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5 Free Courses for Students to Learn JavaScript in 2022

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An application developer needs to know several computer languages if they're to create multiple applications. Generally, they should know at least one language to build computer programs. Sometimes, they need to learn a different language for the front-end and another one for the back-end.

Moreover, if they want to develop mobile applications or games, they should know a different language. If you're a programmer, you'll lose track of all the computer languages you should learn to do a single task. Now, you only need to learn JavaScript to code several types of applications.

If you're a college student offering college paper help, learning JavaScript this early can be an excellent addition to your resume. You'll discover that coding is very much like essay writing because you're also using English words.

If you're wondering why you should learn JavaScript, wonder no more. You'll know why in the next section. Kindly continue reading.

Top Reasons for Learning JavaScript


Many computer languages require you to set up the environment and download the compiler. You may also need to set up the code editor. Moreover, it would help if you learned whether to use a particular setup or not. However, JavaScript is different because it's the internet's default language.

JavaScript allows you to run and test your program using the browser without needing a particular development environment or setup. You only need a browser and text editor to learn to code. Unlike other languages such as Ruby, Java, C, or Python, you don't need any server when programming in JavaScript.

Straightforward to Learn

You'll discover that you can quickly learn JavaScript because it's beginner-friendly. You don't need any previous coding experience. Moreover, you only need to understand its fundamentals to create an application. If you're an English speaker, you'll love JavaScript's syntax because it resembles the English language. You'll be happy to note that it feels like you're a college essay writer when coding because you're weaving words similar to essay writing.

Flexible Programming Language

Initially, JavaScript was for web clients only. However, you can now use it in several ways. You may create web applications, both back-end, and front-end with it. Moreover, you may learn other frameworks and libraries if you have already mastered JavaScript. You may also use this programming language to create mobile and desktop applications. Other uses include cloud and big data development, blockchain technology, and automation.

Community Support

Millions of programmers across the globe use JavaScript. Therefore, you can tap them for help with coding-related issues, add-ons, new tools, and advice from experienced mentors.

Career Opportunities

Learning JavaScript can open a wide range of possibilities if you want to shift careers or move up the corporate ladder. JavaScript programmers are in demand, and you may even become a remote freelancer with multiple clients worldwide.

Now that you understand the reasons for learning JavaScript, you may wonder where you can appreciate it. Thankfully, you don't have to search for a physical school because several online sites offer courses. But, can you take them free of charge? Some studies are for a fee, but some are free.

Five Free Javascript Courses You Can Take

1. freeCodeCamp - Learn JavaScript Full Course for Beginners

You can check freeCodeCamp for tutorials or news about programming. The site offers a YouTube tutorial lasting for 3.5 hours, where you'll learn the coding fundamentals and the step-by-step programming. Don't worry because you'll find the video easy to follow. freeCodeCamp also offers a video supplement covering fundamental JavaScript challenges. You'll learn the details of solving them using Beau Carnes' comprehensive commentaries.

2. LearnJS

If you're a beginner or an experienced programmer, you can learn JavaScript from LearnJS, a programming language fundamentals website. You may also check their advanced tutorials if you're ready to take your JavaScript know-how to the next level.

3. The Odin Project - Foundation and Full-Stack JavaScript

Aside from JavaScript, you can also learn CSS, HTML, Node.js, and other programming languages from the Odin Project. However, if your focus is JavaScript, you should begin the Foundations. You start by learning about program installations with this course.

Once you've mastered the Foundation, you can learn the Full-Stack JavaScript next. In these tutorials, you'll take comprehensive lessons with fun projects that you have to complete.

4. Intro to JS: Drawing & Animation

You can take this course if you wish to use JavaScript for your artistic inclinations. You'll use JavaScript codes to create animations and illustrations. It will be fun because you'll learn how to draw shapes. Who wouldn't be interested to learn full-on animations? If this is the learning track you wish to take, why don't you check the course today?

Final Thoughts

JavaScript is a popular programming language that millions of programmers are using. If you want to join the bandwagon, you can check the free online courses in this article. You may even take them one after the other to understand the concepts better. Happy programming!

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