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The Best Free AI Tool for Image Generation: Not Midjourney

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In the world of artificial intelligence, numerous tools have emerged to help users generate images from text prompts. However, many of these tools require a subscription fee, making it difficult for beginners to access and explore their potential. In this article, we’ll introduce you to Tensor Art, a powerful and free AI tool that can generate images like Midjourney and Leonardo AI. We’ll also share a secret on how to make money using this AI tool.


Tensor Art:

Accessing Tensor Art

To access Tensor Art, simply follow the link to their official website provided here. Once there, click on “sign in” in the top right corner, and a window will pop up where you can create an account using a few different methods. We recommend signing in with Google for convenience. In this window, enter your nickname, upload a profile picture, and enter the invitation code provided in the article. This code will allow you to create twice as many images every day, so it’s essential to enter it correctly.

After signing up, you’ll be taken to the Tensor Art website, where you can start exploring its features and creating images.

Unique Features of Tensor Art

Tensor Art sets itself apart from other AI tools through its wide range of different models available for use. In the models section of Tensor Art, you can scroll down and view various images created using different models developed by various users. Some models may produce adult content, so be cautious when exploring this section.

The AI tool is capable of producing high-quality images in various styles, such as photorealistic realism, anime art, and many others. To start creating an image, you can click on “workspace” in the top right corner or select a model that suits your preferences. You’ll be taken to the workspace where you can input your text and generate an image. You can also customize various settings such as image size, style, and other parameters to produce the desired output.

Generating Images with Tensor Art

Once you’ve selected a model, click on the “run” button to start generating your image. A new window will appear where you can input your text and create your image. At the bottom of the window, you’ll see your credit balance, which you can use to create images. If you used the link provided in this article, your credit balance will have 200 credits. Your credit balance refreshes every 24 hours, and you can create up to 100 images per day for free. Keep in mind that using high-risk fixes or detailers may consume more credits.

The window also provides several essential functions. In the Basic Model tab, you can see the model you’ve selected, and if necessary, you can choose a different model from the list. In the Prompt tab, you can enter the text that you want to appear in your image. On the other hand, in the Negative Prompt tab, you can specify the content that you don’t want to see in your image.

Tensor Art also offers an “Image to Image” feature that allows you to upload your photo as a reference for creating a new image similar to the one you posted. In the Settings tab, you can fine-tune the size of your image and choose the sampling method for more detailed customization of the final output. If you’re a beginner, it’s best to leave it as the default setting and experiment with it later.

Advanced Settings

In the advanced settings, you’ll find “Hires Fix,” a built-in upscaler that allows you to choose how the image upscale will be performed. You can adjust the denoising strength if there’s too much or too little noise in your image and choose how many times you want to enlarge the image. Keep in mind that using this function will cost you an additional token. The same applies to ADetailer, which works differently but has the same essence and will also cost you an additional token.

Creating and Sharing Images with Tensor Art

After familiarizing yourself with the various features, it’s time to start creating your image. In the Prompt tab, enter your desired prompt and negative prompt, and in the Count tab, select the number of images you want to generate. After clicking on the Generate button, you can enjoy some amazing images created by Tensor Art.

In addition to being an AI tool for generating images, Tensor Art also functions as a social network where you can share your images on your profile and connect with other users. Moreover, you can use the “Image to Image” feature to create similar images with different details or use the “Remix” feature to create a slightly different version of an image you like by changing some details in the prompt or settings.

Making Money with Tensor Art

Tensor Art provides a unique opportunity for users to earn money. The platform offers a generous payment to creators who develop new AI models. If you’re interested in learning how to create AI models, Tensor Art is a great platform to start with.

Using Etsy to Generate Income

A creative way to earn money with TensorArt is by designing and selling digital prints on platforms like Etsy. You can create unique and original artworks using Tensor Art, and then list them as digital downloads on Etsy. This approach allows you to offer your customers a wide range of designs without the need for physical inventory or shipping costs. Just make sure to comply with the terms and conditions of both Tensor Art and Etsy.

Freelance Graphic Design

Another way to generate income using Tensor Art is by offering freelance graphic design services. Many small businesses and individuals are on the lookout for unique and eye-catching designs for their marketing materials, websites, or social media profiles. You can use Tensor Art to create custom graphics based on the clients’ requirements and charge a fee for your services.

Selling on Print-On-Demand Sites

You can also use Tensor Art to create designs for print-on-demand websites like Redbubble, Society6, or Teespring. These platforms allow you to upload your designs, and they’ll handle the printing and shipping for you. This way, you can earn passive income from your designs without having to manage inventory or deal with customer service.


Tensor Art is an incredible AI tool that opens up a world of possibilities for artists, designers, and anyone looking to explore the potential of AI-generated images. With its extensive range of models and features, it’s an excellent platform for beginners and experienced users alike. Additionally, the tool’s potential to generate income makes it an attractive choice for creative entrepreneurs. So, dive in and unlock your creativity with Tensor Art today!

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