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AI Uses in 2022

Image of a person holding a sticky note that has AI written on it

Artificial intelligence or AI is increasing in popularity by the day. It is a program or system's ability to learn and think from experience. Over the past years, AI applications have evolved significantly, improving business sectors and leading to their high demand.

Listed below are some of the uses of AI in the year 2022.


While the influence of humans is primarily strong in the education sector, AI has gradually made its way to seep its roots. Faculties showed improved productivity due to AI applications, which helped them focus on their students more than administrative work. Among the uses of AI in the education sector is the automation of personal messages. Learning has also become more interactive through smart content. Students can now access extra learning material online through voice assistants even without a lecturer or teacher around.

Due to the pandemic, online learning has become an option for most countries. For this reason, teachers provide subtitled videos of their lectures to supplement learning. They use video transcription for their live or recorded lectures to provide accurate subtitles for their videos. The software converts voice to text word-per-word to produce the most accurate results.


Many don't realize that artificial intelligence has already become a part of their lifestyle. Have you seen particular contents appear on your screen while scrolling on your social media before? That is only one of the best examples. Those are called recommendation systems used by different platforms to increase user engagement.

Facial recognition is another AI application that many are using right now. Smartphones and personal computers nowadays integrate facial recognition as a security feature. Another AI application that improves the quality of life is spam filters. Thanks to this innovation, you no longer have to clear your inbox of spam messages over and over again.


In the healthcare sector, AI is integrated into sophisticated machines to determine cancer cells and detect diseases. AI helps analyze chronic conditions using medical and lab data to detect health issues early.


AI is continually shaking the gaming world due to its new applications. Games that integrate AI provide an improved gaming experience for players, especially since AI creates human-like NPCs or non-player characters. Today, some of the games are driven by sensors and analyze behaviors to enhance gameplay.


GPS is a technology that provides accurate, detailed, and timely information about one's location to improve safety. This technology utilizes AI to detect the roads, number of lanes, obstructions on the streets, etc. Many logistics companies use AI to improve their operational efficiency by analyzing road traffic and searching for the best routes.


AI is also a popular tool in marketing. It helps marketers send highly personalized and targeted ads through pattern recognition, behavioral analysis, and many more. Marketers also use AI to handle routine tasks such as campaign and performance reports.


Many financial services became even more convenient because of the technologies that integrate AI. These technologies include functions like detecting transaction patterns and signs of fraud.

Final thoughts

In closing, the popularity of AI is expected to grow at a continuous rate. It has undeniably improved people's quality of life and is still improving it day after day.

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