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5 Best Ways To Pixelate An Image In 2022


Sometimes, we want to maintain privacy in our photos when we share them online. Therefore, we pixelate parts of the image to keep some privacy before we share it online.

Whether we want to provide anonymity to someone or hide sensitive information, pixelation is always helpful.

Fortunately, there are so many tools to help in pixelation, such as the PHP file uploader.

We can find several websites and tools to pixelate images. But we need to use safe and secure ones, such as PHP file uploader and Filestack transform.

This article will discuss pixelation and how to pixelate an image in the five best ways. Let's dig into it.

What Is Pixelation?

Pixelation is a term used in computer graphics to describe fuzziness or blurry sections in an image. We can achieve it using individual pixels.

We can perform pixelation on images that are raster-based or non-vector-based or on pixel-based. More specifically, we pixelate images that depend on the resolution.

If we want to achieve a high-quality image, we need to minimize or reduce the pixelation in our images.

Pixelation is performed in a way that the size of the original pixels is enlarged to a different extent. As a result, the image becomes blurry, and some details fade away.

If we want to avoid pixelation in our images, we should use vector-based images.

What Is Pixelation Used For?

Before pixelation on our images, it is crucial to know their purpose. As mentioned above, we primarily perform pixelation to hide sensitive information on our images.

For example, if we want to share some photos of people online but want to keep their faces private. In such a case, you can use pixelation to hide their faces.

On the other hand, sometimes, we need to observe the individual pixels. The observing process becomes easier through pixelation by enlarging the individual pixels.

Television shows also use Pixelation to hide a person's face, nudity, or vulgar gestures. We can also use it for artistic effects.

How Can You Pixelate Images?

Nowadays, we can find many image quality enhancer tools available on the internet to pixelate and upscale images. But most tools don't give us security, so our data is not safe.

Moreover, there are safe sites, but pixelating through those sites is performed through a little complicated process. Some of the best ways to pixelate our images are listed below.

Pixelate An Image With Filestack

Filestack helps pixelate our images that are not larger than 256MB. Following a particular URL, we can perform several image operations.

For example, if we want to get information on image size, we will use the following URL:, and it will return the following output: {“height”:1253,”width”:1080}

In the same way, there are options to clip, crop, max, and scale or rotate our images.

We can use image filters to pixelate images.

For example, we can pixelate as:


amount (a)

integer(2–100) 2


Pixelate An Image In Photoshop

If we want to look for the easiest ways to pixelate our images, we should use Photoshop. Here are some steps that can help us pixelate our images in Photoshop:

  • First of all, we need to load the photo that we have to pixelate in Photoshop.
  • Then, we need to create a smart filter to turn our photo into a smart object. From the top menu, we need to select filters and then convert.
  • We can hide, adust, remove or add smart filters to make non-destructive editing.
  • We can access Pixelate option from Filter on the top menu. Then, we need to click on Mosaic.
  • Mosaic will redraw blocks of colors in the form of pixels. We can also explore other pixelate filters available there.
  • Then, we need to select the level of pixelation.
  • We must create a mask and selectively apply the filter if we want pixelation on a particular area.
  • We can also use the Select tool to perform pixelation on selected areas.

Add Pixelate Effect Online In Pine Tools

Pine Tools is an online tool to help us in the pixelation of our images. However, this tool doesn't give us many options.

pine tools

  • Open it on the browser and load the image through the "Choose File" option.
  • There is an option with gear at the bottom to pixelate our selected file. We need to click it.
  • We can make further adjustments through zoom-in, zoom-out, and other tools available on the site.

Use OnlineImageTools

OnlineImageTools is the most straightforward tool to perform pixelation on our images. In simple words, it is a free image pixelation tool. We can load our image through the drop-and-drag option on the site. Once we load the image, it will be pixelated automatically.

online image tools

We can also see image pixelation options when we scroll down the screen.

There are options such as pixelation rectangle size, pixelation rectangle position, and pixelation strength.

Finally, we can pixelate either a complete image or a custom part of the image through this simple tool. There are also other image editing tools available on the site.


For example, automate Pixelate With Fotor

Fotor is another tool to pixelate our images online with a simple and easy process. It can also allow us to pixelate the images automatically.

The best part about Fotor is that it uses artificial intelligence to detect and pixelate our subject. We can get fine-tuned pixelation of images through this tool.


We can also perform pixelation on a specific area selected in the image. Moreover, we can also create different pixel art by adjusting its size.

  • We just need to click on the Pixelate Image Now button available on the screen.
  • Then, we need to upload our desired image.
  • We can use a mosaic pencil and eraser to customize the pixelated area.
  • Once we achieve what we need, we can download the final output.


Why need to pixelate an image?

We need to pixelate an image to hide sensitive information on the image.

What is the pixelated image?

A pixelated image is one that is not showing details due to a blurry appearance.

How do I pixelate a picture?

We can pixelate images using multiple tools available online.

How do I turn a picture into pixel art?

We can turn a picture into pixel art using pixelation tools.

What is a pixelated image called?

A pixelated image is also known as a raster image or bitmap image.

How can I pixelate a picture for free?

We can use OnlineImageTools to pixelate our images for free.

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