows. One can utilize a Python interpreter to run the code across any operating system. The feature facilitates developers to use Python for developing cross-platform applications.

Moreover, the language also allows developers to implement real-time modifications to the app, and if required, one can check the impact of the changes. Compatibility is one of the reasons why Python is getting popular day by day.

3. Ensures Test-Driven Development

Python provides the additional benefit of test-driven development that ensures the efficiency of developing the application faster. A developer can build prototypes and monitor the design to be sure of the final product.

Today it can be tested easily with only refactoring the code. This feature has attracted the attention of mobile app developers and has placed Python amongst the top used programming languages across the globe.


4. Easy-to-Read Code and Understand

Python lets developers read the code easily and comprehend it simultaneously. It has a unique syntax that coordinates with language to provide a natural feel. Moreover, the syntax** allows complex things to turn into simple ones** that make the work easier for developers.

It assists developers in maintaining the app through a clean codebase. Since it uses English keywords in place of punctuation, it speeds up the development process. Additionally, Python code readability saves the time and efforts of the developers to build the application faster.

5. Vast Community Support

The language has vast community support worldwide. One can get in touch with any developer if someone has issues fixing bugs or any problems with the developing application. Moreover, beginners will never feel alone while developing an app with python as there is a huge community to help them.

Active community, tutorials, and other documents assist developers in creating an efficient and dynamic application. This is one of the reasons developers like to work with python to develop an application.

6. Supports Big Data

Python supports big data, which is yet another prominent feature of the language. Big data technology is emerging today, and python is one of the most used languages for its development.

Moreover, it works efficiently due to its extensive library availability. The python libraries enable developers to use their modules to support big data. This additional feature of the language attracts programmers across the world to adopt the language for app development.

After reading the popular features of Python, you might be thinking of the big names who have used Python for application development. So, below are some popular brands that built apps using Python.

Popular Apps Built Using Python


Instagram has revolutionized the digital world today, and it provides its user’s accessibility to share, edit, and store the picture through a person’s digital album. Moreover, the app has expanded people’s creativity and created a new set of rules in the digital marketing world.

Four hundred million users are active every day on Instagram, refuting the notion that python apps are inefficient and not scalable.


Spotify, the world’s largest music streaming service has an annual revenue of 5 billion euros. It is built using python. They said, “We used python because we wanted faster development and advanced data analytics”.


Pinterest is an imminent image-sharing site where one can bookmark the images and share the photos with other users. It has used python and Django since day one for application development. Moreover, It has more than 442 million active users per month that reflects the prominence of python development.


Uber is a world-renowned taxi booking app built using Python. It has lots of services to offer to its users like cab booking, food delivery, bicycle-sharing, etc. Moreover, Uber operates in 785 metro cities of the world and handles almost 100 million users.

Hence, Python handles lots of data, and it is easier to work with than other programming languages.


Netflix is a famous movie and web series streaming platform that is built on python. It lets you search extensively over the medium and is efficient enough to predict the films and contents you would like to check out.

Many other popular apps like Disqus, Reddit, Dropbox, and Quora have also been built using Python.


Python delivers several benefits for mobile application development, and its popularity is growing by leaps and bounds amongst big firms and enterprises.

Moreover, the simple syntax, code readability, and extensive libraries increase the momentum of application development. That’s the reason why Instagram, Spotify, Netflix, IBM, and many other big brands have opted for Python since the beginning.

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