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7 Free React Templates You can Use for Your Projects

Awesome React templates and themes you can start with to build your next project.


Nowadays, the majority of developers use React for their web development projects. React is one of the popular JavaScript libraries for frontend developers, it’s a powerful tool to easily build user interfaces and create web applications.

There are a lot of free React resources that you can use to help you boost your productivity and build projects faster than ever. Templates and themes are the best way to save time when starting a React project. Especially if you just want to quickly build a project without focusing a lot on the design process.

Most of these templates you can start with are open-sourced on GitHub by other developers like you and me. Also, if you’re not a good designer, these templates can definitely help you to improve your project's design and follow UI/UX best practices.

So in this article, I will share with you a list of awesome templates you can use to build anything with React. Let’s get right into it.

1. Holly Template

Holly is a responsive React template for anyone who wants to create a beautiful landing page to collect emails.

Capture by the author from Holly-react.Capture by the author from Holly-react.

You can easily clone the template to your machine using Git. Of course, you might also customize the template as you want and edit the code as well. Here is the live demo if you want to see the design.

2. Carolina Admin Dashboard

Carolina Admin Dashboard is a free React template that you can use to build a functional admin dashboard using React.

Capture by the author from Carolina Admin Dashboard.Capture by the author from Carolina Admin Dashboard.

This professional template is built using the Material UI framework. It has a lot of different components with a clean design structure. Carolina Admin Dashboard is a very useful template to start with, especially if you’re building some kind of analytics web application.

What’s good about this template:

  • Fully responsive.

  • Follows UI/UX best practices.

  • Utilities and helpers are included.

  • Clean layout and structure.

3. Open

Open is another amazing and free React template for any developer who wants to quickly create a beautiful landing page for any type of project.

Capture by the author from Open.Capture by the author from Open.

The template has a very clean and professional design layout that makes you stand out. There are a lot of well-designed reusable components and elements you can benefit from when using this template.


  • Dark and minimal design layout.

  • Fully responsive of course.

  • Custom beautiful icons and elements.

  • Good for SaaS products, online services, and open-source projects.

You can also have look at a live demo(external link) if you want to see the full design layout.

4. Treact

Treact is an awesome gallery that comes with beautiful React UI templates and components that you can use for free to quickly build any type of project.

Capture by the author from Treact.Capture by the author from Treact.


  • Fully Responsive.

  • 7 Landing Page Demos.

  • Uses TailwindCSS.

  • 8 Inner Pages.

  • A lot of well-designed components.

  • Easy to install and customize.

5. Next-Portfolio-Dev

Another open-source React Template to help you quickly build a basic developer portfolio website.

Capture by the author from GitHub.Capture by the author from GitHub.

The template uses TypeScript and NextJS and you can customize it as you want. The code is clean and easy to understand. You can see more info on the GitHub repository.


  • Easy to install and customize.

  • Simple clean design with nice illustrations.

  • Fully responsive.

  • Dark mode feature.

  • PWA (for desktop & mobile).

  • You can deploy it with one click.

  • 100% score on performance, accessibility, and SEO.

6. Gatsby Starter Ghost

This is a very useful React template if you’re looking to easily create a blog or a publication website where you can share your thoughts and ideas.

Capture by the author from Gatsby Starter Ghost(external link).Capture by the author from Gatsby Starter Ghost(external link).

The template allows you to easily build lightning-fast websites using Ghost and Gatsby. It’s a good starting point for content-driven sites.


  • Fully responsive.

  • Blazing fast.

  • Great for SEO.

  • Clean blog post design and structure.

  • Easy to install and deploy.

7. React Nice Resume

React Nice Resume is a simple and clean React template that you can use for portfolio websites. Whether you’re a developer, a designer, or a creator, this template is a good fit and starting point for you.

Capture by the author from React Nice Resume.Capture by the author from React Nice Resume.


  • Fully responsive.

  • Nice animated background.

  • Clean design.

  • Smooth scrolling to sections.

  • Easy to install and deploy.


So as you can see, this was a good list of useful React templates that you can use as a starting point and customize them the way you like. Starting with templates is a good way to help you build projects faster and boost your productivity. You don’t have to always start from scratch.

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