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Getting Started with AWS Cloud Up for Her Solutions Architect Associate Program

Everything you need to know to start with the AWS Cloud Up for Her Solutions Architect Associate Program and get certified!

If you identify as a woman and, like me, appreciate the value of a good voucher for your exam, stay tuned until the end of this post because I have something special you won’t want to miss. For our male counterparts, don’t fret! You can still access valuable resources by reaching out to the AWS team at

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This morning, Donna and Zdenka from AWS joined us from Perth, Australia to inaugurate the Cohort for the Solutions Architect Associate Program. This 16-week program offers flexibility and allows you to tailor your learning pace. If you’re eager to dive right in, absorb the information, and aim to take the exam in about two weeks, you have that option. The only requirement is commitment, but do remember to register within two weeks from today. It’s worth noting that you’ll need to have cleared the Cloud Practitioner Pathway as a prerequisite. Don’t be daunted, though. This pathway is thoughtfully structured, and I assure you that you’ll find the material provided by AWS quite enjoyable.

Once you’ve completed the registration, keep an eye out for the welcome email. Within 24 hours, you’ll receive all the important links and information, including the link to the Slack channel . This is where the journey truly begins, as you join a community of approximately 30,000 like-minded individuals. Meeting wonderful people who share a similar quest can significantly enhance your exam preparation. Having accountability partners and mentors to guide you through the weekly sessions makes excelling in the exam much easier, trust me.

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Next, ensure that you add the workshops and Q&A events to your calendar by accessing the Amazon Chime links on the Team Up Calendar. This will allow you to participate in the weekly 30-minute sessions where you can get your doubts cleared by a mentor. It’s important to note that while there won’t be one-on-one mentorship in this program, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in about two hands-on workshop labs as part of the program.

Now, you’re all set to embark on your Skill Builder Solutions Architect Associate Learning Plan.


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