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Cracking the AWS Migration Code with a Humorous Brush: Discovering the 7 Rs for Cloud Adventure

  1. Rehost (or Lift and Shift):

It's like taking your old couch to your new home. It doesn't matter if it goes with the style of the new room, and that door could be covered up, but it's fast, and you won't need to go for new couches!

  1. Replatform (or Lift, Tinker, and Shift):

This is similar to adding a spoiler to a car. It's not a spaceship, but being in the cloud feels cooler.

  1. Repurchase (or Drop and Shop):

It is like exchanging an old but reliable bike with a new one with all the bells and whistles. Though you might still need to get your old one, the new ride is good enough.

  1. Refactor (or Rearchitect):

Turn your tree house into a mansion with an elevator, a waterslide and a mini golf course. It's challenging work, but your treehouse will be out of this world!

  1. Rearchitect (or Rebuild):

It's like the old tree house has been blown up and in its stead is the techno tree castle with the turrets, the drawbridge and the dragon standing guard. It may be too much for some, but it's now yours --- your very own cloud kingdom.

  1. Retire:

Just as the KonMari way of tidying your wardrobe. You say goodbye to your aged, discarded clothes (or apps) with love and send them to the old folks' home (or trash can).

  1. Retain:

This is like holding on to one's childhood comic book collection. You may know that it is no expensive object but you have an incredible feeling with it, you don't want to get rid of it so soon.

However, they enable you to determine what to do with the apps upon shifting to the cloud. Sometimes we go casual, others times, extravaganzas, and now and then, retain the good ol's! 😄🚀

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