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11 Stupidly Simple Side Hustles to Earn Extra Money as a Programmer

No BS and please don't expect blogging, YouTube, freelancing, or Medium.


Over the previous several years, I've dabbled in a variety of sectors, picked up a few new skills, launched a handful of side hustles, and met some brilliant individuals.

And as a result of all of this, I've learned a lot more. We now have a network of like-minded people who help each other make or increase our money.

Let me give you an example: one of my friends is constantly trying to invest in stocks, and when he discovers something intriguing, he shares it with us so that we may put money into it for a few weeks or months.

One is a tech entrepreneur who discussed the most recent technological trends and how we might invest in them. We invested part of our money in decentralized land as a result of his advice and learned a lot more about Web3.

We believe that sharing with others allows us to learn a lot more, uncover the finest opportunities, and earn a lot more.

Yes, I have published a few pieces about side hustles, but they are short.

And now, I'd want to share with you a few side hustles that you may look into, learn about, and make money from. Also, don't anticipate any shady employment or a side hustle that requires no work. Because this type of side hustle doesn't exist.

Without a doubt, each and every side hustle is easy because the majority of us(I, as well as my friends) have done it and are making money. However, every side hustle necessitates consistency and some effort.

Note: There will be no affiliate links, and the websites will all be free to use up to a point. In other words, I will not earn any reward from their owners.

Let's get started.

1. Earn Money from Selling Code

Yes, you read that correctly. Some websites might assist you in earning money by selling codes.

But how exactly? Some artists, entrepreneurs, and company owners require websites for their work. And for that, they must engage a freelancer, use WordPress or another website editor, or purchase websites.

Well, someone has to sell in order to purchase a website. And the seller is a programmer, more specifically a developer.

Git Market and Codecanyon, for example, are two places where you can sell your code. It is a website that provides website and app code. There are thousands of PHP scripts, mobile app templates, HTML5 templates, JavaScript code, an Invoice template, and other resources.

There are several websites and app codes to choose from. For example, if you want to create an e-commerce store, you may pay Codecanyon and get your e-commerce website or app.

What else is there to say? You do not have to pay $1000. There are several websites that sell codes ranging in price from $5 to $50.

Similarly, you may develop websites, applications, or plugins and sell them on CodeCanyon or GitMarket.

2. Selling Templates on Notion

To be honest, I haven't sold any Notion templates yet. Yes, I've sold Canva templates, digital items on Gumroad and Etsy, and code on Codecanyon.

The first thought that came to me was whether anyone had received money via Notion. And the answer was even more unexpected than you had anticipated.

Here's an example from real life.

So, one of the readers notified me that he had made roughly $1,500 in the preceding three months using Notion.

Isn't that great? Every day, after 2–3 hours of work.

Secondly, I found a guy on Twitter named Easlo claiming that he earned $1,000 this month from Notion.


So, if you want to get started or learn more about it, you may watch some YouTube tutorials.

3. Selling APIs

Selling APIs is one of the newest and most popular side hustles to consider. What's more, if you're a web developer, you don't have to learn new technologies because you're mostly working with APIs.

There are platforms, such as RapidAPI, where developers may sell API and make money.

After that, I viewed a YouTube video on it. Then I lost to make something else. Later, I got an email from a company asking me to develop APIs for them to sell. I was really taken aback. Do they make money, or are they just spamming my inbox? So I attempted to arrange a meeting through their connection and spoke with them.

I asked if they were generating money from their business after discussing my skills and learning about it.

“We can't share our whole revenues with you, but let me tell you that we are receiving close to 15–20 clients every month,” they claimed. And, in order to accomplish the job, we need you to work 3–4 hours every day.

So, if you know JavaScript or Python, you can get started with this side business.

4. Become an Online Creator

What if I told you that the creative economy has more money than the rest of the world combined?

And did you know that programmers enjoy a plethora of additional benefits?

The following are the two explanations behind this:

  • Top firms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and even Medium are investing in hiring more creators. You may be aware that LinkedIn has introduced a creator mode, and that Medium has acquired Knowable in order to add audio to the site.

  • Programmers are in high demand, so if you know how to code, you can teach, help, provide value, and earn money.

And what you want to do is absolutely up to you. You may create YouTube lessons and courses to sell on sites like Skillshare and Udemy.

For those exploring online creator platforms or virtual goods, one efficient strategy involves utilizing QR codes to promote your products or services. For example, you can generate QR codes quickly to direct potential customers directly to your digital storefront, enhancing user interaction with minimal effort.

You can publish on Medium instead of making videos if you don't want to do them. You can also create content about newly funded, purchased, or launched technology or enterprises. Or you can create content around the iGaming market, and the rise of high roller casinos in the US.

According to my experience, you will make a lot of money, and your earnings will grow as you provide more value.

What is the best way to get started? Begin with what you know now; you don't need to be an expert.

Let me tell you a sobering truth. For starters, you will not make any money in your first year. One reason for this is that you are still in the learning stage and must focus on learning new methods and creating value.

Beginning in the second year, you will earn a lot, literally a lot. However, keep in mind that with great power comes great responsibility. And it is absolutely up to you how you approach and achieve.

5. Earning with Canva

Some of my colleagues use Figma or Adobe XD to create websites. And the bulk of them are unaware that we may use Canva templates and customize them to meet our own demands.

Later, other of my friends tried it, and their workload decreased noticeably. Because they can easily make designs on Canva, they may earn more money by selling to their clients.

Let me tell you about another event I attended with a website design firm. I worked with a graphic designer who only worked three hours every day. When I questioned him, he said he has a Canva pro subscription and that every time he wanted to produce something, he went to Canva.

The next one is by selling templates on Canva.

So, do you know who makes the templates in Canva? Designers like us. There is a page called Canva Creators where you may apply and, if accepted, make money by selling templates on Canva. They are presently only working with select creators. You may apply if you know how to design.

The Canva team will send you an email at some time.

I've also met with some people that make money by teaching Canvas to their clients.

If you create Canva designs and sell them on Canva or Gumroad, you'll see that you're earning money easily.

6. Crypto, Defi, NFT, and Virtual Lands

Most engineers work at top IT businesses and even startups, so they are well-versed in technologies such as cryptocurrency and stock.

As a result, the vast majority of developers will be able to create anything related to Crypto, NFTs, and other hot technologies.

You may also be aware that NFTs, Defi, and Virtual Land are generating a lot of attention. Not to mention the new Metaverse invention.

For this aim, you can also master Blockchain technology. Also, provide a service that the vast majority of people require.

As a result, if you are a developer, you have an edge when it comes to learning about new technology and making money from it.

You can also earn additional money with passive income apps like Honeygain, which will run in the background of your computer while you're working on your other programming tasks.

Without a doubt, you must delve more into these technologies.

7. Selling the Products

You've probably heard of Amazon KDP, Redbubble, Gumroad, Etsy, and other marketplaces where people sell their items in order to gain money every time someone buys them.

My friend John suggested that I write an 80–100-page book and then submit it to Amazon KDP. And I tested it, and you'll be astonished to hear that I get a Kindle commission every month.

My buddy George, who has a sizable Twitter following, had also made his first book available for free on Gumroad. The bulk of clients, though, paid for it. Within three months, he collected $656.

In addition, my friend Alia works full-time and tries to create t-shirts and cushions. So she sold some of the designs on Redbubble, Teespring, and Zazzle, earning roughly $2341 in five months.

Similarly, if you have something to make, you may do it freely and sell it in a variety of ways.

8. Become an Online Consultant

I always attempt to learn something from an expert, no matter what industry they are in. And even, I keep on updating my readers about it. You may have read some of my posts like:

Similarly, if you have specialized knowledge, you may generate money advising a business or firm. Plus, as a consultant you’ll be able to reduce your tax burden by deducting these business expenses.

Let me give you an example from my own experience. Six months ago, one of the LinkedIn businesses approached me and said they were seeking a consultant with some Web programming experience.

I asked for more information from them. So they informed me that they need a developer that can help their developers when they run into a major difficulty and be there at the client conference to answer some of the customer's questions.

That's all there is to it. I'm not required to code or work from 9 to 5. And I agreed because I'm familiar with Next.js and React.js, so it was simple for me.

Others of my friends, such as Sam, charge an hourly amount for advice. Furthermore, some firms hire him to update the best technology stack for their purposes.

Isn't it cool? I understand that as a beginning, you won't be able to go deeper into these side hustles. However, at an intermediate level, you can experiment with this form of side hustle.

9. Make an NFT Marketplace, Industry, or Application

When I see headlines like Why an Animated Flying Cat With a Pop-Tart Body Sold for Almost $600,000, I become a little nervous. I assumed that the notion of NFTs was a ruse and that it was reliant on luck.

Maybe you're thinking the same thing about these.

However, the majority of us are mistaken.

The notion of NFTs is far more than we ever imagined; if implemented correctly, it has the potential to disrupt a number of sectors. Beyond digital artworks, NFT may be applied in a variety of ways.

Assuring the authenticity of items, for example. Fake food goods, such as supplements and medication, are a current concern around the globe; NFTs can assist tackle this by tracking and tracing food products. Imagine scanning a QR code on a nutritional supplement you purchased online and viewing the supplement's full path, from manufacture to delivery.

Even musicians may employ smart contract technology to transfer their copyrights to NFTs, ensuring that they are paid every time their song is played.

And there are also plenty of more examples.

Why is it so simple? Because others aren't making good use of NFTs. As a result, if you're a programmer, you may build an NFT marketplace for a variety of purposes.

10. Becoming a Web3 Developer

I'm a web developer who is interested in the technology that underpins Web3, Blockchain, and the metaverse, which is generating such a stir in our society.

What's more intriguing is that becoming a web3 developer is straightforward for a web developer like myself.

I don't need to learn a lot of new technology; all I need to know is how to use Solidity, Truffle, and Ganache with web technologies.

According to numerous polls, the vast majority of people are uninformed of Defi, Web3, or CBDC. Also, don't think about blockchain as solely being beneficial in the banking sector or for digital payments. There's a lot more to it than that, of course.

It may be useful for voting processes, supply chain management, regulatory compliance, auditing, IoT operating systems, and many other applications. And please allow me to divulge a few secrets to you.

The vast majority of IT behemoths have begun to create blockchain-related technology. Furthermore, most organizations have started to pay more for web3 engineers.

In a word, if you're a web developer, you can learn about blockchain technology rapidly and utilize it to generate more money.

11. Write Technical Content-related Books

I recently chatted with Lucas after one of my friends mentioned him to me. He is a professional developer who works largely for a major French firm.

And, as a result of his understanding, he attempts to develop ebooks and sell them online. In the beginning, he thought of it as a side job.

His earnings skyrocketed shortly after releasing his tenth book. He is normally paid once a month by Amazon. He also informed me that his book was now available on Kindle. He will be able to earn more money as a consequence.

I prodded him for further details. Could you perhaps elaborate on the challenges you've encountered? So he informed me that when I first started writing books, I attempted names like Introduction to Python and Getting Started with React.

However, there are numerous books nearby. As a result, I am unable to work. More specifically, as seen by the number of such publications on Amazon, anybody may create such books.

So you want to know what I've done now? Simply put, I endeavored to write short books using the knowledge I possessed. It went off without a hitch.

I recognize that most of us will not be able to produce money from all of the side hustles I listed. Try starting with one and then on to others.

And, as I've shown in certain instances, you must believe that earning is achievable.

To be precise, this post is a mash-up of numerous stories I've written in the past.

That's it — thanks.

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