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Top 5 Residential Proxies in 2024: Overall, AI, New in the Market

Render your web scraping activity anonymous, secure and seamless with this list of the best residential proxy providers in 2024.

Navigating web scraping complexities in 2024 demands strategic solutions against the ever-increasing anti-bot measures implemented by websites. This poses a formidable challenge, resulting in flagged IPs and blocked extraction attempts. Residential proxies, indispensable tools, offer more than identity protection, playing a pivotal role in overcoming geolocation-based restrictions, IP blocks, limitations, CAPTCHAs, and other anti-scraping measures for a seamless web scraping process.

Proxies, intermediaries between users and target websites, provide security, speed, anonymity, and access to geo-restricted content. While data center proxies may fall short against evolving blocking technologies, residential proxies, tied to physical devices like desktop computers or mobile phones, enhance anonymity by replicating real user behavior. This proves effective in overcoming robust anti-proxy measures. Residential proxy networks offer heightened user protection and the ability to target specific locations, leveraging hundreds or thousands of unique physical IP addresses.

Modern day residential proxies are relying on extra levels of robustness, including making use of AI to rotate IPs and get around geolocation restrictions. The abundance of proxy provider solutions available today can make it challenging for users to find one that effectively circumvents new blocking measures. To make this easier, we’ll take a close look at the top 5 residential proxy providers in 2024, and we’ll select the ones that excel in the categories ‘overall’, ‘AI’ and ‘new in the market’.

We’ll discuss each provider and their features and advantages in detail so you can make an informed decision when selecting a proxy provider for your web scraping needs.

1. Nimble

Founded in 2021, Nimble is a data platform and scraping infrastructure that is redefining web scraping to be an effortless, automated, and scalable process. As websites become increasingly adept at detecting and blocking residential proxies, Nimble has developed a top-notch proxy technology infrastructure to bypass these restrictions, making use of AI to maintain a seamless web scraping process. This integration was crucial in providing a zero-downtime proxy solution for seamless and continuous data collection. Nimble offers a multitude of fully compliant and secure premium-quality residential proxies with 99.9% success rate, with a dynamic proxy infrastructure that can seamlessly scale to projects of any size, with minimal latency.

While other proxy providers rely on round-robin distribution of IPs, Nimble IP employs a meticulously curated infrastructure based on IP pipelines, that delivers only first-rate residential, data center, and ISP IPs, spanning the globe. Its AI-driven IP optimization engine finds the most suitable IPs for each request, rotating them intelligently, ensuring prolonged sessions, swift responses, and in case of failure, automatically reassigns the session to the next best available IP address, preserving an uninterrupted user experience.

->The Ultimate Residential Proxies - Free Trial | Nimble

Nimble’s proxy infrastructure is committed to security and compliance. The platform prioritizes selecting only trustworthy peers and incorporates built-in encryption. API requests are AES-encrypted, and decryption keys are stored on separate computers.

Other key features of Nimble IP include:

  • Nimble’s residential proxies perform great from any given geolocation. The median response time per request is just 0.25s with a performance average of 99.9%. This is important, because with this speed, you won’t feel the difference in the responsiveness of the website during the web scraping process.
  • To oversee multiple proxy use cases, Nimble offers IP pipelines, allowing you to compartmentalize usage and performance metrics, facilitating more detailed analysis of budget allocation. With IP pipelines, you can conveniently configure proxy settings — such as session control, target geolocation, and IP rotation — only once, which are then automatically inherited by all requests made through that pipeline.
  • An intuitive user-friendly dashboard for efficient data collection management with features like usage stats, budget control, real-time notifications, and one-click settings.
  • You can easily target down proxy choice to country, state, and city levels for any geolocation worldwide, allowing you to bypass website blocks like geo-blocks, rate-limits, or CAPTCHAs with as much granularity as you need, while still ensuring maximum success rates even for particularly sensitive pages.
  • Nimble caters to both non-technical and technical users, also offering a flexible, developer-friendly API on top that allows for easy and fast integration of Nimble’s proxies with your current deployment. Streamlined, no-hassle programmatic access, with all the documentation you’ll ever need.
  • A global support team of engineers who are available round the clock to help you with any problems you face.

Whatever your use case, from eCommerce intelligence to SEO to brand management analytics and more, Nimble’s premium proxy infrastructure has you covered. Nimble IP comes with various pricing plans depending on your use case but importantly, they offer a 22GB free trial of their entire platform, including their premium IP infrastructure once you sign up.

2. Proxy Seller

Having been in the proxy industry for over 9 years and with over 500,000 active clients, Proxy Seller can be considered a trusted provider of residential and datacenter proxies.

Proxy-Seller offers various types of proxies such as IPv4, IPv6, ISP, Residential, and Mobile proxies.

Pricing starts from $0.7 per IP, but users can get automatic discounts going up to 57% depending on the number of IPs they purchase and the rental period. Presently, users can also receive an additional 15% discount if they specify coupon code "PLAIN15" in the order form. The company also offers a 3-day trial for $1.99.

Proxy Seller boasts a strong proxy network consisting of over 19 million ethically sourced IPs spread across 220+ countries, guaranteeing wide coverage. The company also claims to have a 99% server uptime, ensuring a stable service.

Proxy Seller's residential proxies come with all the basic features that are desired from a proxy product - protocol support, geo-targeting, and rotation. These proxies support HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 protocols, meaning users can integrate these proxies into any of their stacks. As for geo-targeting, Proxy Seller offers targeting by state, city, and carrier, ensuring a decent level of granularity. The company also lets users rotate IPs at intervals or set sticky sessions, providing a nice level of control.

In addition to these features, for the ease of its users, Proxy Seller also offers round-the-clock (24/7/365) technical support.

Thanks to these factors, Proxy Seller is widely appreciated by users from various backgrounds and niches. The company's servers are used for tasks that range from SMM promotion and SEO optimization to stabilizing connections for online games for botting purposes.

Overall, Proxy Seller is a reliable service that can serve well for multiple use cases and appeal to a wide range of users. The company's favourable reputation in the industry is reflected in its TrustPilot rating of 4.5 as per customer feedback.

Key features of Proxy Seller:

  • Availability of proxy types: IPv4, IPv6, Mobile, ISP, and Residential
  • Supports HTTP(S)/SOCKS5 protocols
  • Network spread across 220+ countries
  • Proxy pool of over 19 million ethically sourced IP addresses
  • 99% server uptime
  • 24/7/365 technical support
  • Automatic proxy renewal
  • IP upload in required formats
  • Mobile panel for creating your own proxy server farms
  • 3-day trial for $1.99

3. Smartproxy

Founded in 2018, Smartproxy has become the preferred choice for proxy services and solutions for publicly available data for businesses and individuals. Throughout the years, Smartproxy has introduced a range of proxy and scraping solutions, including residential, static (ISP) residential, mobile, datacenter, dedicated datacenter proxies, five scraping APIs, and the most recent addition — Site Unblocker. What sets Smartproxy apart from other competitors is its easy-to-use dashboard, making proxying journeys a breeze for both seasoned and beginner users.

Starting at $4/GB, Smartproxy’s residential proxies offer 99.99% uptime, advanced targeting options with 195+ around the globe, a 99.47% success rate, unlimited connections and threads, and one of the industry’s best response time at <0.6s. Residential proxies support HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 protocols and are ethically sourced from real mobile and desktop devices.

Users value Smartproxy for its customer-centric approach with 24/7 technical support through live chat, extensive quick start guide, and a range of free tools like Chrome Browser Extension, X Browser, and Address Generator. Smartproxy offers four regular subscriptions. Customizable Enterprise plans according to traffic usage, and a no-commitment option, Pay As You Go, perfect for users planning a one-off project and needing GBs, which can later be used for up to 12 months.

Key features of Smartproxy:

  • 40M+ IP pool
  • 195+ locations worldwide
  • 24/7 technical support through live chat
  • Free advanced targeting options
  • Sticky and rotating sessions up to 30 mins
  • Unlimited concurrent sessions
  • 99.47% success rate
  • Country & city-level targeting
  • Pay As You Go option
  • 14-day money-back option

4. IPRoyal

IPRoyal has a proxy pool that is composed of legitimate users from around the world and obtained through ethical means. Its dashboard is both easy to use and customizable for managing the service.

IPRoyal’s proxy services come in a range of solutions, such as residential, data center, 4G mobile, and sneaker proxies, and has a track record of being a dependable service provider. The residential proxies, in particular, are reasonably priced and highly desirable.

For those operating on a tight budget, IPRoyal also provides a catalog of free proxies that are updated every 10 minutes and offer a range of options. However, it’s worth noting that while these free proxies may be used as a short-term solution, they may also be slower and less secure, and potentially be exploited by malicious third parties for gathering sensitive data.

Key features of IPRoyal:

  • IP rotation is automatic.
  • Multiple types of proxy servers available.
  • Residential IP proxies can be switched automatically.
  • Offers unlimited simultaneous connections.
  • Dedicated residential proxies available.
  • IP change through dashboard with a simple click.
  • Supports multiple locations.
  • No contract obligation for proxy service.

5. Oxylabs

Oxylabs offers a network of residential proxies covering all countries and cities, with a total of 100 million IPs. These proxies can be targeted based on country, city, and autonomous system number (ASN). However, the residential IPs use backconnect gateway servers, which require manual modification to add targeting parameters. The provider also claims to offer mobile IPs in their residential proxies, but these cannot be specifically selected. Proxies rotate IPs at every request to avoid being blocked.

In addition to standard rotating residential proxies, Oxylabs also provides static, non-rotating residential proxies sourced directly from ISPs. These support the SOCKS5 protocol, while the standard rotating residential proxies do not. Oxylabs’s pool of over 2 million dedicated data center IPs also supports the SOCKS5 protocol and offers a proxy rotator add-on.

Oxylabs’s next-gen residential proxies use machine learning and AI to bypass blocks and captchas. The provider also offers a web scraping tool called Scraper APIs, which provides data in HTML or JSON format.

The provider claims to prioritize quality and performance, with mostly landline and mobile IP addresses, which delivered over 62% unique IPs during testing, with a near-perfect success rate, stability, and quick response time. Oxylabs also offers a wide range of tools, including the Web Unblocker and dedicated account manager support.

However, the pricing of Oxylabs’ services may not be suitable for individuals or those with limited budgets, as they require a substantial investment to maximize the benefits of their offerings.

Key features of Oxylabs:

  • 100 million peer-to-peer and static residential IP addresses
  • HTTP and HTTPS protocols supported
  • Targeting options for every country, thousands of cities, and autonomous system numbers (ASN)
  • No limit on concurrent requests
  • IP rotation with every request, with option for sticky sessions up to 30 minutes
  • Whitelisted IPs and user/password authentication available
  • Public API provided
  • Detailed documentation available
  • 24/7 live support and a dedicated account manager for assistance

Bonus - 6. Dataimpulse

Dataimpulse is a pay-as-you-go residential proxies provider, with the best-in-market pricing ($1 per gigabyte). It started in 2022 in Estonia, but it belongs to the Ukrainian development agency Softoria. It offers a flexible IP rotation algorithm, allowing users to make rotations on each request or use sticky sessions to bind the next request to the same IP. “Sticky” refers to the ability to use the same IP address for an extended period without being forced to rotate to a new IP address.

With Dataimpulse users can pick their preferred authorization method, either through login/pass authorization or IP whitelist feature to use proxies without password. Besides it provides seamless integration with third party software, such as bots and automation tools.

It provides an extensive number of proxies all around the globe at a country level, and offers proxies in countries that are usually rare to target. While you can specify one or multiple countries, it lacks city targeting at the moment.

To wrap up, Dataimpulse is the cheapest and one of the most recent residential proxy providers, that includes an user friendly dashboard, several payment solutions and numerous countries to target. You can try the service for a paid trial of $5, and you’ll get 5GB of data.

Key features of Dataimpulse:

  • Pay as you go
  • Flexible IP rotation options
  • Dedicated residential proxies available
  • Table on its dashboard with IP counts in several locations
  • Lowest pricing in the market
  • Custom solutions on-demand
  • Accepts different payment methods, including cryptocurrencies
  • 24/7 live support


The article spotlighted the leading residential proxy providers in 2024, presenting a diverse range of options. Some stand out for their affordability, offering cost-effective solutions. Others prioritize flexibility, tailoring their services to meet varied user needs. Additionally, there are providers excelling in robustness, ensuring uninterrupted web scraping processes. The article also emphasizes solutions that incorporate AI, showcase innovation as newcomers in the market, or combine both aspects comprehensively.

After analyzing each provider one by one, we can agree on the following outcome:

  • Overall: Nimble IP is a relatively new proxy provider solution. However, by incorporating AI into their already robust proxy infrastructure, they have stayed ahead of the game when it comes to countering proxy blocking strategies. Nimble IP stands out as an enterprise-grade solution due to its quality-controlled platform, premium-quality residential IPs, and commitment to security and compliance, pretty much meeting the requirements for every use case.
  • AI: Nimble IP stands out as the frontrunner once again, as it is the sole provider that harnesses the power of AI. Nimble IP’s usage of AI to pick out the best quality residential IPs during IP rotation paves the way for uninterrupted data gathering, eliminating the possibility of downtime.
  • Newest in the market: The newest proxy provider among the five is Dataimpulse, which was founded in 2022. While new in the market, it provides a more affordable alternative compared to the other items on the list while still meeting several use case needs.

Ultimately, picking the right residential proxy provider will depend on your particular use case. Whether you prioritize affordability, flexibility, robustness, or the integration of AI-powered tools, each provider brings a unique set of offerings. I hope this article has been helpful in guiding you toward the solution that best aligns with your web scraping needs.

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