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10 Best Python Frameworks used for Automation Testing in 2023

A product or a software development process is incomplete without testing. The process of testing helps in finding bugs and vulnerabilities in the software. We are following two types of testing process, manual and automation. Previously, we were into the manual testing process but now everyone is switching towards automated testing. In this blog, we are going to discuss the bestpython testing frameworks, in which you can use python libraries for automation testing.

1. Robot

It is also known as the keyword-driven python testing framework. Some of its standard libraries are Builtin, Collection, DateTime, Dialogs, OperatingSystem, Process, etc. These are python libraries for automation testing. This Robot framework for automation testing contains three types of test-cases Workflow tests, High-level tests, and data-driven tests.


  • It is easy to install and use.
  • It is compatible with various other libraries such as the selenium library.


  • We cannot customize HTML reports easily in this framework
  • We can't use nested if and for loops with Robot.

2. PyTest

This is a python GUI automation framework for testing. With PyTest you can test API and databases. This tool is compatible with other python development frameworks such as Django or Flask. Some of its features that help you in automation testing are Hooks, Makers, and Fixtures.


  • It can handle multiple test cases simultaneously.
  • This framework is free and does not need any license.


  • The integration of other frameworks is difficult as it is used to write special routines to write tests.

3. Unittest

This framework is another in the list of automation frameworks that support test automation, and aggregation. This test framework was previously known as the PyUnit testing framework. It supports different testing techniques such as Test-driven development and Stubs and Mocks. In addition, it supports fixtures, test runners, test suites, and test cases for automated testing, making it the best python test automation framework**.**


  • Using this framework unit tests can be written to detect bugs in the initial stages of software development.
  • It simplifies integration testing.


  • Some naming conventions such as the Snake case in Python can be unclear.

4. DocTest

This python-based framework is used to test documentation. It is a part of python's standard library hence there is no need to install it separately. DocTest can read the code from the documentation. With the help of this python framework, you can test the code easily.


  • It allows you to write scripts on the command line. This helps you to test larger projects as well.


  • Sometimes you need to make use of directives to control the behavior of DocTest.

5. Nose2

It is a well-known python-based unit automation testing framework. It can run unit tests in your project. If you are familiar with python's standard library and unit testing and prefer it to other python test automation frameworks. It supports various important concepts of unit testing such as test fixture, test suite, test case, and test runner.


  • It can collect tests automatically.
  • This framework allows you to write simple test classes and test functions.


  • It is hard to finish tests in some situations.

6. Testify

Testify is one of the widely used python frameworks for automationtesting in which you can code in a python programming language. Testify comes with more advanced features than Unittest and Nose.


  • Testers can use Testify in system and integration testing.


  • It is difficult to achieve parallel testing with this framework.

7. TestProject

TestProject is also one of the most popular web frameworks. In addition, it supports generic testing for websites and browsers. Testers can generate reports in HTML and PDF format.


  • This framework is compatible with Mac, Android, and Windows.


  • Sometimes it is slow.

8. Behave

Behave is a behavior-driven automation testing framework based on python. Using this framework, a developer can able to write code in plain specification language. Behave consists of command lines that help in testing the code. This explains the behavior of an application to the end user.


  • Test cases can be written in quite easy language. Hence it is easy for non-technical people to cope with this framework.
  • It bridges the communication gap between different departments of the organization.
  • This framework has high visibility.


  • It is not compatible with the waterfall software development approach.

9. Lettuce

It is also a behavior-driven python-based automation testing framework. In this framework, testers can use the Gherkin language to create tests.


  • This framework is easy to work with.


  • It does not have more advanced features.

10 . Avocado

It is an open-source testing framework. This python-based framework for automation testing was given by Red Hat. It contains python-based libraries for automation testing.


  • It is a flexible solution for combinational intersection testing.


  • It requires a certain level of training before starting to work with this framework.


There are several types of python-based automation testing frameworks out there. With our research, we found these ten best testing frameworks. We hope this information regarding the best python testing framework 2023 will help to find the best Automation Testing Servicesfor you. Also, you can use this information to test the candidate if you are looking to hire python developers.

Frequently asked questions:

1. Is Python used in automation testing?

Ans) Python is widely used by top Python Development companies in automation testing. Some of the python-based frameworks are available for free and do not need any license.

Some of the major advantages of using Python in automation testing is it reduces the time that required in manual testing.

2. What are the diverse types of best python testing frameworks for automation testing?

Ans) Python is used very commonly in automation testing. Here is a list of different python-based automation testing frameworks.

  1. Data-Driven Framework.
  2. Linear Automation Framework.
  3. Modular Driven Framework.
  4. Keyword-Driven Framework.
  5. Hybrid Testing Framework.
  6. Behavior Driven framework.

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