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5 Things We Can Do to Decrease Load Time of the React Application

1. Clean Unused Lines Of Code, 2. Clean Unused React Components, 3. Splitting Up Into Components, 4. Server - Side - Rendering, & 5. State Management


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In the world nowadays, competition had increased more than ever. Every client wants their desired project to be better than others. This includes their project faster than others. Similarly, in a React Js application, application load time is a very important factor in its success. So as React developers, we should know the ways, the technologies to make the load time of the application fast. So here are 5 ways to make your React application load faster.

1. Clean Unused Lines Of Code

This method is not only for React Js but every program, every application. Further, it is a simple method to decrease the load time. Cleaning up unused lines of code would not help that much but when there are heaps of unused code than surely it will make a noticeable difference. So you should surely clean them even if there are little unused code because it will become difficult once heaps of code pile up.

2. Clean Unused React Components

You would know what are components in React Js by now. This method is similar to the above one as components are also lines of code at the roots. So clearing out unused React Components would be same as clearing out unused lines of code. So you should watch out for components that are unnecessarily adding up data to your application.

3. Splitting Up Into Components

Well you would be wondering how splitting up components would affect load time even if the total data of application would remain the same. Yes! It would remain the same but by splitting the application into components would affect the total data of the main page of the application. We just need to consider the total data of the main page when calculating the load time of the application. Now you must be wondering why the data of the main page of the application is important. So it is important because when the page loads, the frontend affects the load speed. The backend does not. Moreover, the speed is affected by the frontend on the main page. The backend can be established after the page loads. So we should only put as little frontend as possible.

4. Server — Side — Rendering

Server-Side-Rendering (SSR) or Client-Side-Rendering(CSR) are one of the technologies which affect the page load time. You can learn what is Server-Side-Rendering (SSR) in my previous article. You can implement SSR or CSR by many methods but NextJs, a framework of JavaScript that uses React Js, is the most popular of the methods. There are also other methods you can check out. SSR or CSR affect the load time of the page and mostly every robust and state of the art React applications use it.

5. State Management

State Management is also very important in the matter of the load speed of the application. You can also learn about it in my previous article. Basically it is managing the state of an element in respective to another element in your application. There are many technologies to implement State Management including useState hook that is native to React Js but it does not manage state globally. So you should also learn other technologies like Redux or MobX. Here are 5 methods that we can increase the load time of the application. In my opinion, you should learn these technologies if you want to be a great React Js developer. I hope you will be successful in your programming goals and that you liked this article. Thank You, Goodbye.

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