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How artificial intelligence will change the various genres of the gaming industry in the future

It will not be news to anyone that AI is closely intertwined not only in the work areas associated with the processing and provision of information, but also in the entertainment industry.

So, with the help of modern video cards, locations are already partially drawn using the resources of the device, which reduces the load on the system and allows you to give out more FPS during active gaming with a constant change of picture.

Let's imagine how gaming will change into key competitive and single player games given the impact of new artificial intelligence technologies.


A series of football simulators from year to year offers players the mechanics of confronting other teams controlled by gamers and a computer, which, although it can play well, has no training and in the process of frequent confrontations, any player will learn to beat him.

It's more difficult with gamers, and sometimes you have to buy FIFA coins to strengthen the squad and start progressing, but our article is about technologies, so we will miss this moment.

In the future, things can change a lot when developers add the ability to progress with the help of AI to the computer.

Imagine that in the PRO mode, where you play as one player, in fact, each player will be controlled by AI with thousands of training sessions behind him, and your opponents will definitely be the same in complexity. For comparison, now the system controls the entire team at once and can be spun with regular passes, which will overload the algorithm for a couple of seconds, which will be enough for the player to score a goal or gain an advantage.

With AI, such a number will not work - having done such a trick many times, the system will learn and will already fully counteract it.

Team football will develop similarly, and when playing full-fledged divisions, you will get the opportunity to play with a very difficult opponent who will act ahead of the curve and simulate a confrontation against a very difficult team, which will greatly help to hone your personal skills for playing in divisions and for potential eSports.


The share of CS GO in terms of views continues to be very high, to suggest that professional bots will appear in it, as well as in its direct competitor Valorant, which will be interesting to play and train against.

A similar concept has already been implemented in Dota 2 and its AI active learning system, but we will return to it in the next section.

For CS:GO, this is an excellent training potential for not a single bot that will have high AIM, but also tactics and ability to handle weapons and various scenarios that will happen on the game map.

This will allow players to play against highly skilled AIs who will play almost flawlessly and practice their teamwork, tactical play, and shooting before official esports matches.

For regular players, these games can replace AIM cards for shooting and moving before matchmaking.

Dota 2

Dota was the first esports game to actively use AI.

This is due to two aspects:

  1. Dota is one of the most popular strategies where everyone plays one of 130 characters and has their own role and duty to protect their throne and destroy the enemy.
  2. Dota 2 has a huge potential for a combination of skills and tactics for a spectacular and interesting game.

The standard bots offered by Valve, to put it mildly, are not smart. They farm badly, rarely buy really needed items, and communicate very badly together.

Therefore, with the assistance of Elon Musk and a number of investments, a group of enthusiasts began to introduce AI with constant learning into such a complex and multi-level game.

This is how the first bot appeared, which plays only on one of the most popular characters - Shadow Fiend. The hero has two development potentials - magical and physical, and is a universal character with spectacular skills.

For the victory over the smart bot, a reward was promised in the form of a lasso - a unique external item for the character of Shadow Fiend, and AI can only be resisted on this hero.

As a result, all the professional players who fought against it lost to the bot, and then access to the challenge was opened to everyone.

Simple players were able to defeat the bot, but only with the help of cunning - they pretended that they had no mana, and when the AI ​​came up for a strike, they quickly picked up an item that restores it and gave out a deadly procast. In a fair fight, the bot remained undefeated.

The project was not stopped at this point, and the AI training continued, but with a more difficult task - playing in a team.

The bots had to learn how to choose the best heroes for leveling, team battle and end the game in their favor, the ability to choose the right decisions for farming and entering the battle, help each other and actively interact on the map.

To do this, the bots were trained with thousands of replays of professional players and after a while they were sent to the first show match.

Of course, full-fledged teams did not participate against them, but good players were simply chosen to play with bots in a show match. The AI-controlled team won, in particular, due to the fact that they did not even have a millisecond to think, and some skills were applied in the air, which is impossible for ordinary players, even very talented ones with good reactions.


The games that drastically changed the gaming industry seem to be old-fashioned, but the new implementation can be played in a completely new way with the introduction of artificial intelligence.

For example, it will drop at least one primitive kind of passing through such an interesting project by simply shooting enemies with a bow from a stone that they cannot reach - the AI will simply learn to jump and have to look for new tactics and strategies.

The second point - it will make the adventure more interesting due to difficult enemies, which will give an incentive to look for reliable companions and fights will be more dynamic and interesting with an unknown outcome.

The last argument is that the battle between the Stormcloaks and the imperial soldiers in mass events will become completely unpredictable.

Enemies will use blocks and dodges more, magic and fights will get a really realistic character with all aspects of the Middle Ages.

And of course, the battle with the dragon that will fly into the city - smarter guards who will not try to attack the dragon with a sword, or rush directly into the flames and the dragon itself, which will look for more convenient and destructive ways to attack.

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