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8 Web Design Trends Used To Create Standout Platforms in 2022

Are you looking for creative ideas to enrich your projects? Explore eight new web design trends dominating in 2022 in this article

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Currently, there are over 1 billion websites on the internet. Recent studies show that netizens form their first impression of a website by evaluating its design. This means that customers will not trust a brand if its online platform does not have visual appeal.

Moreover, user preferences constantly change, so designers should keep up with trends to create engaging websites. When following trends, your designs can be a powerful tool in developing your company's image and attracting consumers. Keep reading to learn how to create visually appealing, trustworthy projects that align with trends in 2022.

What's new in website design for 2022?

It's important to understand that modern web design strives for simplicity and harmony in user experience. Creatives are increasingly thinking about interfaces that make navigation as straightforward as possible.

In 2022, professional designers focus on mobile-first projects, as more than 50% of users worldwide use their smartphones to access internet sources. Moreover, website loading speed can also impact customer retention rate. That's why designers strive to create projects with simple shapes.

The demand for interactive websites is growing every year. And sometimes, modern web design projects may look like real visual masterpieces. They are informative and tell immersive stories.

Popular website design trends in 2022

The visual styles of most websites have been significantly changing in 2022. Explore the latest trends in web design to attract your customers.

1. Brutalism

Brutalism is a visual style initially formed in architecture that gradually migrated to web design. The trend surprisingly combines flat shapes, precise contours, contrasting colors, bold typography, and real-life photos. Websites made in this style look a bit rough, giving your designs some charm and a sense of power. Brands that want to stand out from the competition and convey courage will appreciate this trend in their website design.

2. Retro revolution

Everything old is new again. Users have recently been accustomed to seeing stylish, realistic platforms. However, everything retro will rule website design trends in 2022. Most creators draw inspiration from old 90's sources with their bright backgrounds, visible grids, and pixelated fonts. You can adopt Web 1.0 ideas to combine them with modern compositions and create your unique projects.

3. Minimalism

Minimalism has remained a web design trend for decades, allowing you to create easily perceived, memorable projects. It combines a simple, concise style and enjoyable composition. Designers use geometric shapes and contrasting colors like black and white to generate coherent visuals. When creating websites in a minimalistic style, only implement three colors from your palette to design harmonious scenes. Projects like this can highlight the uniqueness and simplicity of your brand.

4. Glassmorphism

The frosted glass effect was highly appreciated by users in 2021, and it smoothly migrated to 2022, becoming a popular trend in web design once again. Glassmorphism perfectly combines blurred backgrounds and semi transparent objects. Websites in this style fit technological companies striving to highlight their futuristic vision. Moreover, the trend allows for showing presented goods more naturally. Glassmorphism is also a go-to solution for designing visually appealing interfaces for mobile apps.

5. Cardboard style

The entire civilized world is now thinking about how humanity affects the environment. Most responsible brands increasingly encourage eco-friendliness and convey this value to their customers. In 2022, the cardboard style is gaining popularity. Such projects resemble recycled paper with its apparent textures. They perfectly convey the idea of saving environmental resources.

6. Rough typography

In recent years, clear, elegant sans-serif fonts like Montserrat dominated web design. They embraced simple lines without any decorations. However, designers are increasingly turning to rough typography with its rugged style. The trend stands for mixing fonts with figures, photos, and emoticons. Rough typography as a visual style element will perfectly fit creative companies not afraid of novelty.

7. Neon style

Virtual futuristic worlds with their bright backlights and unusual shapes have captivated users and creators since the beginning of the 21st century. However, neon is back as a web design trend in 2022, combining bright, luminous colors and abstract rounded holographic shapes. Futuristic websites will perfectly fit technological corporations striving to convey ideas about a better world and future to their customers.

8. Observable grid

The main web design principle states that creating harmony is possible only when all elements remain in order. To implement a clear structure in prototyping, designers frequently use line grids that were earlier invisible to users. However, the year 2022 is changing the established rules. Now, netizens can see grids on most sites. Designers execute this technique to demonstrate their projects' structure clearly. Companies focusing on developing explicit communication strategies will appreciate the trend. An observable grid allows you to simplify the page browsing process for users and add more content to a website without overloading it.

Where to find trendy images for the web design process?

Images frequently serve as binding design elements that allow creators to realize a project style. That's why most professionals spend their time selecting suitable visuals for their tasks. You can browse and download high-quality images for web design from a massive Depositphotos library available at Depositphotos is a leading stock content marketplace offering 230+ million royalty-free photos, vectors, illustrations, clip art, icon sets, videos, music tracks, and sound effects. The platform also contains free images suitable for web design that you can use in your commercial projects. Moreover, creators can appreciate the Depositphotos blog, where they can explore unique design ideas and read articles about new visual trends.

Bottom line

Web design directly affects how users perceive your platform and whether they can trust your brand. Consumer preferences regularly change, so you should follow industry trends to create visually appealing projects. In 2022, the combination of simplicity, eco-friendliness, and sentimentality form new styles that shape modern websites. Explore the current trends and create eye-catching designs.

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