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Best YouTube Channels to Learn JavaScript

Part 2: Continuation of the exploration of JavaScript YouTube world.

Is still JavaScript a good choice as a programming language? No, this is the best. So, you need to learn it in the best way possible. If you want to boost your knowledge, you need to consult the best resources out there. The best type of resources, are for sure Youtube videos, and the best Youtube videos are what we are trying to catch. So, do you want to continue to know some of the better channels where you can go to learn JavaScript? Here is the second part.

If you missed the first one: here is the link: Best YouTube Channels to Learn JavaScript

Programming Knowledge

Do you know the most famous Youtube channel for coding tutorials? Hope you do. Programming knowledge provides the widest amount of programming-related tutorials, in almost every field, technology, and level. Are you a beginner? It is perfect. Are you an advanced developer that needs to start learning React? Here is the perfect place.

With a lot of playlists about everything, this channel is a choice that must be at least considered, but it could also be the only considered choice. Here, you can find everything you need, everything. Basics of the language, Node.js, React, and almost all the stuff that comes with JavaScript.

If quality is a must, you will find incredibly high quality, so you can’t go wrong. Examples, consistent code, and the entirety of possibilities. One of the greatest channels out there. I would say, everything is also free. Awesome. Check it out. You won’t be wrong.

Rate: 10 / 10

Traversy Media

Another channel that you can use to learn effectively JavaScript is the Brad Traversy one. He makes his video like they are live lessons, making them as real as they could be. He prepares the script, but then also adds every knowledge that his experience gives him. It is something that makes you feel quite like you are talking to someone, and not looking at a monitor.

He has a lot of material, for all the levels, starting from basics, passing through OOP. He has a series of videos, but also a bigger Crash Course, like the Angular one. Despite that, he prefers to use Vanilla JavaScript, which is something that sometimes we tend to forget. This, in my opinion, is an added value.

The richness of all of these videos and the quality that they give to everyone that looks at them is something that is not that easy to find, especially for channels maintained by only one YouTuber, that is also a developer in real life. So, Very good choice. Go with Brad.

Rate: 9/10

Web Dev Simplified

If you already know that you want to work on frontend development in JavaScript, and also the integration with HTML and CSS interests you, this is your channel. He has everything that involves frontend and JavaScript, from basics to more complicated things. You will learn how to animate your web page.

He gives you not only the knowledge and competencies to manipulate the DOM, but it gives you also the best practices to follow while writing code, and why to follow them. The name of the host is Kyle. He also makes projects that everyone can follow to take some practice.

He has also a lot of videos in which he teaches something in a matter of minutes. This is really useful if you are trying to figure out what technology to use, and you don’t need a full walkthrough. This channel has also its own newsletter, which is one that I use to read sometimes. Suggested.

Rate: 9 / 10


One of the most complete and furnished youtube videos in tech matters. He has its own playlist for JavaScript tutorials, with 41 total videos, but there is also the version of the single video of 3 hours and 32 minutes.

Great animation, very complete courses. It has good quality content, that will for sure help your knowledge and possibilities. The best thing about this channel is that if you take this course, you are completely immersed in the ecosystem of edureka.

It means that you have also a lot of other videos on tech topics that you can watch to enhance your general knowledge about the industry. It gives you a strong foundation, and not only. In my opinion, this channel is better for the less experienced developers but is only a tip.

Rate: 8 / 10


So, we talked about Programming Knowledge, Traversy Media, Web Dev Simplify, and Eudreka! Great resources out there exists, and that is the demonstration. So, is JavaScript your dream career? Learn it through these resources, to get the best results.

Thanks for reading the second part of this small series. If you think that a third part would be a good idea, let me know. Please, subscribe for more!

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