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10 Primary Skills You Need to Possess to Become a Front End Web Developer Within JavaScript

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Nowadays, many companies strive to hire JavaScript developers as this language is quite popular and easy to master. But here, we talk not about its complexity but the number of available materials for self-learning. It was reported that today JS developers number over 13.8 million. JavaScript allows developers to create dynamic and interactive web pages, so there's no doubt that 93% of websites use it.

Let's take a look at the key skills a front-end developer should have.

Essential front-end developer skills

Front-end developers use 3 main languages in their work:


● CSS;

● JavaScript.

With their help, the main code of the site/application is written inside the so-called client side, i.e. in the browser itself. Unlike backend development, in which open source is connected from the server side.

If we compare the work of the back-end and front-end developers on the other hand, it turns out that the former are engaged in designing the city and providing it with everything necessary from electricity to provisions, while the latter are engaged in landscaping, paved roads with asphalt and planting trees, and also check that all city systems are working properly.

Front-end developers should monitor the entire body of the site and check each mechanism for errors, as well as monitor the overall design and its appearance on different devices, platforms and browsers.

1. HTML and CSS

The main tools for a front-end developer are: HTML hypertext development language and CSS cascading style sheets.

No movement in creating a website / application is complete without HTML code and styling the appearance with CSS, so these are the first steps on the path to a new profession. The main plus is that both skills are easy to master, and it only takes a few weeks.

2. JavaScript

Using the JavaScript programming language (JS), you can add additional functionality to your site and create an application. For example, develop an online map with real-time updates, play games, or play audio and video files. JS is the most popular language that comes in handy not only in the frontend, but also in other areas of technology. By adding exciting new features to your site, you will achieve an improved user experience.

3. jQuery

jQuery is a JS library. It is filled with user-friendly plugins, which simplifies the development process using the programming language and expands the possibilities. For example, you may not write new code for some elements, but take ready-made plugins and adapt them to your site.

4. Frameworks JavaScript

JavaScript frameworks are complete pre-built code structures. There are several handy frameworks out there, the most popular of which are React, Angular, Ember, Backbone, and Vue.js. Check out each of them and highlight the most convenient one in your opinion. Knowing everyone will allow you to get a job faster and get a high level of wages.

Learning frameworks, like JS itself, will take time, but they will greatly speed up and simplify your work in the future.

5. Front-end frameworks

CSS front-end frameworks work the same way as JS frameworks. They help to develop the appearance of the site faster, thanks to ready-made codes. It doesn't take much time to research, but it can significantly expand the list of vacancies that you can count on.

Discover Functional Programming

JavaScript is a multi-paradigm language that allows you to combine different paradigms. Learning a functional programming paradigm allows web developers to create a more functional programming code. Furthermore, implementing this paradigm results in better usability and easy testing and debugging. You need to learn different functional programming concepts to master the skill properly. It includes pure functions concepts, first-class objects, and higher-order functions. By the way, a front-end JS developer should also know how to compose different functions and define the hierarchy of functions input.

Learn Technical SEO Principles

If you want to become a true front-end JS professional, pay attention to the technical search engine optimization of the website. It will make your product visible for search engines and speed up page load time. Consider that you need to master SEO for core content as well as internal links. In order to handle SEO issues, you need to resort to Google Webmaster Tools that test your page. It's crucial the website is mobile-friendly, so make sure you are familiar with server-side and dynamic rendering as well as incremental static regeneration. It will keep your static content updated and frees you from server management. Thus, you see that this skill is paramount for a web developer willing to make his product popular and successful.

Master Problem Solving

Any company appreciates professionals who know how to solve problems quickly and effectively. It's especially true for web developers who face plenty of challenges in the process of their work. Here we also mean decision-making abilities as you should make them quite often and be responsible for the outcomes. Creative problem solving entails a wide range of activities, starting from code fixing and ending with design implementation. Professionals in different arias constantly read blogs and various articles​​ like Cyber Security News on Cooltechzone to stay on track and refresh their knowledge base. By the way, a skillful front-end developer, in addition to possessing problem-solving skills, can also anticipate possible challenges to deal with them in time.

Know-How to Test and Debug

A front-end developer should ensure a positive user experience, therefore, such skills as testing and debugging are essential for you to master. You should be aware of any web development outcomes and be ready to deal with them. The process of testing enables front-end web developers to check if the code is running properly. Moreover, there's acceptance testing for detecting any website errors occurring during usage. JavaScript developers can create tests for web pages to see what happens after a user takes a wrong action.

Consider that bugs are a common thing, so you should not disappoint in your project and start a debugging process. Once you perform testing and detect some bugs, you analyze their nature and commence fixing them. Every company has its algorithm for dealing with bugs, and you can easily learn it to perform the best quality work.

Create Responsive Design

As today many people use their smartphones to access the Internet, it becomes crucial that your site is mobile-friendly. Once you create a responsive design people can use different devices and benefit from your site without any challenges. Thus, the site interface adjusts to the user screen and enables a flawless user experience. You have to optimize touch interaction for smartphone users and make it easy to navigate with a mouse and keyboard for laptop users. In other words, be ready to create two separate designs. Sounds a bit complicated but your work will be better appreciated if you can develop a responsive design.

Final Thoughts

Front-end JS developers will be in demand in the future, so to become a competitive programmer, you need to master not only these skills but much more. It may be a bit challenging to master all the skills, but constant learning and a will to discover something new will help you overcome any difficulties and obtain the most essential ones. Remember that your task is to ensure a positive user experience, so do not give up and keep learning to achieve success.

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