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Why You Need Programmable Glasses in Your Life

Get an Eyeful of This Must-Have Festival Accessory

Programmable LED sunglasses are a great way to create a unique, standout look, whether you're heading to a summer music festival or rave, a house party, or another exciting event. These types of glasses come in a range of frame styles and shapes and allow you to program in letters, or a word or short phrase, that will appear in LED lights on the lenses.

Many programmable shades now come with a companion app, so you can quickly and easily set and change the pattern, words, or image on the lenses. As well as featuring a range of pre-programmed animations, some models even enable you to draw your own images and animations so you can create a look entirely your own.

The best thing about these sunglasses is that they're infinitely customizable and reusable, so you can have fun with them for years! Here are just a few ideas for ways to use your programmable eyewear.

Showing Love at a Festival

If you've got tickets to a music festival this summer, such as Coachella or Glastonbury, then why not use your programmable sunglasses to express your love of your favorite band or musician that's playing? Program the lenses to display either the name of the artist or the name of a song to express your fandom for all to see!

Create a Party Pattern

Off to a party? Why not set your programmable sunglasses to display an LED pattern, such as hearts, stars, or another symbol? You could even match the pattern or symbol to your outfit or accessories or the theme of the party.

Finding Friends

If you're going to a major concert or outdoor event this year, it can be easy to become separated from friends, especially when night falls. Programming your sunglasses with a distinctive pattern or word that flashes is a great way for them to find you in the crowd - and to spot yourself on the big screen!

Making an Unforgettable Entrance

If you want to make sure that absolutely everyone is aware that you've arrived at the party, light-up LED glasses programmed with an eye-catching animation or pattern are the sure way to success. No one is going to miss your entrance.

Getting Seasonal

Whether you're putting together your outfit for a Christmas party or a mid-summer bash, you can 'theme' your look with the help of your programmable glasses by creating a seasonal message or using symbols relevant to the time of year, such as pumpkins for Halloween and flowers for springtime.

Popping the Question!

If you're looking for an original way to propose to your partner, then popping the big question via an LED message has got to be a pretty unique way of doing so! Be prepared with a celebratory pattern afterward - assuming the answer is yes!

Programmable Cos-Play Glasses

Cosplay is big right now, and the pursuit is growing ever more popular, with legions of fans regularly dressing up as their favorite characters from movies, books, and anime or taking on the role of a historical individual. Programmable glasses specifically designed for cosplayers are now available, with a range of light-up designs that help wearers to better embody their character.

How Do Programmable LED Glasses Work?

Rather than regular lenses, most LED glasses use a type of screen on which the LEDs are displayed. Some glasses come with USB chargers and will generally work for around five hours on a full charge, while others have batteries hidden in the armbars.

Many models now incorporate lenses with reflective surfaces on which text and graphics are displayed. Users download a companion app that allows them to create or choose what they want to appear on the lens screens.

How About Smart Glasses - Are They Programabe?

Smart glasses are a totally different proposition to programmable glasses - the latter can only be programmed insofar as the LEDs can be set to display different messages and patterns or to flash and other similar lighting effects.

Smart glasses, on the other hand, incorporate phone and camera tech (and often more) into custom-designed frames. One of the most innovative models on the market rate now is the Ray-Ban Stories, which were developed in partnership with Facebook. These shades are not only as stylish as you'd expect any created by Ray-Ban to be but allow the wearer to make calls and capture images and videos. They're available in three designs, Meteor, Wayfarer, and Round, and can be fitted with prescription lenses if required.

Another example is the TechKen model, which incorporates built-in earbuds, a microphone for calls, and is Bluetooth compatible. Designed for comfort and relatively affordable, these types of shades are likely to become extremely popular over the coming months.

Programmable Sunglasses: Final Thoughts

Programmable sunglasses are the perfect way to create a standout look at a festival, party, or another event, and they are infinitely customizable - not to mention cost-effective. If you're stuck for accessories and want a standout look, then a pair of programmable shades are sure to hit the spot.

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