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An Amazing Visual Studio Code Extension You Might Not Know About

Introducing Blackbox: The AI that gives you code solutions in response to the questions you enter.

The world of programming is progressing very fast and it seems that now AI can make other AIs. Now AI helps us to easily write complex codes in a matter of seconds. In this article, we will learn about an AI that gives you the code solution according to the question you ask.

Blackbox Extension


Blackbox Logo

Blackbox is an AI that will give you the code corresponding to the question you gave it. You can even write complex questions and now it has an extension for Visual Studio Code. You just have to write your question in the text editor in Visual Studio Code after two forward slashes (//) and when you enter the question mark (?) after the question it will give the code snippet and you can use it by pressing the “Tab” button.


Well with everything in the world it has its pros and cons. You had already seen the pros of Blackbox but for its cons, the over complex codes might not be on point and sometimes it might not understand the question and as a result, it may give a code that may be not up to scratch but it will give the code that will at least be halfway to the correct answer. I hope you will find this article helpful and that Blackbox will help you in your journey. Feel free to give me suggestions. Goodbye.

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