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7 Beginner-Friendly Projects Using APIs and JavaScript

Some amazing beginner Friendly Web development Projects using APIs.

Photo by Clément Hélardot on Unsplash

I will also share the link to the Free use APIs for these Projects.

Note: An API (Application Programming Interface) is an intermediary software or program that enables 2 applications to talk to each other and share. A public API is open and available for use by any outside developer or business.

We will start with simple fun-filled Web Applications using APIs and move on to some worthy projects that look awesome on newbie resumes.

1. Cat Generator :

It is one of the most Basic Projects on APIs to start with. Call the API, get a cute random Cat Image/Gif, display it beautifully and you are done!

This is a Cat GIf :)This is a Cat GIf :)

API URL: Click Here

2. Random Images Feed :

We can successfully generate Images from API, Now let’s go one step forward.

We will create a feed of random beautiful Images such as when the user scrolls down, He gets multiple different Images continuously. Sound Great? Looks great as well!

Beautiful Random Images FeedBeautiful Random Images Feed

API URL: Click Here

3. Daily Tips:

Had Fun with Random Image Gallery? Here is something more exciting.

Yes, Use an API to fetch some Quotes and display them on daily basis as the Quote of the Day. There are APIs that give daily quotes as responses and other Apis that give you any random Quote each time you fetch it via a request.

Quick Question: How will you make a constant Quote visible for at least one day no matter any time you reload your App? (Ask in comments if you can’t get it).

Here is how it looks like:


I have used Unsplash API for Generating Random Background Images as well :)I have used Unsplash API for Generating Random Background Images as well :)

API URLs: ZenQuotes, AdviceSlip.

4. GitHub Profile Cards :

So far, Did a great job, Now time to level Up!

GitHub also Provides its API for users, avatars, bio, repositories, followers, following, popular repos, projects, and many more. So, We can use that to build an amazing GitHub profile card using the username for any GitHub user.

Like This:


API URL: Click Here

5. Weather App :

Have You Ever Wondered how weather apps predict the weather? They don't have their own satellites but They do access some Weather API and display the results on their Apps.

Let’s create our own Weather app. All we need is an API and a cool User Interface.


API URL: Weather API *Simple and fast and free weather API from OpenWeatherMap you have access to current weather data, hourly, 5- and 16-day…*

6. Quiz App :

Tried Profile Cards? Let’s make something more interactive for the user, A Quiz App!.

Initially, the user can choose the Quiz Topic and difficulty as follows:


The App can fetch Questions, choices, and the correct choice answer. We can randomize the number to be placed as the correct choice and fill wrong choices at the remaining 3 positions. The App displays a card displaying 1 Question and buttons to end the game or to move to the next question and the score is also altered after every question. Here is the Insight:



7. Trump Cards :

Woohoo! Let's Build an interesting, user-friendly, fun app using APIs now.

Use some Fun, Gaming APIs to create Games for Kids, Here is the Trump Card Game that generates 2 Random Super-Hero Cards and Based on the user selection, provides Scores and generates results after certain rounds.

An awesome trump Card Game.An awesome trump Card Game.

Also, We can use this API to build a Biography site for SuperHeros that displays their appearance, aliases, Powerstats, and many more.

This looks cool:


API URLs: RapidAPI , SuperHeroAPI

Bonus: You can also Build News App using any News API.

I hope you like these mini Projects. Do you have any Other amazing Project Ideas with APIs? Add in the comments.

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