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6 Best AI APIs To Build Intelligent Apps In 2023


APIs (Applications Programming Interfaces) are programming interfaces that dictate the communication and sharing of data between applications. They are used to implement different functionalities on applications.

APIs dictate the data that is sent, how it is sent, the conventions used, and the data formats used when sharing data. They have made software development easy. For instance, if you are building an intelligent app that needs map functionality, you do not have to start writing code from scratch.

Instead, you can simply implement a Maps API such as the Google Maps API. This saves time and speeds up the development process.

Here are the best AI APIs to build intelligent apps in 2023;

1. Open AI API

Built by a leading AI research and development company, Open AI API is one of the top APIs with AI technology. The API allows developers to access GPT-3, an app that performs tasks like Codex and natural language processing.

Using Codex, developers can generate code from natural language. If you want to build an intelligent app that allows users to input text and get code from it, then Open AI API is the best API for you.

The API is also fast and handles all requests thrown at it easily. It is also scalable and can fit into the growing needs of your applications.

2. API

If you want to create an intelligent application that implements natural language processing (NLP), the API is one of the best for the job. Using this API, you can create an app that allows different brands to interact with their customers through text and voice.

It stands tall among other APIs with AI technology because apart from applications, it can also be used on wearable devices, smart homes, and bots. It offers an interface for natural language and allows applications to generate structured data from natural language.

3. SummarizeBot API

SummarizeBot API is one of the best APIs for developers who want to build intelligent apps for the extraction and analysis of data. It helps with tasks like sentiment analysis, keywords, and multilingual summarization.

Some of the key features that come with this API include face and image recognition, information structuring, article extraction, multimedia analysis, and language recognition.

It also offers text and semantic analysis, predictive analysis, data mining, and data loading and transformation features. This is one of the smartest APIs to build intelligent apps in 2023.

4. is another API with AI technology for those who want to build intelligent apps in 2023. If you want an application that offers speech-to-text services, then is the best API for the job. It has some of the best speech recognition features among modern APIs.

Using this API, you can receive accurate video and audio through your applications. These videos or audio can then be converted to text accurately. has more than 50,000 hours of speech model training. Apart from being one of the best APIs for this job, it has been used and tested extensively on different applications.

5. Vertex AI

Developed by Google, Vertex AI is a workbench that offers different APIs with AI technology. It can be described as a user interface used to streamline the machine learning workflow. Using other Google Cloud Services, developers can use Vertex AI to implement AI APIs into their systems.

In addition, they can train different models and use AutoML or custom code to compare them. The AI APIs in Vertex AI are trained for things such as natural language, video, and vision. This workbench integrates with open-source frameworks, Spark, Dataproc, and BigQuery without any problems.

6. Deepomatic Fashion Apparel Detection API

Imagine a situation where someone asks you to build an app for them that can detect different apparel pieces that exist in an image. This would take you a lot of time and effort to come up with.

Fortunately, such a situation has been made easy by the Deepomatic Fashion Apparel Detection API. All you need to do is to implement this API into your application. Users will be required to upload the image or send its URL.

In addition, you can use this API to detect the location of different clothes. Even if a cloth is made up of multiple apparel, you can use this API to detect the location of each one of them. Imagine how long it would take you to build an app with such functionalities without this API!

The Secret to Success: Monitoring & Observability

Why are monitoring and observability the secret to the success of your intelligent applications? Well, you can build an app that is out of this world. Your app stands out but without a solution such as SolarWinds' ITSM solutions and observability, chances are that you might not reach your intended levels of success.

This is because no matter how good your app might be, you will always have issues to fix. You need a solution that supports monitoring and observability to ensure any issues are detected, sometimes even before they happen.

This is the only way for you to keep the health of your intelligent application in check. That way, you will ensure that the performance of your application meets your expectations as well as those of your users.

Get Started Today

Do you want to build an intelligent app? Well, you do not have to start writing code from scratch. As you can see above, there are many APIs with AI technology you can implement into your system. Get started today and build an intelligent app that solves problems easily.

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